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  1. Hi everyone ! I'm currently working on a site survey add-on for our pineapple. To be able to list APs, you have to switch down / up the wireless interface and to list clients you hate to switch down / up the monitor interface. Can be done through the interface. Module is available through module system. Screenshot
  2. Hi there ! As there are some discussions around ettercap which pop out recently, this gave me the idea to develop a module dedicated to it. Features - Ettercap options selection - Filter building - History
  3. Hi everyone ! I present my new module for our pineapple, a tcpdump interface Module will be available through module system. Still need more test but if some of you want to beta test, ask me by PM and I will send you the test version Features - Dump history - Tcpdump options selection - Filter creation
  4. Hi ! My last addition to our pineapple, a URLSnarf module :) Features - Start / stop urlsnarf from UI - Log history Screenshots
  5. Hey guys! I present you, Automator!, A module that automates attacks such as Deauthing and Karma, and more on the way! It asks you for a few options on each attacks then commences the attack. Features : -Automated attacks -Install packages that are needed -Add and Edit profiles for attacks -Blackout Attacks - Disable all LEDs, enable stealth mode and select an attack! Coming soon : -Edit back-end scripts to suit your needs -Add community attacks/automations to the module -Auto-detect wifi cards -Reaver Automation Sneak peak :
  6. Hi guys ! I developed another module for the MK4 to monitor interfaces usage, especially for 3G. It is based on vnstat to capture data and vnstati to display graphs. Module is available through module system. Screenshot
  7. Hi guys ! I'm working on my next module for our MK4, a web ui for opkg. Can list all packages ! Thanks to datatables for jquery, it's easy to have a nice table with pagination, search, sort, etc. Module is available through module system. Features: - Ajax based - You can get some info, install on USB, remove or re-install the package. - You can perform a opkg update directly from the ui.
  8. I've read most of the forum posts about the various ways to setup and configure a Captive Portal on the Mark IV... I'm purchasing an Elite WiFi Pineapple Mark IV Kit in a few weeks and I'd like to setup some sort of system, so when people join my Pineapple they're greeted by a nice Local Web Page explaining some details about the free hotspot project going on around the state blah blah blah. It's not for phishing or hiding scripts etc... but more for giving the information that I want to get out there. I would like for users to have the option of completely ignoring the page if they want, or
  9. Hi everyone ! This module adds a new menu entry "Buttons" in the GUI to allow the configuration of the WPS button behavior. You can add the following actions to the WPS button: - Toggle Karma - Toggle DNS Spoof - Toggle URL Snarf - Connect SSH - Reboot - Run Custom Script (4 custom scripts available) 4 duration can be configured: - 0-2 Seconds - 4-6 Seconds - 8-10 Seconds - 12+ Seconds Module is available through module system.
  10. Hi ! Another module I'm working on: the Interceptor, based on digininja's concept :) As soon as the module is activated, you can run see the live traffic. I did not integrated the tcpdump part, as there is already a dedicated module for that :P It is also possible to remotely capture traffic with tcpdump over ssh: ssh root@ /usb/usr/sbin/tcpdump -i eth1 -w - 'port !22' > capture.pcap Features: - Autostart - Auto Network configuration and installation with proper roll back - Connect through a new SSID "Interceptor" - 802.1X TODO: - Transparent 802.1X bypass, but it need
  11. Hi ! My last add-on to the pineapple: a log checker to send by email events based on defined matching rules Features - Add rules to filter log events (match & ignore) - Automatically send filtered events by email on a defined frequency (cron). - See filtered log in the UI and auto-refresh - Test email function - Autostart - Custom script execution Screenshots
  12. Hi Ya'll,So I tried to get some new modules onto my new USB drive. However, when I clicked the "List available Infusions (aka modules)" link, it took a long timethen I saw "The CGI process did not produce any response". I went into my MarkIV module.php page and saw this code: $remoteModules = getRemoteList(); if(trim($remoteModules[0]) == "") echo "<center><font color=red>".$strings["modules-available-error"]."</font></center>"; else drawRemoteModules($remoteModules); With the getRemoteList() being: function getRemoteList(){ $remoteFile = trim(@fi
  13. Hi guys. I have Mark IV Pineapple with the latest firmware: 2.7.0 and the modules: sslstrip, urlsnarf installed in an external stick mounted in my pineapple. I can run sslstrip and urlsnarf succesfully but only separately. If I start both of them, urlsnarf is not showing any log output (Refresh is enabled, and Logging to usb is enabled). Is there a way to run them simultaneously? (because in a typical sslstrip mitm attack both of the tools can run). I don't know if it's a problem that only I face. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi guys ! EDIT: New version pending ;) Old version is not available anymore. I'm working on a new module: a javascript keylogger. You can install new templates for websites you want to capture keys. Please don't hesitate to share with us new working templates. I will integrate them in future version Module is available through module system.
