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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I work in IT support and enjoy tinkering with things like Kali Linux, Raspberry PI, ect... My wife recently started seeing some vulger ads on normal websites like CNN, Local News, and others. I started seeing similar things on my laptop very soon after. I did tthe normal checking for malware and things. I eventually checked the router settings nd found the DNS servers were set to static IPs instead of DHCP from he ISP. I chaged it back to auto, abd the vulger ads and things stoped. I checked the logs to see what happened but all the logs were deleted. After the reboot the logs were showing a DOS attack blocked. I think this was something like a man in the middle attack or something simlar. I'd like to know how they were able to get into my router and change the DNS servers and delete the logs. I've alredy did the basics post-attack steps like change passwords and things. Thanks guys!
  2. I try to deauth a single person or a group of persons and to use Karma to spoof the jammed SSID in order to perform a man-in-the-middle attack (It's a school security project) but I am having some problems with it. {1} Deauth (not working) SETUP whitelist: SSID Target (the one to jam) blacklist: empty method: aireplay-ng Number of deauths to send: 50 Sleeping time in seconds: 5 Channels: 11 (I consider this is not used because I'm working with aircrack) Mode: Whitelist Controls Wifi deauth wlan1 with (--/mon0) RESULTS Starting WiFi Deauth [aireplay-ng]... Interface : wlan1 Monitor : mon1 Number of deauths to send : 50 Sleeping time in seconds : 5 Sleeping for 5 seconds... Sleeping for 5 seconds... Deauthentication infusion is not working {2} python script (working on certain versions) I found a python script that forces the deauth packages using scapy, I'm putting the link to the script here: (https://github.com/DanMcInerney/wifijammer). I got troubles running the script into the 2.3 firmware (error message: Ressource busy) and the same script runs well on 1.2. It is important to mention that I modified the script to use wlan1 as the default monitor interface to jam. I can deauth using aircrack-instructions on command line on any firmware {3} Karma/PineAP (any client got connected to the spoofed SSIDs) Karma config List of MACs (an empty list) / BLACK mode operation List of SSID (an empty list) / BLACK mode operation PineAp config [checked] Send beacon responses [checked] Harvest SSIDs [checked] Dogma Results: All SSIDs requested by the clients (probe request packets) are spoofed by dogma (all of them are visible to any client) but none of them (clients) get connected to the pineapple even if they have been disconnected by a deauth attack. If you have any ideas of what could be the problem, please post them Thanks for your replies
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