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  1. Hi.......i have a problem, hope somebody can help me! Ok,....... I have created a Reverse TCP DNS payload with MSFVenom...... Now i want to execute this File with plugging in the USB Rubber Ducky! How i got to do this? Do i have to convert my Payload with Base64? And if yes, how i could do this? Please help me!
  2. Hello mates, Im looking for sellers of the inTitle described Hardware items prefered in or around Germany ;)
  3. Hi, I recently got a USB rubber ducky, but I'm stuck as to how to use it. I tried a hello world script but nothing showed up on the screen. I have an Asus c200 Chromebook,and tested it on that, and a windows 8 laptop. Both with now results. I just received this yesterday, and haven't had too much time to play with it (like 30 mins.) As I see it, the led blinks like its supposed to, but no result.
  4. my usb rubber ducky came today! however there seems to be a problem.no matter what .bin i put on it. it just bugs out. opens start types JG3;]]]JG/13;]]jg++3jg3#]]]3jg/3[[=0=.[9.\'+.JG opens https://support.google.com/chrome/?p=help&ctx=keyboard#topic=3227046 goes full screen then ends. does this with all .bins i put on.
  5. Does anyone know a way to continue a rubber ducky script after rebooting the Windows7 OS? I'm trying to use the Ducky as a way to automate Machine setups. One of the first things I need to do is disable UAC and change the machine name and Workgroup. Then after that I have to reboot and need the script to pickup where it last left off.
  6. USB Rubber Ducky Tool Windows GUI for USB Rubber Ducky Description This tool was made to help beginner users of the USB Rubber Ducky create and copy payloads directly to their Ducky's MicroSD card. I decided to do this mini project since I am in an Intro C# class. I added all the features/options I could think of and tried to make is as user friendly as possible. I would love any feedback, recommendations, or tips that you have to offer! The GitHub Project Direct Download Features Select HD: Which drive the home directory for the ducky will be made.MicroSD: Which removable storage d
  7. just got my ducky and tried to take the password of my Facebook account using chrome saved passwords. (I'm running on win 8.1 just to clarify) but this script that i tried to write doesn't seem to work. can anyone see why this seems to not work???? this is the script: DELAY 500 GUI D DELAY 500 GUI R DELAY 500 STRING chrome DELAY 500 ENTER STRING chrome://settings/passwords DELAY 500 ENTER STRING facebook DELAY 500 TAB DOWNARROW TAB ENTER TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB CTRL C DELAY 500 GUI R DELAY 100 STRING notepad.exe CTRL V DELAY 100 ALT f DELAY 100 STRING s TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB ENTER STRING C
  8. I created a tutorial on how to get a remote shell on any windows PC in 5 seconds using RubberDucky... enjoy! https://crowdshield.com/blog/2015/pwn-any-windows-pc-in-5-seconds-with-badusb.php
  9. Hello Rubberducky forum! I just got my fist ducky and i love it! Thanks for the great project Darren and the team keep up the great work! I have a question if this is implemented (or if its not implemented I would love if someone implemented it in some way): Is there a way to do "if/else" commands on the rubberducky? let me explain my self. My idé is if you insert your ducky and its going to to run "wallpaper prank" on a victim computer and he/she got a program running on the computer but you want to get to the desktop so you run "GUI d" in the start of the document. That is going to work
  10. Guest

    Revamped pentesting device

    I originally made this device with a mark iv and a raspberry pi. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28440-pineapple-kali-pi/ Basically it combines the power of the wifi pineapple, kali, and the usb rubber ducky I have revamped it since: New Hardware costs around $500 Wifi Pineapple Mark V travel bundle Rubber Ducky Cubox i-4 pro 128GB usb 3.0 usb sd card adapter 2 Batteries with a run time of 36 hours
  11. my cmd window say that it cant access the jar and I'M DOING EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT all of the files are in the same folders I've started the cmd from the same folder
  12. Hello guys I wrote a very simple script where u cant past your ascii art into a notepad. In case u dont know what ascii is its something like : _______ _ |__ __| | | | | ___ ___| |_ | |/ _ \/ __| __| | | __/\__ \ |_ |_|\___||___/\__| U can generate your art from : http://patorjk.com/software/taag/#p=display&f=Big&t=%0A So lets get started REM So first we are going to open notepad DELAY 1000 GUI r DELAY 300 STRING notepad ENTER DELAY 300 REM now insert the ascii text bij pasting in into your script.txt and add STRING and ENTER to every part of it. REM for example STRING ENTER __
  13. Hey guys, I want to quickly explain the scenario: I will be seated in front of a desktop , which utilize a window OS but I don't know the version of it.... I will have no keyboard , only the possibility to stick up the Ducky. So I am trying to understand if despite not knowing the OS I could break into the system and have a remote access later. The questions are: Is it possible without a keyboard? Which script should I load? Thanks
  14. This is a cross post of sorts: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31831-super-devious-exfiltration/?hl=logger I'm making the contention that if a keylogger had enough memory, that it could log a binary file (base64 or hex encoded first) and exfiltrate it without the network or needing a Flashdrive/Firewire (other)connection.Be it document, db etc... It is a bit of inception, the binary to base64 script would need to be written to the computer first, then pipe the target binary (document/db...) through that script. That script could pause, or wait for the keylogger to say "go", and then
  15. So, today, with a new problem. EDIT: This is what KKP ( A keylogger ) logged when I hit the button to start the script ** [Ctrl][Alt][AltGr][up][End][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][End][Alt][AltGr]#[Ctrl][AltGr][Alt][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][PageUp][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][AltGr][Alt][AltGr][PageUp][Windows]J[Ctrl][Windows][AltGr][Alt][AltGr][PageDown][Ctrl][Alt][Ctrl][AltGr] [NumLock][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][Alt][AltGr][Alt][Windows][AltGr][MenuClick][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][PageUp][Alt][Ctrl][Ctrl][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][Ctrl][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][AltGr][Alt][
  16. I just received my Ducky and when I plugged it into my laptop it beeped a couple of times. This was not the behavior I expected. I repeated deployment a couple of times with the same result. I then moved to encode my own script and deploy it. Numerous behaviors were obsereved non of which were scripted. I am using the latest version encoder and the target PC is running Vista. Please any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Lord_ Humungus
  17. Hey All, For a project i'm working on I need to send pretty much every control character at once. I just assumed the rubber ducky could do this when i bought it, since it's a pretty straight forward construct, however now that i actually start to play with it i can't get this to work. Is it possible with the default firmware to send a string of control characters like: Control + Alt + Windows Key + Shift + x Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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