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  1. I've setup my Nano to be indepent (not attached to my laptop). I've got a TP-LINK TL-WN722N connected to the Pineapple Management AP... No problem! I put in the 802.11n dongle sold by Hak5. My Pineapple sees it. I can connect my Wifi Client Mode to my home router. Load the Pineapple bulletins.. works! So I have internet connectivity. Then --- a "client" connects. Suddenly my Wlan2 has switched to the SSID of the client and has an IP of the Pineapple? So now internet access doesn't work. Maybe this is a fluke?
  2. Hi, I love the bootstap interface on the pineapple but the very bright default colours give me terrible eyestrain. So I made this and thought I would share. WIFIPineapple-TETRA-NANO-Themes https://github.com/3mrgnc3/WIFIPineapple-TETRA-NANO-Themes?files=1 Hope others enjoy it too. EDIT: I'll post some screenshots tomorrow so people can see it properly before trying it out. I don't have my TETRA powered up right now and its sleepy time here in the UK right now. If anyone else has any themes/skins and wants to, they can send me a link and I'll
  3. Just got my new Nano! I watched the setup.. looked easy enough. However, after the light goes solid blue, my eth1 never gets any IP assigned so I'm not able to proceed. Using a Dell Lattitude E7240. Running my Kali install on VirtualBox. While the USB-Y cable is too short to reach these USB ports, I can plug in the shorter one into the charging USB and the longer (power) into my juice pack. I've been able to get the device to boot up and Kali sees it within VirtualBox to the point of giving it the ETH1 assignment. Light blinks initially then stays solid blue. However, it ju
  4. So I followed the video directions for the Nano to perform MITM on my own network. I see NO clients in my list. I updated firmware, rebooted the nano, tried it all. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  5. Hi There, My WiFi Pineapple Nano shows couple of SSID's in pool but no clients connected. In the Filters i have only allowed clients attached to my home network and under SSID filter allow my home wifi SSIS. I know there are devices which are connected to my home SSID, but after running WiFi Pineapple for almost 30 mins, I have no connected clients. Can some one kindly explain me, what am I doing wrong. Thanks for you help. Thanks-
  6. I have a problem with the Nano not getting internet connection. I have a triple boot laptop running Kali 2.0, Mint 18.1 and Windows 10(the horror!!.. but not bad for gaming) The problem is as follows Win 10 is supposed to be the easiest, it will simply not share the wifi connection so while I have internet available, the nano has no access to the internet for the purpose of bulletins and downloads. I have followed the Hak5 video tutorial 3 times with no change to the situation. Mint is a different story, Whenever I plug the Nano in the system immediately selects the Nano a
  7. Hi all, I would like to ask two questions, I apologize if they are already answered, but time passes and some info may have changed especially with these two questions: 1. Is there data about the battery life. e.g. idle work - 20h, Using the third radio simple client connections - 10h. Active monitoring all on - 2h? 2. How about EU delivery? Thank you all in advance.
  8. I've been trying to run PineAP via CLI on my nano for the last two days but just cant get it to work.Can somebody tell me the exact command?
  9. looking for a good prepaid phone or 4g hotspot to tether to the nano
  10. Hello everyone, Just received my nano and I face a problem I can't fix for now. Does anybody had the same ? => Impossible to reach the firmware selection on the wifipineapple web page. What I did I passed the ./wp6.sh which finished nicely with a request to browse I clicked on the first "continue" link, then i pressed the reset button as requested, and clicked the second "Continue" link. From here, the browser is stuck, desperately looking for downloading the page "" Result I r
  11. My computer and/or laptop have the pine nano connected to them all fake ap's and the open ap that can be configured in the networking tab dont work. i have internet connection working the bulletins load and modules download but the aps dont have internet but when i use an android phone all the aps have internet can be connected to and work. i have tried factory resetting and this doesn't seem to work and my problems persist. i need help for this please as i can only use my computers as i myself dont own an android phone and have only been using my younger brothers 50 dollar android i only have
  12. Is there a way to get open vpn on the pineapple but without a vps there have been 2 videos that show this How to Build An OpenVPN Access Point - Hak5 2017 and pt 2 but both show using a vps can this be done without one my other option is to pay $5 for a digital ocean server but i want to try and refrain from buying one. is there any free alternatives or is that the only way it can be done
  13. Hello! I own a Pineapple Nano, and have it setup. Let me run down the list. I am using an Alfa USB to connect to a WiFi connection to forward all traffic to the internet. I have my Management AP, and Public AP (Rogue AP) setup. I am able to connect with a device and my traffic is forwarded. I have the microSD card plugged into the NANO. It has been formatted to EXT4. I rebooted the device, and according to the GUI it is mounted and ready. I load the modules page. Then I click "Get Modules" and the list populates. I then proceed to "Install" any of the modules, let's go with "nma
  14. Ok, so I've seen Darren flash the "WiFi Pineapple" book at least twice on the Hak5 web cast. Looks pretty comprehensive. When are we going to see some love? Jones'n' here bro.....
