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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to this community and just starting to learn to use a mark v Pineapple. I decided design a case for protection of the antenna when i carry it in my backpack. I posted my design on Thingiverse so if anyone has a 3D Printer and is interested.... here it is. free to all. My way of giving back to this community for now. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2378385 Enjoy and let me know if you print it i would love to see the results. Thank you
  2. So just back from DEF CON... Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've looked through images and videos and the Hak5 site first but can't find any examples. The pockets in the double sided case seem like for specific items. One of the larger for the Tetra and other for books? If anyone can post how they efficiently packed everything (picture?) I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. I'm packing challenged :-)
  3. Designed a 3d printed case for my nano, figured I'd share it back with the community. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2404666 Or you can edit it to suite your needs here: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/bv0RBfYVhx4 Thanks hak-5 and community for making this such a great product!
  4. Hey all, In the interest of my bash bunny not overheating again, I'm looking to print a new case for it. Does anybody have any cad models of an alternate case for the bb? If not, a cad model of the bare bone bb (no case)? If nobody has one, then I'm planning on either: drilling holes in the case Having my uncle (who designs these things for a living) design a new case that allows airflow. Thanks!
  5. Here's a YARDStick1 case design I made. Will post up the 3D files later so people can re-use/modify themselves.
  6. Are there any cases or bags sold that can hold various Hak5 equipment like the pineapple, yagi, their cables and antennas and future equipment? Thanks
  7. I skipped the tactical package for the nano and have been using a chopped up Tactical Tailor 5.56 Mag taco for my nano concealed and carrying purposes. It works great but I found this bad boy at office depot for $2.00. It's a calculator case and it fits wonderfully. Has a carabiner and is completely un-nefarious looking. I added some velcro on the back to stabilize and stay put when appropriate. If only it were Lisa Frank.
  8. Does anyone know where I can get a tech gear organizer, like the one on the HakShop? http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/lan-turtle/products/hak5-field-kit?variant=3861695877 I already have most of the gear and would just like a nice case to store it all in. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  9. Hello hak5! My name is Danny and im 20 years old. I come from Denmark and at this point I'm writing my final project. My subject is "DDoS" - "How can the British authorities tackle DDoS-attacks" Therefor I have to explain how a DDoS attack actually works. Also I have to involve technical, legal and ethical issues that may arise in connection with DDoS-attacks. I hope you can help me with some of these questions. Appreciated. Regards from Kappa!
  10. Mr Gray's Pineapple kit: I'm building a advance case (Not posted yet) I'll show you guys when i'm done with it. Please read threw full post before building. Basic case: Battery pack: Things you'll need (Multimeter) To test your power supply if your doing other types of power sources. (Battery pack x2) [8x "aa" Battery Holder] http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062242 (9v Battery Snap Connector x2) http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062218 (Rechargeable "aa" batteries at 1.5v each x16 or "aa" batteries at 1.5v x16) If you cannot find 1.5v aa batteries just use 1.2v. (Average Modem Power Cable x2) You can save $ if you go down to thrift shops and buy some used ones. Your going to need to tear them apart, average cost per cable $1 at thrift shop. I would get something like this one, (Heat Shrink Tubing) (Optional power switch) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building the battery pack #1 Put x16 "aa" batteries in the x2 battery clips. #2 If you have a multimeter test the voltage that's coming out you want 12v for your Modem and your Pineapple for each battery pack. #3 Get your two modem power cables and cut the center of the wire, strip the + and - of the wire. #4 Grab your 9v battery snap connector and put two shrink tubes on each wire + - before you attach it test to see if it fits in your Pineapple and test the wiring that your on ++ to -- usually black or white strips on one of the wires means its + Attach the modem power cables to the 9v battery snap connectors 1x for each item. Then shrink your tubing. #5 Attach the 9v battery snap connector to the "aa" battery pack That's it for the battery packs. You could also get a 12v regulator and attach a larger power source. Here's a schematic on that, http://www.hidplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?25070-DIY-12v-Regulator -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For attaching a switch: When connecting to the plug if the switch is two prong it will be ++ to each prong. Like #1 prong will be attached to the + wire than the #2 prong will be attached to the other + wire. ------------------------------------------------------------Questions------------------------------------------------------------- I was wondering. If the DC is not plugged, is there any energy going out? No unless the DC port is touching together or attached to a piece of metal, etc. Oh and by the way, how long do you think this super battery can last if plugged 24/24? The person who made me want to create this from his post is j4k3 http://forums.hak5.o...le-on-a-budget/ And he said, "Mine lasts approximately 15 hours although the radio strength will decrease over time, the first couple of hours is perfect" Battery over heating issue: If you put the + and - wires together it will heat up the battery pack, which means that one of your two wires are touching. Or the DC plug is broken and touching together. Also you want to strip the wire around half an inch to provide a better connection. ----- It should work without the 9v snap. Use your own connectors as you choose. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration from, j4k3 http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/29292-portable-pineapple-on-a-budget/
  11. Hey guys! First post! And all because I broke a heater, and got a great idea! Ha! I broke my heater, electricity gets to it, but it doesn't heat. Thought about taking it apart, and fixing it...then saw it sitting beside my computer, and an idea struck me! Why not "fix" a little computer (or even a beast of a machine?) inside the heater? It has vents all over it already. It even as a fan built in already. A power supply that pulls in up to 2000Watts. And loads of slots at the bottom for USB's, HDMI, etc. Mount this behind or near a TV, and you have a handy little server, noiseless (hopefully), and virtually invisible. I got the idea from episode 3 of season 9. And it would be so much prettier in a photo frame. But this is still going to be fun to try! Only problem I can see with this idea, is a graphics card. I saw this problem when I was watching this episode. I wanted to do this to my main machine too. But the frame would have to be insanely thick! The motherboard in the episode has on-board graphics. But I want a decent graphics card. So I can play games too. Is there a way of putting the graphics card in the PCI-e slot, without having it at a 90degree angle to the motherboard? (In b4 "stupid question" ;) ) Also, does anyone think this is worth even trying? Any ideas for it? Through anything you got at me! Haha
  12. Hi!, the WPS button of my pineapple get stuck, how i can open the case of the mark4? I ask because i don't want to broke the plastic case. Thanks
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