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Found 1 result

  1. I have a serious question I have a friend who is paranoid about all this stuff. I cant determine if this is real or what? Is he hiding something? He thinks his x is spying on him. He also thinks the I.T department where she works is hacking his computer. (He says she sleeps with every one she can.) He has pictures of her with another guy he says. He also says they send her emails detailing things they did. He says they put root kit on the bios of his computer and router. He also says they put something on his iMAC. Which he found encrypted videos 3gpp's that came off of his phone when he used an un delete utility. To top it off he thinks they rooted pc runing backtrack from a dvd with no hard drive and a ubuntu box. He said they control his phone remotely. He says they get his IP when he logs into gmail. He has an SD card with shadow files on it from his mac. The files look like. He could of done this him self. When I went over see this I found a lot of arp packets he says can you stop this I said no. Arp packets are normal. I did see the metasploit port thou3gh. A spam server from china was also nailing his network. 119 ip address. He also thinks there is a hidden Wifi AP in his house so his x can spy on him that way. Coaxial cable all over the place. To top it off his X says would you like my guy to work on your site for you. I need to learn about web design. HIS X did have a drinking problem. I can validate the drinking problem. I did see her after they went separate ways. If this is a game he has lots to lose. Is he trying to protect his own ass.... Sorry about the long post. Is this guy nuts is this a game. I cant get a straight answer on google about this!!!
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