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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Guys, Just found out (I am a bit slow) that Kali NetHunter is now available in the Kali App Store, so it must be in the Android store as well. It apparently works on all android platforms from KitKat (v4.4) to Pie (v9.0)! I find this truly amazing (if it works), and wanted to know if anyone else has tried this, and what the verdict is? Cheers 😎 PS. Apparently your Android device must be rooted? PPS. Here is the link: https://www.kali.org/news/kali-nethunter-app-store/
  2. Ok so I did everything as supposed to when installing on an Acer C720 (trying to install Parrot 4.7) and install goes fine. Whenever I finish the install and go to boot, I select a boot device and it freezes up. Anyone have a similar problem or a solution?
  3. I’d like to install modules to a USB flash drive and am using the Tetra, v1.1.2, how do I get the Modules -> Manage Modules page to show up with an ‘Install to USB Storage’ button? If that’s not supported in the GUI then how can I attached USB storage and use it for modules beyond just for the swap space? I noticed a bug report asking for the removal of the install to internal storage button altogether but since there is a USB port which can be used with a flash drive or USB w/microSD card on the Tetra, the functionality should be supported just the same as it is on the Nano.
  4. Phil.P

    Python Tools

    Hi, I can see from the requiretool.sh that you can see REQUIRETOOL impacket if you wanted the impacket tool to be installed. So to install python3 I assume it would be REQUIRETOOL python3 now say a tool requires pip install, how would this work? pip install xxxx Any help greatly appreaciated.
  5. So Noob here, with a new Wifi Pineapple Nano Trying to install Nano on Win 10: New network is detectable, but I get error: Load Bulletins - "Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection." tried hard reset and new install, no help. Network settings screenshot below:
  6. Hi, it is my first LAN Turtle, I ordered it as Bundle from the US Store. I did the Update to V2 with Putty & Network cable throug the LanTurtle I am not able to install anything from the Directory. I tryed factory Default reset with the .bin of your Website. Stil the same Problem. In the List of the Modules there is no X by Modulemange. When I select it, it tells me Current Status:Stopped And Bootup Status: Enabled When I go to configure I can select Modules from Directory but nothing is installed in the end. I tryed everthing! Is there a solution?
  7. I downloaded all infusions onto my machine locally from link @Kerravon provided. Im on windows machine. downloaded links. unzipped. used winSCP to SCP into Pineapple. referenced linked forum said to move files too mv /tmp/infusions/$name /pineapple/components/infusions/ directory does not exist in pineapple. so I tried copying to "/pineapple/infusions/" where it appears other infusions are located. but they do not appear in pineapple bar? I created the directory and tried to copy too "/pineapple/components/infusions/" but they do not appear in pineapple bar? I have other Inf
  8. Hi Is it possible to install Kali Linux on ASUS ZenBook 3 UX390UA? I would like to buy this notebook and then install Kali Linux ... is that possible? thank you very much for the answer
  9. Hi, i notice that when i plug lanturtle in windows 7 pc it can be recognized and install usb 10/100 ethernet card, but in windows 10 i get always nothing installed. So i try to install realtek drivers and it work but how to use it if it doesn't install automatically in windows?
  10. Hi all, I have been playing with my Lan Turtle over the weekend, I noticed there is now the QuickCreds module available for install. I updated the Lan Turtle, installed the QuickCreds module and then went to configure, where I was prompted to download required dependencies. I selected "Yes" and let it do its thing. After about 5 minutes passed andI started seeing wget errors appearing stating that it was unable to reach the server. Is there any issues with the server that hosts those dependencies? I was able to install and update other modules. It just seems to happen to this mo
  11. I was going to install Kali Linux on a laptop that I picked up. It's UEFI secure boot. I found some forum posts about this from 2013 but it is a post with an unclear tutorial and then all of the responses are people saying it didn't work and asking questions. Have any of you guys done this lately? Is there a script for this or a well worded tutorial? This sounds stupid but EFI isn't really something I've had to deal with. My old Dell didn't have it. Then I got a Toshiba. I doesn't have it either. There's just a secure boot thing option you turn off in the bios and then you can install wha
  12. Hi there, I'm new here and I wanted to share a basic script that i wrote. It just opens up your webbrowser and navigates to the site http://fakeupdate.net/. On this site you can find many fake installtion videos, in this case i'm using the Windows 98 one. This script is just a basic one, for other beginners like me... Here's the code: REM FakeUpdate v.1.0 REM This basic Script just opens the website fakeupdate.net, where you can find videos of os installtions... REM Author: fachsimpeln WINDOWS d DELAY 500 WINDOWS r DELAY 500 STRING http://www.fakeupdate.net/windows98/index.h
  13. I get the following error about date time when making new driver file found 1/2016 on website of alfa. Makefile:10: *** mixed implicit and normal rules: deprecated syntax CC [M] /root/Downloads/AWUS036NHV_v4.3.0.4_11485.20140519/core/rtw_debug.o /root/Downloads/AWUS036NHV_v4.3.0.4_11485.20140519/core/rtw_debug.c: In function ‘dump_drv_version’: /root/Downloads/AWUS036NHV_v4.3.0.4_11485.20140519/core/rtw_debug.c:66:64: error: macro "__DATE__" might prevent reproducible builds [-Werror=date-time] DBG_871X_SEL_NL(sel, "build time: %s %s\n", __DATE__, __TIME__);
  14. Hi, Im trying to install the Social Engineering Toolkit onto my debian linux machine. It all seems to have gone well but when i try and use the credential harvester i get this error, [!] Something went wrong, printing the error: No module named pexpect Could anyone shed some light as to what i need to do to fix this. Thanks,
  15. I need help installing the AWUS036AC wifi adapter on my pineapple. lsusb returns it as Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8812AU 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN Adapter but it doesn't show up in iwconfig or ifconfig. wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless doesn't help or detect it.
