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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I know this has probably been mentioned on the internet countless times, but I can't seem to get my AWUS036NEH adapter working with Kali Rolling. I've been at this for days and just can't get my head around it. I'm running Linux kali 4.9.0-kali4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.30-1kali1 (2017-06-06) x86_64 GNU/Linux. I've trawled through forums here and other places and tried various set ups to get this working with no luck, so hopefully someone here can help me out. Issue: Getting AWUS036NEH adapter to work with Kali Rolling. I can get the device on the system, but I am unable to scan APS (airodump wlan0mon). Although, after trying numerous times to get the adapter working, and keep a log of each step, airodump did work randomly once. (The steps I did will be displayed below) Setup: Kali is running on Virtualbox VM 5.1.24 Tested the following: Plugged in adapter, selected the USB device to be recognized by Virtual BOX and ran lsusb and can see the device. Please see below for what I did and got it working, but does not work anymore when I try again. This tells me, that the adapter intermittently works, but am I not understanding or missing something to get it working consistently? I have each time ran airmon-ng check kill, on each attempt to get it working. (I've set up the adapter on my MAC OS and it works perfectly fine) But as mentioned, I can't get it to work anymore, can anyone put me in the right direction or help me out? Thanks
  2. Hi I am a newbie I have created a bootable kali Linux usb stick and I have a alfa AWUS036NEH wifi adapter the problem I have is that when I put it in to monitor mode and run airodump-ng wlan0mon it does not show any ap's ive read and tried all the options from countless forums to no avail the only thing I have not tried is o update the firmware and drivers mainly because I don't know how can someone show me how to update the drivers and firmware for an alfa AWUS036NEH usb WIFI adapter the 2 files I downloaded from alfa are driver 2011_0719_RT3070_RT3370_RT5370_RT5372_Linux_STA_V2.5.0.3_DPO firmware rt2780.bin (it says its a iso file)
  3. If I get the Ralink USB WiFI RT5370 for my Nano, do I need to SSH and issue any command for the Nano to recognize and use the Ralink? What I would like to do if possible, is to access WiFi Pineapple Connector via a WiFi connection as opposed to having my cell phone physically to my Nano.
  4. i have a 50 dollar and want to spend it on a good receiver i know that i should prefere atheros chipset but the nha don't have good support on windows 10
  5. I just recently bought the ALFA AWUS036NEH from the hak5 shop. And i am having trouble making it work with programs like airodump-ng, wash and reaver. It starts the monitor mode on wlan0mon but when i run airodump -ng for example it comes up with nothing even tough i know there are alot of APs close by. (I did the whole airmon -ng check and kill processes beforehand so no issue there) Il have to admit i bought this card without much knowledge about the card, i just assumed since they sold it at the hak5 shop it would be able to do packet injection and monitor mode etc. Is this not the case, did i just waste 20 dollars on a "normal" wireless card? Or do i have some other issue that causes my wireless card to not work? If there is any additional information i can provide just let me know, im sort of a linux noob so im not sure what info to give in a case like this. Any help what so ever is greatly appriciated i really dont wanna bin this card but at this point that is were it is heading.
  6. I have searched through the forums and cannot find the answer, so I'm hoping that someone can help me solve this problem (or tell me it is how the system work) The pieces I am using: Pineapple - (Wlan0) in Access Point Mode Alfa awus036neh - (Wlan2) To connect in client mode to my home WiFi network iPad air - Connect to Pineapple AP to get to management GUI The Issue: I have been connecting without problems to the Pineapple management page through my iPad air. I cannot see the pineapple when I am connected to my home WiFi network. When I connect to the pineapple via the pineapples AP, I am able to access the GUI. I try to add the MAC address of the iPad to the Karma blacklist (in order to not spoof my iPad) but after I add it , I cannot access the GUI any longer. When using Karma it seems like (Wlan1) is down, so I can't use that. Is there a way to maintain control of the pineapple over WiFi while Karma is running (without hardwired tether)? Thanks for any help!
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