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Found 2 results

  1. So to make a long story short, there were some scheduling problems at school, and I'm forced to take Programmming II at a different university. The university I normall go to teaches Java, which I took a single semester of. The other university where I'm taking my second class teaches C#. tl;dr I have six days to do learn a semesters worth of C#, and I currently know the very basics of Java. I have to learn the first seven chapters of a book which I don't have. I'll be following thenewboston's tutorials over C#, as they have previously helped in Java. What I need to learn: I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this, so I figured I keep a log of my progress. (Helps me stay on track, even though that might seem counter-intuitive.) So far I have just finished the 10th video of these series, so I'll go ahead and try to upload it to Github, (Never used Github before...) https://github.com/FallenArchangel/Learning I'm open to any criticism. I'm kinda in a rush, so any advice is welcome.
  2. I've created a payload in C# that appears as a legitimate application but grants an attacker admin remote shell access on a windows system. My primary focus now it to encrypt the network traffic as best as I can for obvious reasons. I haven't done this before so I would like some guidance on how it should be done. I've done some research and come across two methods, AES using RSA to encrypt the key and SSL. I'm worried that the SSL method could easily be attacked with SSL-Strip since there is no HSTS-like implementation to prevent it. I know how to start with AES in C# as the System.Security.Cryptography namespace makes that fairly simple. However, I have no idea how to use RSA to encrypt the AES key and send it over the network. A lot of my research lead me to using AES-HMAC but some of the recent posts I've seen hint toward that only being used for encryption of local information rather than network information. Can someone shed some light on these methods, which is the most secure, and how to use it?
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