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Found 20 results

  1. I'm trying to test a few things with a self hosted C2 and a Tetra on the same LAN. since it want setup to work both internal and external via a host name, I setup an a record on my internal DNS so that the external DNS name will resolve to the internal IP while on the same LAN. This issue is getting the Tetra to look to my DNS server automatically. I'm currently using eth0 (wired) for my network connection. What I would like is for the Tetra to get its DNS information from the same DHCP server that is handing out it IP address. I have tried removing the "Option DNS," from /etc/config/network under bot WAN (eth0) and WWAN with no luck. I know that I can edit the /etc/resolve.conf file (currently pointed to 127.0.01) or add a static entry to /etc/hosts (which I have done to get things working internally for now), but I'm looking for a means to do this via the DHCP issues DNS servers so that it will revolved the host name both internally and externally based on the network that it is connected to. Any suggestions?
  2. I have a fresh install of Linux mint and the WiFi works and I can use the Internet perfectly. However after installing katoolin, which I get no errors, after rebooting I can't get any Internet at all even though network manager says I am connected to my network. I can't ping anything. I think it messed up my dhcp or something but I don't know how to find out where it went wrong What happened?
  3. Hello there! Just got a bash bunny that worked fine when I got it. I decided to upgrade it using apt, and got a lot of issues. I fixed the problems I had with apt (fixed issues with procps), and now it seems to have some issues with DHCP when connecting to my computer using FNDIS_ETHERNET. If I connect the bunny and then set a static ip for it, I can ssh in as normal. Then I see that the service isc-dhcp-service has failed. If I try to start that service again, it seems like it works just fine. I get a dhcp lease from the computer and can GET TARGET_IP. So maby this is an issue with the usb0 interface not being ready when the dhcp server starts or something? I am not sure. It is pretty annoying that I have to set a static ip, log in with ssh, restart the service, set dynamic ip again just to get dhcp to work 😛 Have anyone else had any issues like this? I will provide you with more logs and stuff soon
  4. I have problems to connect to the open wifi network of "wifi pineapple nano", I currently have firmware 2.0.2 and I did a factory reset edit: Fixed
  5. Hi guys, Once again, Dave-ee Jones comin' at you with another question! How would one loop forever until an IP address (, via DHCP, has been given to the client? Looking for something like this... while cannot_see_client { sleep 1 } # Continue with rest of code
  6. Hi, I went through the initial setup by connecting my Turtle to my laptop and updating to the latest version (per ).%C2'> Once I reset the password for the SSH connection, I disconnected the Turtle from my laptop and connected it directly to my LAN switch. I can see the device come up and pull a DHCP address, and I can ping it just fine, but ALL ports are closed - no SSH for me. Once I reconnect to my laptop to get the 172.16.84.x address, I'm back in business. I must be missing something - maybe I need to configure one of the modules differently or something? F
  7. I have dropped my turtle onto my employer's network. I can see the WAN has been assigned an IP Address via DHCP. The problem is with the computer that is using the Turtle as an ethernet adapter. It is given it's own IP address and it can access the internet fine but DNS is not working. I can ping the devices on the corporate network, connect to our servers via RDP using IP address but no names are being resolved. Any ideas? I tried setting both eth0 and eth1 to dhcp but then I couldn't SSH to it.
  8. Hello everybody, i have just bought this amazing piece of hardware and i would like to know if problems i am experiencing are "normal" or there's something wrong with it or my set up. The first i plugged in the Lan Turtle to my Mac it didn't assign an IP via DHCP. So i have tried to connect to it using the self assigned 169.254.x.x IP as i saw there were SSH and DNS services enabled. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to log in as the default credentials didn't work forcing me to explore the unblocking procedure for a factory reset. After the reset i was able to connect to it but mostly the 50% of the time i plug in my Lan Turtle if i do not get IP even is SSH is accessible i cannot connect to it..Do you know guys why this is happening?(the non working dhcp but most importantly the wrong credential behaviour) Thanks in advance for any feedback
