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Found 4 results

  1. Can anyone co-develop an app that alerts mobile phone users when in close proximity min 6 feet near another mobile phone user?
  2. Hello everyone, I have just discovered this amazing community. I am wondering if you guys could help provide me with beneficial programming tips or suggestions. I love to code and I am wondering if there are important skills I should obtain or learn about. It would be amazing to see if you guys have any programming tutorials/books/etc... that can be helpful to learn from. I am fairly decent at coding. My older project I worked on was an app on the IOS App Store (took me about 8 months to create), but I now want to learn about creating good-quality code and being able to underst
  3. /** * Created by blueghosties on 31/03/16. * this is a simple port scanner that I wrote. * Nothing spectacular, just does what it's suppose to * do. * When it hits an open port, it logs time, date, * IP and port. * I was going to implement ability to jump across * a range of different IP addresses, then * decided against it as it would raise flags. * Thinking about introducing randomised time * between scans as that would lessen the * suspicion of the scan. * * OK...so I implemented the random timing, so shoot me. * You like...no? (said in an outrageous French accent) * * This
  4. I'm doing a custom build with long instructions and it says copy a certain batch file and paste it into the start menu. But it's not working. It's not like with Windows 7 where you can just drag and drop. I'm not sure where the start menu folder is. Can anybody help me here? What is the location of the start menu folder in Windows 10?
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