  15. Hey everyone, Thoughts on methods to preserving the downloaded modules prior to a firmware update? As most of us have done, the modules installed are to a usb drive attached to the Pineapple, however updating the firmware or resetting will of course remove the menu items installed. Has anyone found a way to alleviate this issue? So far I've thought of simply backing up the :1471 gui page and replacing the html/php file, but I feel that may be somewhat sloppy, especially with any upcoming firmware updates which may give a refreshed look to the gui itself. I personally do not enjoy re-downloa
  16. I have my pineapple mark IV connected to a windows ICS, and I am able to ping cloud.wifipineapple.com and other relevant internet address's. When I navigate to the "Pineapple bar" page it states that there are "No infusions installed"...which is all normal based on everything I have read so far. But when I select the "List available infusions (aka modules)" link, it takes a little while, then returns a white page with "The CGI process did not produce any response" message at the top. I am running firmware version 2.7.3 I have also downgraded to the stable 2.7.0 version and have gotten th
  17. I am almost finished with v0.1 of my offline phishing module. The premise of this module is simple. You set the ssid of an open wireless network (Free Public Wifi, etc.) When enabled, all requests will be forwarded to a 'walled garden' splash page. This will inform the viewer that they have limited access to only certain pages, and will give links to these pages. Every one of these pages are phishing pages that you can upload to the module (even your own!). Since all phishing pages are hosted locally, this module is intended to work all of the time, without internet access. It gives the user
  18. Pineapple File Browser Module I noticed the lack of a basic file browser, so I have written one. I attempted to make it look as "pineapple-ish" as I could. Version 0.2 Features: Multi-file Copy, Move and Delete View Rename Version 0.1 Features: Browse the full filesystem of your pineapple Basic text editing - WARNING: This is my first attempt at this sort of file editor, and although I believe I have gotten all the character work (addslashes, stripslashes, htmlspecialchars, etc.) working properly... I would practice some caution editing system critical files. Strip windows line ending
  19. Hello ! I wanted to share my work in progress: a BeEF Helper module :) This module is intended to help capturing clients for a BeEF instance running on another computer (e.g. backtrack) by injecting the BeEF hook code using dnsspoof.
  20. Hi ! I made this module because I wanted to have like a status page with some information about the network, system, storage, etc. and live network bandwidth graphs such as in firmware like DD-WRT or similar. First version will be sent soon to Seb
  21. Last night I started putting together a module that allows you control virtual machines from the pineapple control center. Let me know if this is something that interests anyone. http://youtu.be/7QQEI1Univ0?hd=1
  22. Hi ! This is my last addition for the pineapple: a backup manager :) The module is not yet finished but provides availability to backup / restore pineapple configuration. Backup files can be downloaded and uploaded (by drag-and-drop) to be able to restore the configuration after a flash for example.
  23. Tor Manager - V1.0 As I mentioned before this is my first attempt at a module and it's not been an easy ride. The code aspect was a piece of cake - what was not was getting Tor to actually work well on the Pineapple. It turns out that relatively speaking to the Pineapple's resources the Tor client requires huge amounts of memory and storage! This module is USB install only as although the Bar will say it's size is probably under 2MB once Tor caches it's descriptors the final size is around 6MB which is of course too much for the internal flash. When running it also uses lots of RAM so don't e
  24. Hey, I'm proud to present my new module for nmap. I wanted a web gui to launch nmap scans like zenmap Module is available through module system. Features - Defined scan template - Scans history - Nmap options selection
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