  9. How do I force the use of IPv4 addresses on my local area network vs IPv6?
  10. 'Ello I recently upgraded to the latest Firmware 2.4.0 and the upgrade reset my MK5 to factory defaults. I have the eth0 connected to cable, standard config : IP DefGw DNS Wlan1 is connected to an isolated wlan on my router with internetaccess in client mode. Since the upgrade the DHCP server from the Mk5 is overruling the dhcp server of my router. Here is my problem : Since the upgrade the DHCP server from the Mk5 is overruling the dhcp server of my router. Normal (authorised) clients on my own wlan are getting DHCP adresses from the MK5 (172.16.42/24 defgw while NOT connected to the isolated network. is there a way to prevent ETH0 to pass on the DHCP requests and isolate the DHCP answers to the wlan requests only ?? In other words; remove the binding of DHCP on the eth0 ? note : I have not seen this behaviour prior to the upgrade. kind regards ./Dice
  11. Hello internet trolls and geniouses. I like to live in commandline and I considder my self ok in linux. Usually i just use airbase ng, make a soft ap and dhcp on the at_interface. No stress no problem. But i resently bought a pineapple to use it as a tiny toolbox when pentesting on wireless systems. So my idea was to ssh to the pineapple, set up a ap and use wireshark's remote sniffing. Works fine, except all the packets on the at_interface comes out as malformed packets. Also when using airbase-ng i can connect to the nettwork but i canntot get dhcp. I have tried to add it to the bridged adapter and i have tried to use udhcpc. I cant get dhcp no matter what, and i cant sniff poackets. i can sniff packets on every other interface, no problem. I cant only get dhcp trough eternet or the default pineapple wifi nettwork. ---So im wondering if i need to configure somthing or if this is a bug in the pineapple, seeing as it works if i use a normal usb-wifi card, insted of ssh-ing to the pineapple. ---Is there a "blank version" where i can just install aircrack, dhcp3 and leave it there? ---it might also be my noobieness with the pineapple.... so If anyone have done this on the pineapple please help me a bit, i would aprechiate it! Sorry for my spelling.
  12. I currently need information as how to spoof my DHCP Name I am already spoofing my MAC address but the name appears as my computer name and the admin (parents) reset it. If I continue with it I will have multiple duplicates of my computers name. Which will end in extreme suspicion. I only need to make the name be "Network Device" for we already have 3 of those and won't look suspicious at all. I am full admin of my computer I do have it password protected so no one but me will access it. I only need the spoof for random occurrences. Simply for the fact if I used it too often I would get caught. Thanks for any help.
  13. Hey everyone I need serious help with that What I'm looking for : i want to all advance hidden anonymity options in backtrack ("hide my privacy 99%") So What are their? I have some options about that. > spoof mac > spoof ip > spoof ttl values > spoof http header > spoof dhcp > use live cd > use rdp > use proxy exactly I want to more hidden method to hide my id. (out of my list) anyone help me? I always searching about that. now i am really tired. I'm not a very good English writer : help me...
  14. Hi all! I'm at a loss, so collaboration time! SO: At my work , I have 5 elevators with digital reader boards in them (for the days events and some adverts) that auto-updates from an internal system. Through our internal system, we enter in "Bob Group" and say what meeting room they have and times. Then when we say "Post", that is (theoretically) supposed to send out to these Readerboards to be displayed at the appropriate day. The problem is: Only 2 of the 5 Function like this. Here's the fun part (Are you ready?): - Inside the elevator the PC is on an Eth line. - If I plug in my laptop to snif the other end , I get no link at all. Even the ISP can't find the MAC on the network. Even on the ones that are (theoretically) working. - The main "Player Controller PC" (handles how the reader board will display adverts, etc) is connected to a switch (and our ISP can see that). - At the top of the elevators (Where the pully engines are) , There are 5 wires on a troth going outbound.. Somewhere.. But there's actually 10: 5 blue and 5 White CAT5e. - Down the hall of the Elevator Control room, there's a mini-IDF room that has a wall- mounted cabinet with 5 Cat5e lines LABELED " Elevator 5, Elevator 6, Etc." - When I plug my laptop into that , Nothing. Not even Wireshark can find it. - I can't even find anything on a WiFi Sniff too. No beacon frames match the Elevator PCs at all. ...Is there something i'm missing, or is this a needle in a hay stack?
