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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to find a way to do advance search on FB and insagram to beable to see listed all accounts of people form particular country, age, gender, relationship status, interests, also beeing able to view private pictures. Due to so called 'privacy' rules of FB and instagram, and them banning all advance searcher apps , canceling (imperfect anyway) fb graph search and making everything fakely private - to make more money on adds - its imposible to find anyone , even lost or old firends. Im trying to find 2 particular people with no result. Any idea how to do advance search and access profile or posted pictures like few years ago - to find someone and veryfy if this is he person. Fb employees of course can acess to that. Any idea? working advance search? Script? Way to get acess to that - without breaking to fb/instagram servers (witch is nearly imposible knowing that from long time they have bouties for hackers that will track bugs in code making it almost perfect) Soon fb will be fort knox.
  2. this was made to spam ppl on facebook sends 100+ messages before facebook begins to think you spamming please use responsibly and by that i mean spam the planet LED B SLOW ATTACKMODE HID send=0 count=0 while ((send == 0)) do array[0]=" anonymous has deemed you an unfit person " array[1]=" we are legion " array[2]=" we do not forgive " array[3]=" we do not forget " array[4]=" hack the planet " array[5]=" you have been targeted by anonymous " array[6]=" we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us " array[7]=" anonymous was here " array[8]=" :( " array[9]=" lol lul zzz " array[10]=" lulz " array[11]=" lulzsec was here " array[12]=" 4chan was here " array[12]=" lizard squad was here " size=${#array[@]} index=$(($RANDOM % $size)) index2=$(($RANDOM % $size)) LED G Q STRING $count ${array[$index]} $count Q DELAY 1000 Q SHIFT ENTER Q DELAY 1000 Q STRING $count ${array[$index2]} $count Q ENTER count=$((count+1)) done
  3. Hi, My friend got their facebook and twitter account hacked. Do any members know if it's possible to find out 1) who could have done it? (unlikely I know) 2) location of the hack? (if Q1 is unlikely, at least by narrowing the location of the compromise can help narrow down who did it). TIA : )
  4. Hi guys so i reported a vulnerability to Facebook about an open redirect in Facebook and Instagram. I would like to know your opinion. https://diogoreal.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/external-web-apps-create-open-redirect-facebook-instagram/
  5. Is there any possible ways of doing MITM attacks that would take usernames and passwords. When I try to use Xerosploit, PytheM, or even bettercap. None of these methods work on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Gmail, etc. Is there any new methods that is the latest that is working right now?
  6. So here are the facts i am working with kali sana trying to spoof dns with ethercap 1.internal network 2.I can spoof dns ===> when pinging facebook.com from victim machine i get my internal IP ( 3.but when i try to browse with edge, chrome to facebook.com it says no connection 4.when i spoof a different url i get the index page of the server of the attacker 5.tried to spoof dns on xp and on windows 10 same results how can i solve this problem and what is the cause Thank you in advance
  7. Trying to get more information about the devices nearby when I use the device than just mac address. I have a web crawler for the mac address already, but is there any capability on this device I can use to get more?
  8. I am having a issue thatry to whenever I try to clone page using SET , the facebook page comes in my local language , can anybody help me how can I make in default english language ? I am using VMWare on Wondows 7 , all my default lang is "English"
  9. i have a bunch of older smartphones a samsung moment is one im trying to figure out how to deploy payloads with cellphones as an alternitive to usb with a standard charger micro usb a samsung moment or android phone as the attack device like store the payloads on sd caed and embedd the payloads in pictures videos etc to me tranferd via email bluetooth post pictures to social media and when someone saves picture to device payload is executed and i am new to the community as well as payloads for remote controlling phones remote root ota over the air password grab cache copy dos ddos redirect to phishing page overclock and zip bomb and chain to make target phone distribute payload to gather network infomation on outher devices without knowing it with option to send new pay load to a device in chain and reports sent from all chain device to one deployer email and the idea is great but i need help to know how too do this as well as use my old samsung moment to inject payloads to computer or anything with a usb port includeing routers to exploit please help and any links or how too on third party deployment would be a great help
  10. Hello, I just received my wifi pineapple mark v, I put sslstrip running, but I only worked on hotmail.com, if I try to go to facebook or youtube the security HTTPS still on, can someone help me on this?. thank you
  11. Ok now that i've hopelessly given up on SSLstrip, i've moved on to Phishing. I followed this guide to the letter however I still can't get it to work. I was able to get to the example page but that's just about it. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!
  12. Does Facebook recognized device cookie have some sort of expiration time? For example If I log in from previously recognized browser after six months but I havent deleted any cookies, would I get the facebook login notification that browser is not a recognized device anymore?
  13. I attempted to login with Facebook, but failed. A page with some html codes is shown saing that the Facebook application is deleted.
  14. Hey gang! Wanted to share this cool little script I ran into for updating your Facebook Status with Bash! B) For Linux and (Get ready) Mac OS X http://360percents.com/posts/bash-script-to-update-facebook-status-linux-mac-os-x/
  15. Have you guys read the recent news? http://thehackernews.com/2013/09/hacking-facebook-to-delete-any-account.html The researcher literally shares the single .php line to put into the URL that is needed to delete ANY facebook account, and even the ID data needed is publicly available too. It's an even more shame because the researcher turned this into Facebook (for those who know, Facebook pays those who find bugs in their system) and they won't even look at his submission. It's a shame
  16. Hello Hak5! :) I recently read an interesting article talking about how some pictures taken by smartphones can have GPS data, like the location where the picture was taken, in it's header. Someone developed a tool to display the data. Below is the URL regex.info/exif.cgi This got me thinking. Is there a way to get gps data from other mobile applications. Say for instance you are messaging someone on facebook via mobile phone. Would it be possible to tell where it is coming from?
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