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  1. hi there i am experimenting with wpa/wpa2 basically i've locked myself i've installed ubuntu on my laptop and forgot wpa2 code for my router idoit move i know i have tryed using a wordlist size 33gb and 10gb one and no luck so then i tried reaver and i gave up after 19 hours i can still use xbox360 and other machines but this laptop is my main and my favourite i am begging for help please
  2. You should hit update inside your WIFI-CRACKER or use the source below that has also been updated... UPDATE 3 : v1.2.3 is up and running with a couple fixes here and there since 2012... UPDATE : This is the new WIFI-CRACKER v1.2 where many things have been fixed and a few added. New functions include a updater and a packet sniffing menu. Same download link as before and you won't ever need to physically use it ever again ;) . Since this is my favorite IT show and because it inspired me to learn about wifi and write this script , I've decided that I will first post my WIFI-CRACKER script on those forums. WIFI-CRACKER is a Script that automated the hacking of wifi networks. It's completely created by me, in fact I made it today. It's a proof of concept and was created for educational purposes (since I was learning about wifi). I am planning to make it much more than cracking your neighbor's WIFI because honestly that's would be too easy for anyone on here. Currently, I want to add some more cracking options to the script as well as a DAuth menu. I'd appreciate if anyone wants to contribute on this project. Features : Mac spoofing with macchanger Target scouting with airodump-ng Cracking WEP and WPA/2 (with aircrack-ng and reaver) Debugging menu for fixing bugs Lots of small stuff to make the script as good as it can be Packet sniffing menu with tshark and wireshark *NEW* Updater function *NEW* Resume previous WPA hacking session *NEW* Fixed check_internet() Download link : Download Here Source code *UPDATED* :
  3. So got my Pineapple today and after a bit of research I just wanted to clarify a couple of points to make sure I understand how it works. As I understand it the Wifi Pineapple can not spoof a WEP or WPA/WPA2 AP. Also Windows 7 no longer auto connects (The user has to manually connect to the network) Did Windows 7 used to? Or was it Windows XP? Regarding mobile devices I have had an interesting experience with my Andoid (ICS) Samsung S2. If I create a OPEN wifi hotspot manually in settings it will connect to the Pineapple under that name. But, any of the old OPEN hotpots in my phone such as Starbucks or McDonalds do not connect. Any insight onto why this happens? I also have noticed an interesting qwerk On my laptop I have 3 networks saved (in the following order) 1 - Home (WPA2) 2 - Work (WPA2-Enterprise) 3 - Starbucks(Open) When I am not in range of any of these networks but in range of the Wifi pineapple, my laptop can see the Work AP (as an open access point) but none of the other two. Any ideas why? Thanks
  4. I'm having problems getting devices to "secretly connect" to the pineapple that are probing for a remembered WPA secured network that is in the area. These devices connect to the actual AP, not the pineapple. Is there anything I can do here to get these devices to connect to the pineapple instead??
  5. I've just ordered my Pineapple ... all excited. My application is not security oriented -- it's just to be an access point that will serve internal web pages & PDFs to connected client devices, as in a classroom for example, or for advertising. In this application, the Pineapple will not be connected to the Internet. All Wi-Fi connections to the Pineapple SSID will need to be redirected to the internal webserver. If I understand correctly, this should be easy. Could anyone answer a few questions? 1. Will https attempts be redirected, or go nowhere? For example, some user browsers default to an https site such as for E-mail. They'll need to be redirected automatically to the internal web. 2. How much storage space is there internally for the webserver? Can it get files from external USB storage if needed? 3. What actual webserver is it? Apache? Nginx ... etc.? Got PHP? 4. It may be necessary to use WPA. This is not for security reasons, it's because some user browsers like on my Kindle Fire throw up their own "login" screen when the user attempts to connect to a truly nonsecured access point. And it confuses the user because if my AP is open, it isn't asking for login. Don't even get me started on iOS devices with their "success.html" thing that has to be simulated in order to avoid their Log In browser. So I may have to use WPA and give out a password. I understand that the Pineapple AP doesn't do WPA. So can the Pineapple bypass its internal AP and be hardwire connected to an external AP that is set up with WPA? I sure hope so. Thanks.
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