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Found 23 results

  1. Decoy

    LAN Turtle 3G

    Has anyone played around with the new LAN Turtle 3G yet? Obviously there's a place for a SIM card. Are there decent "data only" SIM cards?
  2. Hi! We're happy to announce the release of firmware version 6 for the LAN Turtle. Alongside the updates for the WiFi Pineapple and the Packet Squirrel, this release brings a multitude of package updates, and provides an up-to-date kernel and base firmware. 6.2 Change Log: General Fix an issue affecting package installation and signature verification. Fix an issue where the module status would report incorrectly in the Turtle shell. AutoSSH Fix an issue where single quotes would be displayed in the user input box. Misc Work around a kernel bug causing packet filtering to fail in some tools. Thank you @adde88! Remove PHP from the firmware. 6.1 Change Log: General Fix an issue where modules would not be listed when attempting to download them from the LAN Turtle module repository. 6.0 Change Log: General Update base firmware from OpenWRT 15.05 to 19.07. Improve 3G connectivity for 3G LAN Turtle. Modules Fix install issues with QuickCreds. ♥ - The Hak5 Development Team
  3. What can be other use of Pineapple in daily life (w/ Pineapple firmware!), not just for pen testing. My initial setup also has Alfa awus036nha. Can it be used as Wifi signal booster; connects to wifi with awus036nha and you can connect to internet through AP121U LAN; other (name them). I presume, if you don't have stock firmware, which came with AP121U then you are stuck with Pineapple for life?
  4. I updated my lan turtle. Now it won't boot. It turns on and off every 5 seconds or so. I have tried to factory reset, but the problem is still there. Can someone help?
  5. Quick question regarding the LAN Turtle SD model (the one with the long USB cable on the end). I see that the jacket is stripped exposing the wires to the board, but I'm worried that repeated opening of the device (to replace the microSD card or to reset it) will eventually break the wires. How likely is it that the wires will break when opening the device?
  6. Hi, I've have just received my LAN Turtle, my question is about the disk space. Has anyone tried mounting the overlayFS on the SD card? is that possible?
  7. Hi, I was looking on making a purchase with devices including the Rubber Ducky but I was also interested to buying the Bash Bunny as well but I've also read on a Reddit forum that it's better to have the Ducky and Turtle together than the Bunny alone. My question is which one should I pair with the Ducky? The Bunny or Turtle? What can they offer me that the other can't? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone! I would love to solicit some feedback on what the strengths of the LAN Turtle are; and what the strengths of the Packet Squirrel are. Which is better suited for what particular types of applications? What has worked reliably and consistently for you on one or both platforms? If you have a favorite, I'd like to know it; and why. Thanks for all of your replies. Looking forward to reading what everyone has to say!
  9. Hi, I went through the initial setup by connecting my Turtle to my laptop and updating to the latest version (per ).%C2'> Once I reset the password for the SSH connection, I disconnected the Turtle from my laptop and connected it directly to my LAN switch. I can see the device come up and pull a DHCP address, and I can ping it just fine, but ALL ports are closed - no SSH for me. Once I reconnect to my laptop to get the 172.16.84.x address, I'm back in business. I must be missing something - maybe I need to configure one of the modules differently or something? F
  10. Hallo, I have one question about the Lan Turtle. When i connect the Lan turtle in a PC from a "big" network so the lan turtle has acces to the network, doesnt it? When i want to start a MITM attack, have the target device only be in the same network or should i connect the lan turtle directly to the targetet device? So for example i plug in the lan turtle in "PC206" and i want to attack the "PC259" does it works or should i plug in the turtle in PC259? I Hope you understand my question :) Thanks in advice, Simon PS: sorry for my bad englisch, im not a native speaker
  11. Hello, We all know thats is easily possible to steal login datas from logged PC`s using the Lan Turtle. But whould this work also in a network? So i connect the Lan turtle with a Lancable to the network and not directly to a PC? I hope you can answer my question :) Thanks in advice, Simon Sorry for my bad englisch :/