  15. Hi Everyone, When starting up the pineapple, if someone connects to the SSID, they get an address in the 192.168.2.X/24 address range. However, the pineapple is configured in the 172.16.42.X/24 range. /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wireless having nothing referencing this. Likewise, DHCP config doesn't have anything out of the ordinary. Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. Good day! When trying to connect to the pineapple client devices receive incorrect ip(169.254.x.x), netmask and gw ip. When I filling it manually - the device is connected to the pineapple and everything is all right. Please help in this matter! Thank you.
  17. Hi all, Been playing with my pineapple for a few months. Recently i updated to 2.7.0 and after that I started to experiance some struggles with my DHCP leases. Setup: BT5 wlan0 connected to the real internet with ip BT5 eth0 connected to the Jasager with ip Jasager eth0 is connected to the BT5 machine with ip [/CODE] So pretty default setup ... But when I activate Karma and started to connect with my iPhone i didn't connect automaticly ( used to do that before the update ) and I'm unable to get an ip address when I click on the networks. Same issue with Android devices and my Windows laptop. Output from /etc/config/dhcp [CODE]root@Pineapple:~# cat /etc/config/dhcp config 'dnsmasq' option 'domainneeded' '1' option 'boguspriv' '1' option 'filterwin2k' '0' option 'localise_queries' '1' option 'rebind_protection' '1' option 'rebind_localhost' '1' option 'local' '/lan/' option 'domain' 'lan' option 'expandhosts' '1' option 'nonegcache' '0' option 'authoritative' '1' option 'readethers' '1' option 'leasefile' '/tmp/dhcp.leases' option 'resolvfile' '/tmp/resolv.conf.auto' config 'dhcp' 'lan' option 'interface' 'lan' option 'start' '100' option 'limit' '150' option 'leasetime' '12h' option 'ignore' '0' list 'dhcp_option' '3,' list 'dhcp_option' '3,' list 'dhcp_option' '6,,' list 'dhcp_option' '6,,'[/CODE] Does anyone have a idea where I could look for a solution ? Thanks in advance. // ZMK
  18. Could some of you IT wizards help me understand something about DHCP and NAT? I haven't studied these in the classroom, but I've done my share of reading and have certainly renewed DHCP and toggled NAT a few thousand times in the course of troubleshooting over the years. I was also just reviewing again the episode of hak5 where Darren + the cutie set up PPTP in BT5 and he shows how to disable DHCP for stealthiness. My limited understanding is basically that NAT allows my army of home computers to share a single external IP address by use of internal/local IP addresses and DHCP helps devices communicate with one another. So my question is "what happens when I disable one of both of these?" Empirically, I can see that I'm usually able to continue using the Internet as normal, on several devices at once. Does lack of NAT just slow down the process of identifying which of my babies (computers) a packet is meant for? Thanks
  19. Hi there sorry if this is a dumb questiion. i did the following. i made a network bridge on a linux box with 2 interfaces i have put this between the pineapple and my mainrouter. with the idea to externally DNSspoof things. i connected this to the WAN port of the pineapple. with no DNSspoof active every thing works. all traffic going to the bridge. with dnsspoof enabled i see the requests on the terminal but redirecting does not wrk. by mistake during trouble shooting i have put the bridge on the lan port of the pineapple. suddenly dnsspoofing is working. but i am getting my ip of the mainrouter not from the pineapple. if i look at my ipsettings of the client connecting to the pineapple i see my ip adress changing between 192.168.0.X and 172.16.42.x i guess to dhcp servers are fighting each other. but why does the more upstream win ? grt MV2FNT
  20. Hey everyone, First question, is it possible to make a DHCP reservation? So instead of having to force the IP (and afterwards removing it again) it would just get it assigned. Second question: Any suggestions for a powered usb hub? Two ports would be enough to tether and have a usb for storage connected connected. Third question: Can the pineapple handle running tcpdump and sslstrip at the same time? I seemed to work however tcpdump said it dropped a bunch of packets. Thanks!
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