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  1. Can you import ssid_file files like those created when you select PineAP => SSID Pool => Download SSID Pool? Is it actually a binary? The browser claimed it was .bin, but I can egrep and tail it like a text file and it saved with no extension. I have had to rebuild a couple times and a would love to merge by disparate files into a master list. I have a Pineapple Nano running firmware 1.1.1.
  2. So my Pineapple Juice 4000 finally started to burst at the seams: http://imgur.com/a/eRMZ6 I've had it since launch and been running it pretty hard and long hours and had started to notice it swell, but now it's to the point I don't think it's safe to continue to operate. So I went on a search to find a replacement that: A. I trusted the battery company reputation (edit* not saying I don't trust the hak5 batteries, I fully do. It's batteries that I can purchase elsewhere I normally don't trust because they lie about mAh and amp output regularly.l) B. would still fit in the
  3. Good evening, I own a wifi pineapple nano and ever since the firmware upgrade it has been acting funny I wiped it 3 days ago and it was working fine yesterday. Today it won't even stay on at all I plug it up and lights up then turns right back off. Also after not even having it for 3 months the antennae broke on it the black part came off and after continuous attmpts to make it stay on the wite finally ended up breaking. Please help I would like to be assured that the $200 I spent wasn't a waste of money......
  4. Hi All, I have just started setting up my WiFi Pineapple Nano that I recently purchased. I have upgraded the firmware to 1.1.1 and just started to test the capabilities on my home network. I followed the video WiFi Pineapple Primer - From Recon to PineAP by Darren and i get past all the steps (internet connection, filters etc) when I get to the Deauth option nothing seems to happen. I have tried multiple devices (iPhones, iPads, PC's, MacBooks) I have not managed to deauth one device. I have tried different setups from Kali, Android & Windows to see if I can get something to budge but
  5. Hi, how would I sniff https passwords using the nano? I had a mark 4 a while back and I didnt have much success. Also, how would I get the client to connect to the pineapple if they are already connected to a network. Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, I am trying to put together a demo with pineapple nano using three modules (DWall, RandomRoll, Evil Portal). I noticed that these modules don’t work consistently. This issue is very easy to reproduce. Try using all three modules starting with DWall, then RandomRool, and Evil Portal at the end. During the first iteration most likely all three modules would work. But try a second iteration and you will find that only DWall works and the remaining two modules fail to work. Is anybody else experiencing this? Thanks in advance for any ideas/pointers on resolving this!
  7. Hi, i have error wnrb configure root@zion:/opt# ./wp6.sh _ ___ _______ ____ _ __ | | / (_) ____(_) / __ \(_)___ ___ ____ _____ ____ / /__ | | /| / / / /_ / / / /_/ / / __ \/ _ \/ __ '/ __ \/ __ \/ / _ \ | |/ |/ / / __/ / / / ____/ / / / / __/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / __/ |__/|__/_/_/ /_/ /_/ /_/_/ /_/\___/\__,_/ .___/ .___/_/\___/ /_/ /_/ v6.4 Saved Settings: Share Internet connection from to WiFi Pineapple at eth1 through default gateway [C]
  8. First let me say when using my Nano via the App on my phone, the networking functions correctly. When using it on my Windows 7 laptop however, I get no connectivity to the network. Bulletins will not load ( Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection. ) nor will the module list populate. My home network does not use a standard ip pool, that is to say, not 192.168.x.x - rather I use a 10.77.x.x. IMHO this is where the problem lies. Windows objects strongly to the settings recommended by the forums and video 'Setup Guide For Windows" https://www.wifipineapple.com/pag
  9. Just picked up my nano from you guys at defcon (great to see you all there!) and was curious which antenna is tied to which radio interface? Looking to do something similar to your point to point to multipoint and figured I'd ask before going the trial and error method. Also thanks for this awesome piece of hardware!
