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  1. I've been playing with my pineapple for a little while now. I'm mainly a hardware guy,but after much fiddling I've got kismet running on both radios via a boot mode dip-switch,and all seems to be mostly working okay..mostly. #1 Recon mode seems to randomly break.(firmware 2.3.0) "AP scan" usually always works fine,but "AP+Client scan" will appear to start scanning,but the pineapple icon never stops spinning,and nothing ever appears in the list. It will sit like that for hours,if you let it. Reflashing the firmware (2.3.0),and starting over from scratch seems to be the only fix I've found,for
  2. Hi all, I want to make it clear that I am completely uneducated in this matter. I was wondering if it is possible to triangulate a cell phone without being the government, and if so how. I have gathered that you would need some way of measuring the signal strength of a cell phone. How to do this, I do not know. I thought the hak5 would be the right place to ask about this. Thanks for any help! P.S. I also want to make it clear that there is genuinely no nefarious purpose for this project. It seems like a fun weekend project.
  3. Hi, in order to resolve the slooooow hardware issue using karma and sslstrip, I ordered and already received the USB ALFA which works very well (Thanks Darren). How ever - when using the box for that scenario, there is no need to have both hardware antennas of wlan0 and wlan1 attached to the MARK V. It may sound stupid, but ... is the antenna near the sd card slot wlan0 oder wlan1 - I don't see any identification??? Cheers, Toby
  4. So I was trying to find a good place to put my stock antenna that came with my R820T SDR dongle, and the only place I found at my kitchen table was on my ceiling light above the table. I have a feeling that the way I have set it up it is quite close to being a reverse j-pole as my lamp is all metal and is grounded to my electrical panel. This said, with this configuration I am getting ADS-B signals up to 200km away and I am about 30 meters above sea level. Can anyone else confirm if this could be the cause or am I just lucky?
  5. Hi! This will be my first post here! When i try to use two other antenna (9dBi Rubberduck) then the originals i got a unstable connection and the pineapple can't find other then a few accesspoints round. I got the same error when i use them on my other router but when i change to 100mW in dd-wrt on the router all works perfect. I try to find this settings on my Pineapple Mark V but i can't find that settings and have try to change txpower with no luck. The spec. on the antenna is Frequency Range: 2400 - 2500 MHz Amplification: 9 dBi Max power: 100 w Connection: RP-SMA And if u want to ch
  6. I got the following from usd.dx.com, and I am pleased with the performance boost they provide, although I am judging based upon an ad hoc evaluation of signal strength of FM radio streams. Obviously, no antenna is perfect for every frequency, although the composite dipole antennas seem to provide good performance at wide bandwidth/wide variety of frequencies, but look like a throw back to the TV antennas everyone used in the 70's and basically, before Satellite and cable tv service was the defacto standard. However, the gauge of the wire, and the overall construction of the antenna I bought
  7. I'm enjoying this series quite a lot. I got interested in the SDR by watching your TPM episode. The SDR's are quite contagious. A couple of thoughts on the latest show. I'm really disappointed in the number of planes you received with your antenna, given the location. I would have expected you to have received 3x the numbers you did. I have a couple of thoughts based on my own experiences. The first thing that jumps to mind the the amount of RF-noise you are getting off the active usb extension cord. I had one that completely overloaded my rtl-dongle with rf. Just by adding a short pa
  8. Okay, so I was browsing a store website, and I found a $25 GIANT T.V. antenna. Here it is. As you can see, it has a frequency range of 47-862MHz. I am pretty new to the whole SDR thing, but I see no reason this wouldn't work. Can I point this straight up to receive from the NOAA satellite? How much is a gain of 10-13DB? What is the gain of the little tiny antenna that comes with the USB SDR?
  9. I found an old Alfa lying around that I purchased. It also came with the Alfa 7dBi flat panel. This is the link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0041OI01C/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1385399741&sr=8-2π=AC_SX110_SY165 Will that flat panel work fine with the pineapple? Also, which side of the Mark V is the "Karma Antenna" side on? I would experiment but I don't want to turn it on with an antenna that I think has contact when it doesn't, could be bad for the radio apparently. Many thanks!
  10. When I turn on both wlan interfaces and turn one on for client mode (wlan1) set the pre-shared key, save and then commit - after I commit the changes the client (wlan1) interface becomes disabled and the pre-shared key field is blank. Radio0 is still enabled but no longer linked to wlan1. Wlan0 and radio1 is still turned on. I've tried doing a factory reset and only configuring client mode and it still exhibits the same behavior. I'm trying to create an access point on one interaface and internet connection share the client connected interface that's connected to my mobile device. Maybe I'm
  11. Hi, does anyone ever managed to connect Mark IV or V with airmax Nanostation antenna (http://www.ubnt.com/airmax#nanostationm) ? The problem is that antenna have Ethernet cable out. thanks
  12. Hi all, n00b here. Made a few yagi antennas (which I'm very happy with ~15 element) ..but saw a few construction articles on helicals. Any pro's , con's? TIA! :-) TB
  13. I'm going to assume the wireless on my board is bad as I've tried the gambit of other fixes listed within these forums. (new cables, antennas, software modifications, etc) With that, is the custom OpenWRT that is used on these devices available to download? Or can I just install OpenWRT and then be able to install the firmware from wifipineapple.com? Or do I only need the firmware from wifipineapple.com? I see I can get a new motherboard from the OEM for $25, but it would be blank on arrival and require that I connect via a serial cable and upload the OS via TFTP, which I could likely handle
  14. I opened up my ZTE MF591 to see if I could plug in an external antenna. Does this look like a MMCX connector?
  15. Hi, i'd like to give the pineapple a go and have been reading and watching quite a lot of hak5 / openwrt stuff but there are still a few things i can't get my head around. I almost don't have any wifi hardware at hand, so i'm gonna have to buy everything and I wouldn't want to get things wrong. I'm a total wifi noob, never used it (on purpose), but i'm quite fluent in linux so if the answer is in the range of “yes but you'll have to do that manually” it should be fine. I also do my fare share of hardware hacking. My setup will also have to deal with portability. 1- I understand something q
  16. Hey all, I got the 9 dBi pole antenna from the hak shop and my question is whether i need to do anything other than substitute the new antenna on a device. Specifically do i need to set power options to optimize signal etc? The reason I ask is that i dont notice a significant increase in the area that I can observe traffic say with an external wireless card in monitor mode or something. Thanks, -SM
  17. OK, I absolutely love my hak5 shop antennas. I have all of them; in fact I have two of the bigger Yagi's that used to be in stock. However, I want to step it up a notch. I want the absolute strongest antenna I can buy (under $100) for my car and/or to put outside my window in my apartment. A lot of you hak5 ninjas probably understand the physics / engineering of the situation a lot better than I do. I know I want to maximize the gain (dbi). I've been looking on ebay and I see one that claims to be 48dbi* and then over at Radio Labs I see a nice looking grid antenna that "only" claims to be
  18. I'm kind of a newb here but I just started watching the show and thought I would sign up here. I was watching the episode where Darren demos the pineapple mark III from inside a bar using a long range directional wifi antenna to access the coffeehouse a ways away. It got me thinking about how slow and expensive my current interenet provider at my home is and how fast and free the wifi network at my university is which is only 2.4 miles away from my house with a pretty clear line of sight from my roof. So after doing a little research online, I think I will be able to connect to the school's ne
  19. Howzit guys. I was just wondering why i cant find any info on a yagi antenna attached to a reaver pro... Long range wifi hacking simplified! or am i just overlooking something?
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