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  1. I have recently purchased a WiFi Pineapple Nano an I am trying to connect it to my android. I watched the video on youtube and followed the instructions to an exact yet it just gets stuck at "Waiting for the WiFi Pineapple to make a connection. My phone is a AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7, Model Number: G930A Version: 6.0.1 if that helps. I am using the USB adapter that comes with the product attached to my PC and my USB charger connecting to the pineapple. Is there anything im doing wrong? Thanks!
  2. Whether wifi pineapple can sniff through the traffic and capture the MAC addresses of all the nearby devices without internet connection?
  3. Hey guys I was wondering what happened to the wifi birdhouse project back in the mkv days one day it was the next big thing and then nothing I have a bet with one of my friends that this would be perfect for and I wasn't sure how it was setup or if anything ever came of it did the hak5 firehouse get a ominous phone call or something? If that's the case and your a moderator please feel free to delete this post and send me a message I don't want to get anyone in trouble but I was totally interested in that and I would love to see it on the nano or the tetra or both
  4. just got the nano it works great i have had many pineapple but this one is the best Love The Phone app however when do we get the modules it says coming soon i cant use any of the other cool functions outside the old modules standalone ssl strip and the many cool apps just want to know when this will be updated so i can have more fun Thanks !
  5. SSL stripping no longer works. I've been researching but gotten little results as to tutorials for other types of infusions. I want to get an infusion that can either get me wifi passwords or passwords to someone's accounts as they log into them. If possible, I would like some er infusions to start with downloading. I tried the wps infusion and it didn't work well with my router (which is why I want to use RubyReaver or Auto-Reaver). So, what other infusions could be used to monitor my other computer's web activities and the passwords that I get when I log in with my other computer (that I'm using as a target)? If possible, it would be nice if it was something I could use information I get from the PineAP log and input into such an infusion to get my passwords. I learned from this video about how to use the pineAP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdhuX4BEK6s&index=2&list=PLuXfzxj2yX_uCE8dPbP39rQIB0a8PkFHT So yeah, I don't want to buy too many new devices. I want to rely on my pineapple, but if possible I might want the documentation or something similar to learn to use such infusions. I might plug a wireless modem into my pineapple someday and go wardriving, but I want to learn to hack my own wifi first to learn before I go wardriving.
  6. I was playing around trying to be able to connect to the wifi pineapple via wifi again, and I screwed up my ethernet by accident. The only adapter I can diagnose that has something wrong is ethernet. Here is my network adapters: Here is the error I get when trying to diagnose it: And when I try to fix it as an administrator: Does anyone know if THIS might work? I am scared of trying it: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-hardware/how-do-i-replace-my-tcpip-protocol-driver/2d5eaf70-bd3e-40ab-ae11-b6c5110ab8df https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/299357 How do I get ethernet protocol again, or fix whatever the problem is?
  7. So I have been looking into the serval mesh project an I have been wondering if anyone had any ideas on a quick and dirty way to use the yardstick1 and the wifi pineapple as a serval mesh extender since the combined hardware capabilities seem similar to their current incarnation of the mesh extender any thoughts anyone? Link to the mesh extender wiki http://developer.servalproject.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=content:meshextender:main_page
  8. After reading countless threads about SSLSTRIP not working on systems such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome I wanted to inquire about something that was released at Defcon Asia... SSLSTRIP 2 and DNS2PROXY https://github.com/LeonardoNve/sslstrip2 This is a new version of Moxie´s SSLstrip with the new feature to avoid HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) protection mechanism. This version changes HTTPS to HTTP as the original one plus the hostname at html code to avoid HSTS. Check my slides at BlackHat ASIA 2014 OFFENSIVE: EXPLOITING DNS SERVERS CHANGES for more information. For this to work you also need a DNS server that reverse the changes made by the proxy, you can find it athttps://github.com/LeonardoNve/dns2proxy. Demo video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGBjxfizy48 The DNS Proxy I am having a really hard time following the instructions, I've tried to contact the developer for clarification but no luck. Anyone else care to chime in on how to setup dns2proxy? - > Also is there anyone willing to take on the challenge on adding this as an infusion to the pineapple? My understanding is this would allow you to compromise all browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox? The demo video interestingly enough shows quite vividly proof of concept -- just trying to figure out how to do this? I'm running a few Kali Linux machines, can someone clarify how I'm supposed to setup the DNS proxy? To the ENTIRE Hak5 Team; Thankyou for working on a device that is truly amazing and endless with opportunity. We are only limited by our creativity when it comes to deployment with this awesome device. I took it upon myself to invest in all the bells and whistles that came with the Mark 5. Lets talk about build quality - FIRST CLASS! This thing is scary - To the untrained eye you wouldn't have ANY idea what it is... To the trained idea, the only term that comes to mind is pwned and operated. PineAP: ... so thats what Dogma does -- and thats why karma doesn't work as expected anymore :D -- Soooo many questions on this forum could be answered by watching this regarding Karma.. Chris Haralson https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK15ED34btB3NZznGIXQuwA This guys videos and guides are first class - aimed at people with my skill sets I really couldn't ask for anything to be clearer. I am anxiously awaiting your future guides and videos.. (*I check back everyday*). My office :D And a snazzy little pic of some pineapples....
  9. Hello everyone, So, sometime ago I made a video about how to flash an AP121U with the WiFi pineapple firmware. I know that it is a little bit old, but I thing that it will be nice to have it here in the forums for everyone that wants this information in the future. Feel free to commend and subscribe to my channel ! thank you for watching Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsC4AinWrvs
  10. Hello Everyone, I just have a small doubt. Whether GSM signals and there signal strength be scanned and obtained using a wifi pineapple. If yes can anyone help me with it.