  10. I can't even seem to connect to my new Nano there is no response on I plug it in - it boots - blue light blinks - then goes solid ... My read of Ifconfig shows Nano is connected to en5 - but seems en5 has no IP address ??? Ifconfig output is below - and screen show is attached ... I'm stuck !!! Any ideas ? Is there a way to Hard Reset ?? ------------------------------------- en5: flags=8963<UP,BROADCAST,SMART,RUNNING,PROMISC,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 options=4<VLAN_MTU> ether 00:c0:ca:8f:b6
  11. Hi everyone. I am still pretty new to using the WiFi Pineapple, but I would like to try to start a project with it. What I am trying to do is capture all of the beacons that cell phones send out and send them to a log server like Splunk. I want it so that whenever someone walks by my Pineapple, it logs all the beacons that their iPhone sent out trying to connect to different APs. So when their phone sends out a message saying "hey, are you my home network?" I want it to log the name of the AP of their home network. I looked into using Karma, but I couldn't figure out how to use this on the Nan
  12. Hi, I am new to wifi pineapple. I am having a problem with my wifi pineapple nano for windows 10. I followed the initial setup of nano for windows and I am not getting any internet connection. When I click the "Load Bulletins" from Dashboard, I get the error: "Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection.". I have attached the images for my network setting and the error I am getting. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  13. Patch unlocks additional channels depending on country code: before (mine is hardest to GB for some reason): after: diff -Npaur pineapple/modules/Configuration/api/module.php pineapple-new/modules/Configuration/api/module.php --- pineapple/modules/Configuration/api/module.php 2015-12-21 23:12:02.000000000 +0000 +++ pineapple-new/modules/Configuration/api/module.php 2016-01-10 13:06:40.000000000 +0000 @@ -44,6 +44,14 @@ class Configuration extends SystemModule case 'disableLandingPage': $this->disableLandingPage(); break; + + case
  14. So I'm having a problem I've never encountered before with my nano for the first hour and 29 minutes everything works perfectly but as soon as the 30 minute mark hits without fail the nano locks up first wlan1 goes down and the entire interface stops responding then wlan0 goes down and the indicator light goes a pale green and I've tried a soft and hard reset and the hard reset works... until that 1 hour and 30 minutes of up time and the problem repeats if anyone has any ideas as to what might be the problem i could use a little help
  15. I purchased one of those portable routers by Netgear off of eBay. The TP-WR703N now has openwrt on it. I've never used openwrt other than my experience with the nano and it's a little overwhelming. What are some of my options utilizing the portable router to benefit the pineapple? Such as create a repeating access points to extend the PineAP? Or creating a compromised/controlled wlan by connecting an ethernet to the usb via a rj45 adapter to the pineapple? My mind's eye creates several possibilities but when I try to focus in on an idea everything gets fuzzy..
  16. I was wondering on average, the life expectancy of a fully charged juice 4000? And if one can buy extra ones?
  17. Hi everyone, I need to use the pineapple nano to generate a heat map with google earth (or google map) of the signal strenght. Here is what I have done until now: 1. install kismet, gpsd and share gps (android) 2. send the gps data to gpsd and bind kismet with gpsd to get the gps data I tried giskimsmet, to generate a .kml file to import in google earth and see the access point. This is working. Now the heatmap! I tried kisheat (https://github.com/roobixx/kisheat) , but it failed (the image generated are too small and doesn't represent the real spec). I know there
  18. Hello I have the Nano and following the instructions from But I cannot get clients to connect. Any suggestions?
  19. I searched and researched but I'm not 100% sure of what I'm looking for. So my Clients are my iphone and Chromebook. When I check out my wifi info I get the router (nano) info which is the usual: IP - 172.16.42.* Subnet - router - DNS - search domains - lan What do I need to do to change these from showing their current information? Also, I've played around with the Kernel IP routing table under the Networking menu and all it ever seems to do is erase the top default row which is usually the wifi wlan2 is connected to. What else can I do with the
  20. Sorry if this is a noob question. I recently attended a training where to presenter used what I assume was a wifi pineapple to scan for the mobile identifiers of phones in the room. Once identified, he could pull up a list of that devices recently connected SSIDs. I also saw a demo in the TED talk linked below. The section starts at about 12:50 for reference. How was this done? I've been experimenting with the Recon AP & Client, but I'm not finding anything similar to what I saw. Any ideas? https://www.ted.com/talks/james_lyne_ev … anguage=en
  21. Hi everyone! Has anyone tried installin BeeF on SD card? Would be great to know opinion, results and to get some tips. thanks!
  22. Hello mates, Im looking for sellers of the inTitle described Hardware items prefered in or around Germany ;)
  23. Can someone please clear up for me if this device is worth using in 2016? I can understand it's value perhaps in 2010-12 or earlier. I've allowed 3 MAC addresses for pine to spoof an access point- android, iphone, android tablet. Everything in Pine turned on. None of these devices automagically connect. The only thing that did work on one was a deauth - but the client just rejoined the saved 'real' access point. The only way I was able to become a client on the fake network was to manually find it and join it (which thereafter was followed by a prompt about being an unsecure networ
  24. What Golden Rules of set-up process' for your Pineapple Nano before doing what you do? It's taken me a few weeks to figure a couple things out. While it's neither amazing or extensive, it is something that works for me at my level. I would love to see a few steps that you take to get what you want out of the Nano. I hope this thread will turn into a good fresh-meat nano owner's thread to get their understanding feet wet. 1. This is a setup while stationary in town (ie park with kid, dinner, ect..). Generally I utilize PineAP, SiteSurvey, Recon, ngrep, Make sure logging is recorded to t
  25. Hey guys I was wondering what happened to the wifi birdhouse project back in the mkv days one day it was the next big thing and then nothing I have a bet with one of my friends that this would be perfect for and I wasn't sure how it was setup or if anything ever came of it did the hak5 firehouse get a ominous phone call or something? If that's the case and your a moderator please feel free to delete this post and send me a message I don't want to get anyone in trouble but I was totally interested in that and I would love to see it on the nano or the tetra or both
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