  12. Hi, I did a pentest in a LAN, some weird things happened. This LAN is a little unusual, there are two routers, say A and B, A is directly connected to an optical fiber, doing PPPoE, to the WAN, it has a gateway of, B is connected to A, wireless router, with a gateway of All the clients and my Kali machine are connected to B. Target has an IP of Here is what I did with Kali, I use the following to arp spoof the target and router B arpsoof -i eth0 -t arpsoof -i eth0 -t sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 Then I did a Dns Spoof with dnsspoof -i eth0 -f dnshost.spoof It did not work, all the traffic went through my Kali, but the target was still able to access the original webpage. And here comes the weird thing. I stopped the dnsspoof, stopped the ip forwarding sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=0 and I started the exactly the same exact dnsspoof as last time again, it worked! This really confused me, because after that, I tried to start arpspoof and dnsspoof without setting ip_forward to 1 at all, I left it to be the default 0, and it did not work, because the arp traffic was not working (which is excepted!!). ArpSpoof and dnsspoof both work ONLY IF the process "ip forwarding is firstly enabled and then disabled" completed once, before launching dnsspoof. Ip forwarding only on gives dnsspoof not working, ip forwarding only always off gives arpspoof not working. Besides that, two more strange things I failed to understand. 1, Sometimes, the "ip forward on and off" cycle must be done in the same terminal where the dnsspoof takes place, in order to make it work. Switching on then off in another terminal simply leads to arpspoof failure. 2, Here is the log/feedback of a DnsSpoof root@kali:~# dnsspoof -i eth0 -f dnshost.spoof dnsspoof: listening on eth0 [udp dst port 53 and not src] > 4678+ A? www.youtube.com > 4678+ A? www.youtube.com > 31827+ A? www.youtube.com > 31827+ A? www.youtube.com > 51608+ A? www.sina.com > 51608+ A? www.sina.com > 5651+ A? www.sina.com > 5651+ A? www.sina.com > 2950+ A? www.sina.com > 41196+ A? www.facebook.com > 41196+ A? www.facebook.com > 6912+ A? www.facebook.com > 6912+ A? www.facebook.com ^Croot@kali:~# dnsspoof -i eth0 -f dnshost.spoof dnsspoof: listening on eth0 [udp dst port 53 and not src] > 60485+ A? www.youtube.com > 60485+ A? www.youtube.com > 28894+ A? www.sina.com > 28894+ A? www.sina.com The second launch was a failed one, the first one succeeded. The router I am targeting should be, as the router B, in the second launch, it is interacting with only router A (, I am not sure what does that mean and if it has something to do with the failure directly, because in the next few attempts, a feedback situation like this second launch worked sometimes. I am almost 100% sure this issue was due to the two routers, but I am still not able to understand why, or even find a way to make it always work. Please, any suggestion will be appreciated! Thanks
  13. Hello Hak5 Community - I've been having a tough time with my new LAN turtle. I'll try to keep this as succinct as possible.. 1. My LAN turtle is accessible via SSH from the local host at 172.16.84.X 2. With ethernet cable plugged in, eth1 gets an IP address in my home subnet range of 10.0.0.x, and an amber link light. 3. From the shell on the turtle, I can ping the gateway (, I can ping other machines on that subnet. I have internet DNS resolution. I can even do things like wget http://example.com and that works too... But whenever I try to get updates via the "GUI" on the turtle, it tells me my turtle is currently offline! Its infuriating! I have flashed the turtle manually using the latest code available from https://downloads.lanturtle.com/ using instructions provided by Darren Kitchen. Any ideas guys? Thanks for all your help. Hak5 rocks!
  14. I am a security tester and I have been hired at a public school. What I'm wanting to achieve is to be able to access the school network from my home. I understand on connecting my computer and the turtle to a vpn. Example: «My home computer» > VPN > lan turtle > school computer > «school network» Basically the goal is to plug the turtle (with the right modules) into a computer and plug the Ethernet cord into the lan turtle. Then go home and access the network and do what I need to do. Example: Ethernet > lan turtle > school computer > school network The questions are: 1. Does the host computer (the one with the turtle plugged in) need to be on? 2. Does the host computer being logged off matter? 3. Would my theory work? 4. How could I get a list of every user on the network (school systems are tricky, any user can be Logged in on any computer)? 5. Will it just be that school network or will I also access the entire county school network?
