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Found 58 results

  1. Hi, When I am trying to install the tools_installer payload the bash the green led is plain solid and windows 10 can seem to be able to install the driver for ATTACKMODE SERIAL I guess ? Did anyone manage to solve this ? I can connect to it via SSH (Serial) when in arming mode so I am not sure what is going on. I did try the automatic driver search function and google around a bit for a generic driver but I am still a bit stuck. Can anyone help ? / Albert
  2. So I started to work on the Bash Bunny to be able to handle non-US keyboard layout attacks for ATTACKMODE HID. To enable the SET_LANGUAGE option you need to add a [LanguageDescription].json under /root/tools/language. I used the default "us.json" as a working template. (you wanna back it up and copy it and not work of the original file) Here is an example of Japanese keyboard layout description file: (i.e.:ja.json , however you can make it ja_win.json for specific environments.) ---ja.json (created under /root/tools/languages/ )--- { "__comment": "All numbers here are in hex format and 0x is ignored.", "__comment": " ", "__comment": "This list is in ascending order of 3rd byte (HID Usage ID).", "__comment": " See section 10 Keyboard/Keypad Page (0x07)", "__comment": " of document USB HID Usage Tables Version 1.12.", "__comment": " ", "__comment": "Definition of these 3 bytes can be found", "__comment": " in section B.1 Protocol 1 (Keyboard)", "__comment": " of document Device Class Definition for HID Version 1.11", "__comment": " - byte 1: Modifier keys", "__comment": " - byte 2: Reserved", "__comment": " - byte 3: Keycode 1", "__comment": " ", "__comment": "Both documents can be obtained from link here", "__comment": " http://www.usb.org/developers/hidpage/", "__comment": " ", "__comment": "A = LeftShift + a, { = LeftShift + [", "__comment": " ", "CTRL": "01,00,00", "CONTROL": "01,00,00", "SHIFT": "02,00,00", "ALT": "04,00,00", "GUI": "08,00,00", "WINDOWS": "08,00,00", "CTRL-ALT": "05,00,00", "CTRL-SHIFT": "03,00,00", "ALT-SHIFT": "06,00,00", "__comment": "Below 5 key combinations are for Mac OSX", "__comment": "Example: (COMMAND-OPTION SHIFT t) to open terminal", "COMMAND": "08,00,00", "COMMAND-CTRL": "09,00,00", "COMMAND-CTRL-SHIFT": "0B,00,00", "COMMAND-OPTION": "0C,00,00", "COMMAND-OPTION-SHIFT": "0E,00,00", "a": "00,00,04", "A": "02,00,04", "b": "00,00,05", "B": "02,00,05", "c": "00,00,06", "C": "02,00,06", "d": "00,00,07", "D": "02,00,07", "e": "00,00,08", "E": "02,00,08", "f": "00,00,09", "F": "02,00,09", "g": "00,00,0a", "G": "02,00,0a", "h": "00,00,0b", "H": "02,00,0b", "i": "00,00,0c", "I": "02,00,0c", "j": "00,00,0d", "J": "02,00,0d", "k": "00,00,0e", "K": "02,00,0e", "l": "00,00,0f", "L": "02,00,0f", "m": "00,00,10", "M": "02,00,10", "n": "00,00,11", "N": "02,00,11", "o": "00,00,12", "O": "02,00,12", "p": "00,00,13", "P": "02,00,13", "q": "00,00,14", "Q": "02,00,14", "r": "00,00,15", "R": "02,00,15", "s": "00,00,16", "S": "02,00,16", "t": "00,00,17", "T": "02,00,17", "u": "00,00,18", "U": "02,00,18", "v": "00,00,19", "V": "02,00,19", "w": "00,00,1a", "W": "02,00,1a", "x": "00,00,1b", "X": "02,00,1b", "y": "00,00,1c", "Y": "02,00,1c", "z": "00,00,1d", "Z": "02,00,1d", "1": "00,00,1e", "!": "02,00,1e", "2": "00,00,1f", "\"": "02,00,1f", "#": "02,00,20", "4": "00,00,21", "$": "02,00,21", "5": "00,00,22", "%": "02,00,22", "6": "00,00,23", "&": "02,00,23", "7": "00,00,24", "'": "02,00,24", "8": "00,00,25", "(": "02,00,25", "9": "00,00,26", ")": "02,00,26", "0": "00,00,27", "ENTER": "00,00,28", "ESC": "00,00,29", "ESCAPE": "00,00,29", "BACKSPACE": "00,00,2a", "TAB": "00,00,2b", "ALT-TAB": "04,00,2b", "SPACE": "00,00,2c", " ": "00,00,2c", "-": "00,00,2d", "=": "02,00,2d", "^": "00,00,2e", "~": "02,00,2e", "@": "00,00,2f", "`": "02,00,2f", "[": "00,00,30", "{": "02,00,30", "]": "00,00,32", "}": "02,00,32", ";": "00,00,33", "+": "02,00,33", ":": "00,00,34", "*": "02,00,34", ",": "00,00,36", "<": "02,00,36", ".": "00,00,37", ">": "02,00,37", "\/": "00,00,38", "?": "02,00,38", "CAPSLOCK": "00,00,39", "F1": "00,00,3a", "F2": "00,00,3b", "F3": "00,00,3c", "F4": "00,00,3d", "F5": "00,00,3e", "F6": "00,00,3f", "F7": "00,00,40", "F8": "00,00,41", "F9": "00,00,42", "F10": "00,00,43", "F11": "00,00,44", "F12": "00,00,45", "PRINTSCREEN":"00,00,46", "SCROLLLOCK": "00,00,47", "PAUSE": "00,00,48", "BREAK": "00,00,48", "INSERT": "00,00,49", "HOME": "00,00,4a", "PAGEUP": "00,00,4b", "DELETE": "00,00,4c", "DEL": "00,00,4c", "END": "00,00,4d", "PAGEDOWN": "00,00,4e", "RIGHTARROW": "00,00,4f", "RIGHT": "00,00,4f", "LEFTARROW": "00,00,50", "LEFT": "00,00,50", "DOWNARROW": "00,00,51", "DOWN": "00,00,51", "UPARROW": "00,00,52", "UP": "00,00,52", "NUMLOCK": "00,00,53", "MENU": "00,00,65”, "APP": "00,00,65", "\\": "00,00,87", "_": "02,00,87", "\\": "00,00,89", "|": "02,00,89" } There