  16. yea as the title says...my kid brother unpackaged my pineapple before i got home from work and the little punk that he usually is threw the freaking piece of paper away that had the SD attached to it so now idk what to do....i formatted a thumbdrive to EXT4 and that is pretty much where i am right now....idk how i'm suppose to go about flashing the firmware and i also read in the little owners manual that it can not be run without an SD so does that mean that installing the firmware on the USB would be moot? ANY help would be greatly appreciated...I'm on a macbook pro runninng 10.10.5
  17. Hello, I am new the usb ducky and creating files. I'm trying to run this command... java -jar duckencoder.jar -i example_1.txt -o inject.bin but it's saying that Could not find or load main class -jar. I am using a Mac, instead of linux or windows, I'm not sure if that makes a difference? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Dear Hak5, I am desperately trying to install Kali Linux on my mid 2010 macbook pro. Basicly what I want to do is to install the iso on an external harddrive wich has 2 partitions. The first one is for my regular data and the second one is ment for Kali. I red on the kali page that the best way to do it is to use the unix 'dd' command: so what I did is: sudo dd if=kali-linux.iso of=dev/disk2s3 bs=1m After 10 minutes of copying the files I got a message that all the files were copied. I tried to boot it up with and without refind but got the same error: no bootable device, press any
  19. hey, I'm encountring difficulties to install an infusion on my PineApple Mark V that running 2.2.0 firmware. -When i try to install an infusion from the PineApple Bar:Available, it needs to download the infusion on SD card. Why it can't install 11kb into 88kb free space? screenshot 1 -So i choose to download on SD card.=> screenshot 2 -It says the infusion is on sd card and it's installing in the web interface => screenshot 3 -When i check the PineApple Bar: Installed. => screenshot 4 I think it's a firmware bug. Can I fixe it by any commands? or should i flash my PineApp
  20. Probably a very terrible question but I can't figure it out. Any help would be fantastic, -I looked on the fourom already and I can't find a thing about it
  21. Is there a way to upgrade PMV using a Windows CMD line? I am unable to connect with the interface and am having trouble with my hard drive with Kali on it so is there a way to use the directions here https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing in a Windows setting? Background: After the PMV arrived the other day I had installed exactly as the manual defined but it was not able to connect to the interface. Basically everything was successful up until the 3:05 mark of this video youtube.com/ --- watch?v=cyxGqrUUr0Q I have already tried a dip switch reboot. Currently the green lig
  22. Hey guys. I'm wanting to see if I can install a Reaver Pro ISO onto my USB drive. I'm pretty familiar with normal installs (because it'll normally let me choose) from my Ubuntu USB drive and Kali Linux USB , but the installer on here doesn't really...give me any options. Does anyone have any ideas to install the whole .ISO on my drive? I'm looking for a full install (no live boots). And Google was pretty worthless. lol
  23. The following error appears when I try to install Windows7 on my 360GB HD: Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information. I used the diskpart utility to clean the HD, create a partion and format it as ntfs. detail disk shows the following: Vol## ltr labl fs type size Status info 2 C NTFS Partition 335GB Healthy I got Ubuntu12 on the first HD, set to load w/out Grub. I'm trying to set up a dual boot (Ubuntu/Win7) for a f
  24. Is there an easy way to get all the existing infusions installed via the command line ? opkg update && opkg install ?? --dest usb Regards Thermo.
  25. Hi, i'm trying to install nmap in the pineapple mark4 with this command in the "Advanced - Execute Commands", (i already install the module of nmap in the pineapple bar) opkg install --dest usb nmap [/CODE] is this right? because i don't have any response. Thanks!
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