  15. Just getting started with the Pineapple Nano and this seems like a silly question. But how can I make the nano a lan device so other devices kan communicate with each other like having the nano as a portable router with internet?
  16. How do I force the use of IPv4 addresses on my local area network vs IPv6?
  17. Hello Everyone, I got a new MarkV in the mail today from UPS. I followed the instructions but the MarkV never shows as being connected to my computer via the NIC. I let it sit for at least 1 hour and it never shows connected on my PC. I have tried different cables and different computers. So the next thing I did was the emergency flash and that worked fine. The ethernet connection to the PC came right up when I put it into recovery mode. I loaded the recovery mode image on the MarV it loaded just fine. Put the dip switches back in place and booted it back up. Now its still doing the same thing I cannot connect to the V with a network card I have tried crossovers straight throughs everything I can think of. The network light comes on for 1 second when it first boots that is it. However like I said if I go to recovery mode everything works perfectly. Do I have a bad unit? -Altrez
  18. Hi guys! I'm using my pineapple for sharing 3G connection to my wifi clients - at the moment not even for penetration purposes, just for conventional internet sharing. I want to extend the wifi range to cover a bigger area at my summerhouse. My pineapple is connected to 3G (via Huawei E3131 dongle) and it works fine. The only problem is the wifi coverage indoor/outdoor. I would like to connect another, more powerful wifi AP to pineapple, via LAN cable. It would allow me to connect additional LAN clients and to extend my network (LAN/WIFI) as far as needed. Is it possible to share my pineapple 3G connection this way? I'm complete noob in linux world, but i know how to copy/paste and google. So if anyone could point me to right direction or doom the whole idea, then i could try other ways. I guess there is always the possibility to use another wifi AP in repeater mode, to extend pineapple signal this way? Thanks!
  19. Hi I have an Office automation can Pentest. And I Session that is sent from the client to the server-side Office automation to test. What can I bring this Session outgoing and incoming. I'm a DLL in the client-side Office automation. Searching for what I should look for? tank you .
  20. I built a PirateBox last year and I want to take the concept and expand it. I'm talking about a wireless network that has no access to the internet, but has local sites(wiki pages, blogs, chat rooms, filesharing) and people can communicate over it. Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to complete this project to my desired end right now, but that's not going to stop me from getting started. My idea is to deploy this in my college campus. I'm not transferring into a university for at least another year; this would be something fun to work on and keep my head focused on what I love to do. I'll start simple: a basic form of filesharing, a way to chat, and of course an imageboard. I'm thinking I'll take an old computer and turn it into a dedicated webserver(linux?) and connect it to a router. I'd love to find a cheap, yet fast, router that can run dd-wrt or openwrt. Ideally, I want to make the project easily expandable. Where all I need is to add more, better equipment and be able to handle more users without much lag. I know Darren was speaking about projects like this in a talk he did at some hackerspace(Hak5 1426.3), yet I've found little on the web on it. I probably don't know what I'm looking for. I'd love any input and help from the hak5 community. Thanks in advance! Edit: They're called Mesh Networks
  21. Hello everyone, I have enjoyed the hak5 shows for many years and felt this might be a good place to rack your brains on a problem I am having. I would like to use web conferencing at my workplace using software tha tworks peer to peer or uses local server so I can utilize my LAN speeds.Do you know of any open source software or if I had to incur a cost, comes highly recommended?
  22. LAN and WAN leds don't work. I know this is a known problem, but just wanted to register it here for the record :P
  23. Could some of you IT wizards help me understand something about DHCP and NAT? I haven't studied these in the classroom, but I've done my share of reading and have certainly renewed DHCP and toggled NAT a few thousand times in the course of troubleshooting over the years. I was also just reviewing again the episode of hak5 where Darren + the cutie set up PPTP in BT5 and he shows how to disable DHCP for stealthiness. My limited understanding is basically that NAT allows my army of home computers to share a single external IP address by use of internal/local IP addresses and DHCP helps devices communicate with one another. So my question is "what happens when I disable one of both of these?" Empirically, I can see that I'm usually able to continue using the Internet as normal, on several devices at once. Does lack of NAT just slow down the process of identifying which of my babies (computers) a packet is meant for? Thanks
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