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Found 4 results

  1. Why so many Apples

    I am traveling so to pass the time i have been watching alot of talks given at some of the most recent Cons and i noticed that there are a lot of Security Professionals that i see using MACs, anyone have any idea why? is it a convenience thing? or just preference? I have used a Mac in the past and the only thing that i liked about it was Parallels had a very smooth transition between OSs but that was it.
  2. Hello, Is the female USB connector on the Pineapple Nano supposed to be used to tether (or share internet connection) with? I received my Nano in the mail the other day and nothing happens if I connect an USB to USB-C cable between the Nano and my MBP (Late 2016). However, if I use the Y-cable it does, but my goal is to be able to use the Pineapple 4000 battery to power the Nano and not the other way around. Or is the female USB on the Nano used for something else?
  3. I just recently got my tetra. It works great on linux systems, but I have a macbook that I would like to use the tetra on doesn't connect with the default IP address and does not show up in ifconfig. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing a step?
  4. ICS on macOS: There and back again Apple likes to hard code the subnet ( that is used on its implementation of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). I don't know why; best I can figure is that somehow allows them to more reliably prevent the client network to access any resources on the host network. This is something that can be prevented on other ICS setups with a firewall rule. Which brings me to another point. Apple likes to change firewalls. Apple likes to change everything. They recently switched to PF and a lot of the guides online are from before this change. So we've established something here. Apple changes things. And we can't stop them from changing things. So what do we do? Accounting for Change One thing has remained consistent in their various iterations of ICS. They use the subnet This gives us 1 constant, and if we've learned our lesson, we also know that it may not stay constant. So let me backup. *ahem* We have zero constants. But we can plan for this one constant changing. Apple needs this base principle (a subnet) on which to build its ICS implementation. Think of a single stream in the woods that recursively branches out into thousands. In order to catalog the various species in the stream, it would not be wise to visit and collect samples from every stream. This would be inefficient. It would better serve you, your time and your study to head to the one stream whence all others came. The source. This subnet is the one stream and any changes Apple makes will use it. And even if it changes it, it's still only one change we have to account for. Knowing this, we can start to look at this problem from another perspective. We can stop visiting individual streams and concede that our network must in the range. What does that mean for Pineapple users? It means you can't access the Pineapple on anymore. Is this a bad thing? Meh. It's a thing. For sure. I'd posit it's even a good thing. If we leave our pineapples on the default network, we eliminate the guesswork needed for anyone hunting pineapple. Yes, those people exists. And the tools necessary to do so bank on the fact that you haven't changed your default settings. See here. Is there a simple solution? Just move the pineapple to a different network! How? Depending on the version of the Pineapple, you can use WiFi or Ethernet or Etherner-over-USB to make the initial connection to the Pineapple over SSH on Once you're in: # This one could be anything you want. It's what you'll use to connect after the reboot uci set network.lan.ipaddr='' # This is where the Pineapple will get it's Internet from. uci set network.lan.gateway='' uci commit && reboot That's it. Once you've rebooted, you can access the web interface and SSH like you would at, but if you used my configuration settings from above, you can access it from What if Apple changes the subnet? Then you only have two values to change. Be sure to actually turn on ICS from the Mac's System Preferences > Sharing Pane.