  15. Hello, Is the female USB connector on the Pineapple Nano supposed to be used to tether (or share internet connection) with? I received my Nano in the mail the other day and nothing happens if I connect an USB to USB-C cable between the Nano and my MBP (Late 2016). However, if I use the Y-cable it does, but my goal is to be able to use the Pineapple 4000 battery to power the Nano and not the other way around. Or is the female USB on the Nano used for something else?
  16. Hello, I just received my WifiPineapple Elite edition in the mail today and i am having issues setting it up. I run my Kali 2.0 through virtualbox and it is setup with a bridged connection. I've added the WP to the list of USB devices in the VM settings. I run the wp6 and do the guided setup, confirm my default address as, confirm eth0 is my internet connection, then confirm that eth1 is the pineapple. I look at my network connection and it shows both eth0 and eth1 are connected. My ip to eth0 is given as and eth1 is When i select "connect using saved se
  17. Hi all, Yes, I'm a newbie, don't pick on me too much. I have a Wifi Pineapple Nano: I've followed Darren's instructions for setting up USB storage for swap and modules. My fstab looks like this: My resources look like this: Here is my package config: However, when I select modules to install from available modules, the only option is to "Install to internal storage". If I try to install modules via the command line using opkg I experience different issues: 1. Modules install but don't appear under Modules in the web i
  18. Hi guys! I recently wanted to get interrested in deploying a MITM attack in my home network. I firstly used SSLSplit and ettercap from the Pineapple Web Interface (which is a little bit buggy sometimes). From there, the attack worked 1/3 of the time. Then I tried to do this from the CLI. ettercap seems to work pretty well (ettercap -Tqi wlan1 -M arp:remote // //) but I didn't managed to get SSLStrip working... And if I try to run SSLStrip from the GUI, the certs are signed by "SSLStrip", which cause security warnings. Is there a way to generate customs certs and pass them to the
  19. I recently got a WiFi PineApple and managed to setup a working openvpn connection. My issue is when i go to http://dnsleaktest.com what is shown as my resolver is my default's internet connection when on the VPN connection I use google's DNS resolvers and this known I can not seem to create a up script that will allow me to get the right DNS servers to be shown and used. I know this is not just a openvpn/openwrt issue so there must be some way to write a script that will force the use of the passed DNS servers from openvpn. I noticed the "issue" is also with my Ubuntu syst
  20. Hello, Just yesterday i got my WiFi Pineapple Nano Tactical took it out the box and went straight to being a kid in a candy store setting it up and just messing with it and seeings it's capabilities i let the battery charge overnight and decided i'd take a look at it today and see what i can learn yet the issue is STORAGE! and the main thing contributing to that me thinking i'd have more storage than i did or i could just uninstall the modules i could go rampage and just get some modules that sound nice and test them out but now i've come to the problem i can't remove them no matter if i go to
  21. I'm considering purchasing a small portable router to use as a pineapple NANO/MKV clone. I'm torn between purchasing a tp-link model or the GL.inet: - WR703 https://penturalabs.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/blue-for-the-pineapple/ - GL AR150 https://medium.com/@tomac/install-openwrt-or-pine-apple-on-low-cost-wifi-router-67cbd26a1a15#.wxmtlihed The latter obviously has way more impressive specs but the resources available for the tp-link models are much more extensive. I was only able to find a few resources about installing the pineapple f/w on the AR-150...
  22. Hello anyone out there I just recently bought the Hak5 essentials get and couldn't wait to use it, when using the pineapple I ran into a major problem. I'm new to the Pineapple and have only owned it for a day and a half now and only used it twice. On the first night everything was working but I was struggling to get PineAP working, have connected clients (also how do I get connected clients) and getting any modules to work. But now I cant even get my Nano to connect to the internet these are my settings for windows 10 and load bulletins or download modules, also I can browse the different pag
  23. i just got my pineapple nano in today and i set it up via my pc but im trying to connect to my galaxy s7 edge and it connects in the usb tethering in settings but open the app and it just says waiting on connection
  24. Hi, Ive got the WIFI-Pineapple NANO . With regular USB-2 Kabel I can connect to it from MacOS X I want to upgrade to 1.1.3 . I have a USB Y-Cable (not original) but it seams not to work with it, nothing happens. Has the the USB Y-Cable which is send with the Nano different pin assignment ?
  25. I don´t know if this qualifies as a "hacker question" but I just got a new apartment and i don´t have a router yet, is it possibe to conect my lan turtle with a cabe and then conect it to my Nano by the "Host port" at the back and then to my computer and share the network to my other computers? Thankful for answers :)
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