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Found 6 results

  1. I tested installing Cloud C2 several times for testing and have noticed the images are not rendering properly. I'm running CloudC2 on Ubuntu and Debian, both fully updated. I've tested Firefox and Chrome inside the Debian VM and Windows host with Firefox and Chrome. All of these combinations have resulted in the same rendering issue as below. My start up line for my VMs with one interface is: community-64 -hostname $local_ip Thanks for the help all.
  2. Hey all, I ordered my Lan Turtle 3G on December 1st. It arrived fine and everything worked well out of the box. I plugged it into my Mac Book Pro and into my ethernet switch. Modules worked great, I was able to access everything online through my Mac with the turtle providing ethernet to it. But this turtle was running the Turtle Shell Version 3, so I updated it using the normal "check for updates" option in the "configuration" tab through the turtle's SSH. The update went fine but when the turtle came back online it could not provide my Mac with any internet. I was still able to SSH into the turtle with the self assigned IP address of and the turtle said it was now running Turtle Version 5. When I ran 'ifconfig' it showed the self assigned IP address of in eth0 and a DHCP address in eth1 which was assigned from my router (10.10.x.x). I could not check for updates, download modules, or ping google.com from the turtle (via SSH) or from my Mac when the turtle was plugged into it with ethernet. I contacted Hak5 support and after a day or so they offered to send me a new Lan Turtle 3G. I received that one and had the same issue when the turtle updated to Turtle Version 5. I told the same support tech that the issue persisted on the new turtle, she verified with me that I had both plugged the turtle into an ethernet cord and into my Mac but after a few back and fourths she never replied to my email. My last response with Hak5 via email was on March 7th. I'm able to run everything and use the turtle fine when it is on Turtle Version 3 but as soon as I upgrade to Turtle Version 5 the turtle is unable to do anything that required a DHCP address or internet even though I can see it has been assigned one when I SSH into the turtle and run 'ifconfig'. If anyone is able to help me figure this issue out and get my Lan Turtle 3G to work properly on Turtle Version 5 it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! This issue has been solved. See my last post for solution if anyone else is having this issue.
  3. If I'm understanding PineAP -- turning it on and selecting to add SSIDs to the list should start populating SSIDs from my area.... right? It's not. Responding to beacons is not required to simply populate an SSID list is it?
  4. So after a week of clean testing I managed to break my bash bunny, somehow messing up the mount point /root/udisk/ (It would not auto-mount and was read-only when manually mounted)... Thanks to @Foxtrot I was able to regain access by re-mounting and changing the permissions: mount -o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk chown root:root /root/udisk -R chmod 777 /root/udisk -R I still can't write to my individual payload switch folders like I previously could, so I've updated my debug helper to reflect a more accessible directory (/root/udisk/debug): https://github.com/bg-wa/bashbunny-payloads/blob/bunny_debug_helpers/payloads/library/bunny_debug_helpers.sh Again, to use this script: 1.) Include the helper at the top of your script: source bunny_debug_helpers.sh 2.) Pepper your script with log entries to see where events succeed. debug_log "Attack Mode Set" #ln. 41 debug_log "IP Address : ${TARGET_IP}" #ln 92 3.) Plug in Bunny... bash bash bash... 4) When finished, set the Bunny to arming mode and view your debug logs in the newly created "Debug" folder (/root/udisk/debug).
  5. Greetings. When i plug in my Bashbunny it opens its storage not only in armed mode. Is it supposed to do that? Thanks.
  6. What format are the hashes created in the loot folder? Do I need to convert them to another format for cracking? I lifted my hashes from my windows machine and am trying to use John the ripper to crack it and it says no "passwd hashes loaded".
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