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Found 1 result

  1. Infusion Versions : [03/10/13 15:14] -Version 0.1 - First Release (▬ = Unsupported/Old ▬ = Devel ▬ = Current/Supported) Infusion Info : Commander is an infusion for the WiFi Pineapple Mark V that connects to user-specified IRC servers and allows you to control the pineapple over the IRC protocol. This allows a fast, easy to use and (hopefully) reliable text-based service. The front-end for the infusion is made up of PHP and JavaScript, while the back-end is programmed in Python, thus requiring Python as a dependency. Tips : -To see a list of command currently used by Commander, once connected to an IRC server type your prefix and then "commands", for example "+commands" or "!commands". Disclaimer : This infusion has the power, if used incorrectly you could seriously mess up your pineapple, which could lead to you having to reflash or other unwanted action. 'Dangerous' commands that you need to be careful with are "rm, mv, execute" etc. An "are you sure?" will be implemented in a later version. That said, Please have fun using this infusion! Features in Development : -User Authentication -Ask to continue on certain commands -Possibly change PRIVMSG to NOTIFY to prevent populated channel spam.
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