are still some caveats I need to work out, somehow I can't get " ¥,| "(USB HID Keycode 87) and " ¥_ "(USB HID Keycode 89) to work but the rest seems fine. (I suspect that this is due to the fact these keys do not exist on a regular 101-US keyboard and there are no modifier combinations to trigger it neither, which is gonna be problematic since they are used as a backslash in file paths. But I'll work some more to figure it out.) Workaround for Windows: For Windows you can use powershell to set the layout to a US keyboard by using "New-WinUserLanguageList en-US", which installs a US-keyboard layout then issue a "Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList en-US" to set the default layout to a US keyboard , its a bit slower but if you have the time, this way is easier, you do need to reset the settings with issuing another Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList [WHATEVERLANGUAGE] it was, otherwise the compromise will be detected. ----sample payload.txt--- #!/bin/bash ATTACKMODE HID VID 0x45E PID 0x07B3 Q SET_LANGUAGE ja Q DELAY 5000 Q STRING starting with ja language option Q ENTER Q switch1/quack.txt Q ENTER Q DELAY 200 Q ENTER STRING done LED R ---quack.txt( to test basic and special characters.)--- STRING quacking DELAY 2000 ENTER DELAY 750 STRING abcdefghijklmnop DELAY 500 ENTER STRING ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP DELAY 500 ENTER STRING 1234567890-^\ DELAY 500 ENTER STRING !"#$%&'()0=~| DELAY 500 ENTER STRING @[;:],./ DELAY 500 ENTER STRING `{+*}<>? DELAY 500 ENTER
  3. Hello, I've trying restoring my BB twice and nothing has worked. It's stuck with a blinking green led (booting) on switch 1. The current payload is a simple two liner: #!/bin/bash LED R B But the light remains green.
  4. HI Guys, This topic is not about a problem in bash bunny or something more than discussing future ideas to make the bash bunny more malicious. 1. What about installing Metasploit framework on the bunny and automatically launch it with aux/browser_autopwn with a proper payload and combining this scenario with captive_portal bunny payload, plug the bunny to a locked machine, the machine automatically launch the captive_portal which in fact is the browser_autopwn aux module link and take over the machine and the best part is "MACHINE IS LOCKED"! 2. If time is not relevant because this requires time, then we can NMAP the $Target_IP, Get all the opened ports, Pass it to metasploit for auto pwning per service/opened port. Just an ideas, Let me hear yours and Happy Bash Bunning....
  5. Just received the brand new bunny, however. From what i can see it does not come with any other keyboard support then US (us.json). Any ATM for full keyboard support like the rubber ducky has? Any simple way of porting the language files from rubber ducky to this? I did take a look at the HID map to try to map my own xxx.json, i failed when it came to multiple key combination resulting in one output key. Any specific method to make this process ALLOT easier?
  6. Hello everyone, So this is the problem, when im trying to update the tools my bash bunny is turning green and then solid red and nothing happens. I copied everything inside tools_installer to switch 2.. Can't find a solution to this.. Thanks in advanced
  7. Hi all, Is anyone can help me on changing the default directory names (payloads / switch1 / switch2) in order to be the most unsuspicious possible ? Thank you in advance, Doon.
  8. Hello all, while I am no Photoshop expert I wanted an Icon for my MAC when the Bash Bunny is plugged in as storage so that I can quickly find it so I made the below and wanted to attach here for anyone who would like to use it. This is an original image of mine not one I downloaded. I may clean it up later if needed and will update if I do. It is saved as a .PNG and the first image is how it looks on my MAC desktop. To save just right click the bare drive image and save to your desktop and follow your OS requirements to assign to the Bunny. Cheers, NightStalker
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