  11. Hi guys, I've recently purchased the Wifi Pineapple mark V, just wondering how long it takes to process the order? :/ I know its listed on the website and all but I've not received any emails from hak5 regarding my previous inquiries about shipment to Singapore. I had to use bordernlinx to forward the mail. Does anyone have the same experience with hak5shop? Thanks!
  12. hey guys So i was using the wifi pineapple great and there's no problem work fine with everything i turned it off and back to it after like 6 or 5 hours and i couldn't start the wlan1 once i start it and it's marked i refresh and it's not marked i really don't know where is the problem from ? is it from the antenna or the port it's self and when i click refresh and btw.. i'm using this AC power did i burn up the pineapple :(? http://i.imgur.com/ThuKK4u.jpg and i did Factory Reset Pineapple nothing happen and i will try to upload the factory.bin (recovery web interface) but not sure that will help this is the full interface http://i.imgur.com/tDKLLDn.jpg and thank you
  13. Why don't we use the innate ability of dnsmasq to spoof hosts instead of dnsspoof? I noticed that the pineapple would reply to my queries twice when using dnsspoof (instead of once as I expected). After some research http://blog.philippheckel.com/2013/07/18/how-to-dns-spoofing-with-a-simple-dns-server-using-dnsmasq/ I noticed that is it 1. entirely possible thus moving away from the hit and miss of dnsspoof and 2. would make it much neater. Should we look into creating an infusion maybe? Wishing you all well, Cristian
  14. Hi guys, yesterday I ordered WiFi Pineapple , but today the payment Status is refunded !! I'm not sure what the problem is with my address or the shipping method ? by the way ,I'm using myus.com (package forward service) is it allowed or not? and it's says : ORDER CANCELLED ON FEBRUARY 05, 2015 05:45PM(Reason: inventory) So what i did wrong ? or how to solve it :( please help me guys p.s. i live in the middle east
  15. Had problems tethering my pineapple and using wifi at the same time in kali. here is how i fixed it 1. right click network icon, select edit connections 2.select wired connection 1 and edit 3.select ipv4 settings 4. press the button that says Routs 5.check the box that says "use this connection for resources on its own network" 6. press ok and run mp5 ( run wp5 with ./wp5.sh) i had problems with sh wp5.sh Hope this helps someone
  16. I have two MKV Pineapples and the new Pineapple Plug that I'd like to configure to work together. I set the second Wifi Pineapple's IP to (in /etc/config/network) while keeping the first Wifi Pineapple's default, at 42.1. I then connected both Pineapples to the Wifi Pineapple Plug and booted them up. At this point I'm not sure what to do, nor do I know for sure if the Plug setup is working properly. I'm guessing it will be much easier to run two Pineapples together in future firmware updates but if anyone has experience working with two Pineapples I'd love a push in the right direction, or where to find relevant instructions/resources. Thanks!
  17. So far I'm loving my mk5 and a big thanks to the team for developing such a great product! What I have not really figured out or seen on the forum is what people are or will use their dip switches for. So I thought we should have a thread with configurations and ideas! as a side note well I'm trying to figure out what cool things I could do with them, I have not been able to figure out when in the boot process commands in the dip switch config get issued...
  18. Just had to post this on here to see if anyone else has experienced any problems with the awus036neh usb wifi adapter with a mark V pineapple, when I connect it the activity light goes mad but also the card has very slow throughput, currently getting 2mbps on it, but the laptop connected to the same wifi as it is getting 50mbps, the laptop was plugged into the pineapple via ethernet and connected to it via wifi to test the throughput for the neh adapter. If anyone else has had similar issues it would be interesting to hear how you overcame this problem?
  19. Hi there, I'm trying to find if there is a way to get my hand on a Wifi Pineapple or a USB Rubber Ducky for some educational pentesting, I already tried to buy it from the HakShop, but unfortunally it dosen't ship to Brazil.. Is there any way I could buy it ?
  20. I am having problems connecting any device to my pineapple. I have Wlan0 and Wlan1 enabled, the pineapple connected to my home network (for internet access), karma off (with the 's MAC address blacklisted, AutoSSH off, Cron enabled, DNSSpoof disabled, and I am running the 1.0.4 firmware. Any suggestions? If I don;t have my settings correct, please let me know. Also, if more information is needed, post what I need to add in the reply box. Thanks. :D
  21. So be gentle this is my first post :3 I have a idea, Occupineapples multiple ssids along with splash screens for each network. So I have only a couple of days to set this up if it is even possible. If it is possible and I can't set it up in the next two days, it would still be an interesting little thing to do at some point. I am basically looking for, can this be done? and if so how?
  22. So I was messing around with dsploit on my Nexus 7 running CM11 and probing my pineapple which I set up as a temporary signal repeater connected to my back up router in client mode when it found an exploit that (near as I can tell as I am a little rusty and very tired) allows auth bypass for root access. I've attached below two screen caps of dsploit one of the vulnerability finder and another of the exploit list in the hopes that someone better than myself can either confirm or deny it's validity Thanks Archer
  23. So I am not having the best of luck with this device, I just received the replacement and I tried flashing and it failed. So I check the sd card and it was empty, so I downloaded the the latest firmware and changed the file to 'upgrade.bin' and I made another file without an extension called 'MD5' which contained the string of the checksum but still no go. So I formated my new class 10 sd card to ext 4 and moved the files over and I still getting sollid green and red leds. Do I need to put the device in recovery mode? Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be much apreciated.
  24. Hello hak5 forums, I recently bought a wifi pineapple and fell in love with the karma feature. I'm wondering if it's possible to not only force people to connect but also request a password for the network that karma is impersonating. What are your thoughts?
  25. So... This is the project I am tackling this evening! Yay. Although, I am still waiting for a viable update to Karma. Just sayin...
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