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  1. Hi Sorry for this noob question, I want to test the new exploit " Guru Auction 2.0 Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities" but I can't find it in metasploit framework (I have instaled the latest version and upate it") How can I test this exploit . here is the exploit code http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/23673/ sorry again if it is a noob question :-)
  2. hi guys, im a uni student (studying Ethical Hacking for Network Security) and ive never been able to get metasploit working and performing a viabable exploit of a system, i run backbox on my laptop and ive got a win7 pc that hasnt been updated since 2010 (so its pretty vunerable), but i just dont have a clue what im doing and i dont want to be the only person in the class who doesnt have a clue what im doing when we start it. Can someone make me a quick guide? im in lecture atm but ill grab the responses when i get back to the flat in abit Thanks! :D Unreal_Avenger
  3. Hey everyone! Ok so (Without writting a novel here...) Here's the story: I had one of my buddies Screen Share Via iChat onto my iMac to check out some of my IPv6 settings and port forwarding (first time with Century Link and their hardware) for some VNC. This is a buddy I trust really well. I had disappeared from my workstation (I know, first mistake) and let him carry on. Well, when I returned I saw he had remotely transfered Conan the Librarian (for those who don't know, it's a background process that has the mic on 24/7 and will have Arnold Schwartz. scream "shut up" at you till you kill the process). With that having been said, I seek (friendly) revenge on his iMac in return. I'm wanting to either do a Metasploit payload or SSH into his machine and do Terminal commands galore, and lock his audio and use the "Say" command (just an example). My issue: get his IP fully without asking. Not a big issue usually except he's running a few levels of OpenDNS and running though Time Warner Co. (if that matters). My question is does anyone have/recommend ways I can get his iMac's external IP address , preferably without him finding out I'm doing such?
  4. Usually I would make a executable file for a payload for windows like so: generate -t exe -f /whatever.exe [/CODE] But my question is how do I generate an executable for a mac. I am running the metasploit framework on windows. Any help or assistance would be nice. Thanks :)
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