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Found 4 results

  1. My8os


    Buying Pineapple wifi is it legal or you have to do any shit to allow you buying this product? stupid question but very importand for me. thnx for reading.
  2. Hi all, Interesting read for you, on thehackernews.com; British Intelligence is Legally Allowed to Hack Anyone, Court Says I think we were all already aware of GCHQ's ability to ignore people's (supposed) right to anonymity, but my question is, how would you personally defend against them? What advice / programs / actions would you take in order to ghost yourself away from this agencie's prying eyes, in particular the points quoted above?
  3. Hi there. I've been given an assignment at university to get into the administrator profile and leave a text file on the desktop to prove I was there. I have a list of users but all attempts to crack passwords has been unfruitful. I've been given a very restricted guest account so I am attempting to upgrade to another account to hopefully gain more info about the system. I am looking for advice about where to go from here/upgrade my guest account/get into a very difficult admin account. I'd also like to say that this is completely legal as I have been given this task from the university and
  4. I'm kind of a newb here but I just started watching the show and thought I would sign up here. I was watching the episode where Darren demos the pineapple mark III from inside a bar using a long range directional wifi antenna to access the coffeehouse a ways away. It got me thinking about how slow and expensive my current interenet provider at my home is and how fast and free the wifi network at my university is which is only 2.4 miles away from my house with a pretty clear line of sight from my roof. So after doing a little research online, I think I will be able to connect to the school's ne
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