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Found 4 results

  1. Hello script-kiddies and L337 haxors alike, Just wnated to make my first qick post introducing my self. things about that will endou being in my BIO anyways but If been very much in the world of haxors since the birth of the 56k modem, I must have been 8?... (Dont fee like doig the math...). From the first edition of "Steal This Book" and many others but said book was like a holy bibble for me. Since then (due to the lack friends that were... not to sound condesending, but on my level). While kids where trading pokemon cards I was above amature coder in pytthon, C+ and C++, Basic, HTML 5. Compilling tweeks to Sub7, social engeering was my specialy. Had run in with the FBI o=once or twice... okay i was more but in yet again in efforet to not condecending... using basic DDOS methods of the time to testing on friends my campabilities to "slave" their ware... ALL LEGIT, alway asked first and at that age firends never beiled lol W.e... I digree.. I CANNOT BEILVE I just found HAk5... honestly I feel most emberrased because what you guys at HAK5 do its... well, only way I can explain it as the two Japanese? fellows in Hackers... different format ofcourse and less edgy in the scnce there to pirating frekin TV stations lol... I IDOLIZE you guys. Ive been catching up on ALLLLLL your vids... and sadlly... its about 2 or 3 year worth of content... but give me a week and ill feel im up to date!! This is one community of kidred spirits I've been looking for, -Erick PS: Watching the evolution of the various personalities on HAK5 character show progress through out year, always for the better... I can see the change is demenor and confidence even... but always down to earth AND ALWAY with the same mentality since you guys started.
  2. Alright, so I decided to write up a short intro to RF. Its got the basics of electromagnetic waves, including definitions like wavelenght, frequency and so on. It goes on to describe a few basic digital modulation techniques, how they work and what they're used for. Finally, it goes on about sampling and why we need I/Q sampling and what it actually is. Hope its helpful to someone out there! http://www.mediafire.com/view/yza84fmazflonl0/rf.pdf I quite like writing up tutorials, so if anyone's got any other ideas or requests they'd like in a tutorial like this, comment what you think! It can be more technical, practical or even theoretical if people prefer! Let me know what you all think!
  3. Xayaan.


    Hello, How is everyone today? I'm new to Hak5. Can i get the list of rules for this forum? :) And i look forward to contribute to this forum. :)
  4. Hay all, After getting my AWESOME ducky and some support to get it ducking all over the place I wanted to give back. I was also hoping to start something with this a little bit bigger with this idea as well. I have come up with what I think is a good beginner ducky paylode that could be pre installed onto the duck when it ships (just an idea). Of the below code I was thinking about bringing the last command to the forefront so it is running while the duck quacks out the rest of its instructions. REM ---------------------------------------------------- REM JSDRavens Intro to Ducky Payload REM WINDOWS ONLY REM This is an example of code and some REM possibilities you can do with the Ducky. REM ---------------------------------------------------- DELAY 5000 WINDOWS r DELAY 150 STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 250 STRING cd "%userprofile%/desktop" ENTER STRING copy NUL intro.html ENTER STRING notepad intro.html ENTER DELAY 100 STRING <p><a href="http://avocado.hak5.org/">USB Rubber Ducky Main Page</a> ENTER STRING <p><a href="http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showforum=56">USB Rubber Ducky Forums</a> ENTER STRING <p><a href="http://www.iducke.com/Encoder/IDE">USB Rubber Ducky Online Encoder</a> ALT F4 ENTER DELAY 100 STRING exit ENTER WINDOWS r DELAY 150 STRING file:///%userprofile%/desktop/intro.html ENTER DELAY 3000 WINDOWS r DELAY 150 STRING http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh85R-S-dh8 ENTER
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