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  1. Which Duckyscript command navigates to an Android button, and then how do you send that button a click?
  2. I made a game as a summer project and released it for free. I thought it would look good on my CV if I had a project on there. I'm currently 20 and studying computer security at university so didn't have much time to spend on it. It's called Carnage and is available for Android via the Play Store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.molemangames.carnage My phone got stolen a few nights ago so I won't be working on it for a while (too poor to afford a new one). I was getting ready to release multiplayer + a new gamemode so i'm pretty bummed at the moment. Anyway, let me know what you think :)
  3. Is a way I can connect my GS3 to my pineapple via usb and log into the web UI? If not then can I log into the web UI via wlan1? Thanks.
  4. I am attempting a brute force attack on an adroid 4 digit pin code. I'm running into a problem though. The user has the phone set for a screen swipe lock before it goes into the pin code screen. How do I emulate a screen swipe in ducky code? The phone is a Samsung (SCH-I535) Galaxy S3. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi ! I know that you can already find a small number of payloads on Github, but there are many more that have been created by the community. For example, we found none for Android on GitHub. And, I have experienced the difficulty to find exactly what I need ;) That's why I think it would be a good initiative to gather as much as possible payloads on this topic. If you have created an effective and fun on, or if you use regularly one made by another member, why not post it below to share it ? (select those who are not already on GitHub for the moment please) If you are interested, try to complete a short form of this type and post it below. Title : Author : Target : Description : Obviously, if it does not seem to be a good idea, let me know -_-
  6. Hello, I took the wordlist from this talk at Defcon: https://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-21/dc-21-speakers.html#Engler where he generated a really great PIN wordlist. I took the wordlist and converted it into Rubber Ducky payload format for you guys. Get the payload here: http://pastebin.com/eBEuprfX Here's the PHP file hacked together to generate the Android payloads: http://pastebin.com/t0jqnbC4 (Syntax is "php generator.php inputfile.txt" and it'll output a script to use for your payloads!) -mandatory
  7. This link contains a bar file converted from (nickfrosty) original Android Pineapple Controller. Seems to work on my Z10, haven't tried it on my playbook yet but will within the week. If you own a Blackberry device, sideload this .bar file and connect to your pineapple. Happy Hacking http://www.mediafire.com/download/4n88r2s17nnt2dk/me.nickfrosty.wifipineapple_v1.0.1.0.bar
  8. I've just bought a USB rubber ducky to help break the PIN on my Nexus. However that pigging thing currently isn't even charging, so to play with the ducky I want to try a few things on my Android phone, which is the Sony Xperia U. However, that requires a screen swipe after switching on before you can enter the PIN. (NB, there doesn't seem to be an option to turn off that initial swipe in any of the security or screen settings.) Without this swipe it accepts the first of the entered digits as the emergency number - strangely only the first, even with a delay on. If I manually swipe then the PIN gets entered as normal. but as the point of having the Ducky is to automate an attack I was wondering if anyone knew how to emulate the initial unlock screen swipe?
  9. Hey guys, there's been more than one occasion in the past were I have gone wondering the web'z looking for fun programs for having fun on my wireless with my rooted android devices and being a massive Hak5 fan , these forums are one place I do search regularly, now there is a few wireless pentest workarounds i'v seen ( install ubuntu , install kali so on and so forth) i do have a kali laptop and a backtrack laptop , as well as a kali net-book with an alfa awus036nhr taped to the back and reaver pro on a pen-drive Velcro'd to the back, but theres not much for rooted android devices with legit / custom android firmware. So pretty much I thought i'd share some of the tools I have found through my searches. Now please remember , I have had nothing to do with the development of any of these programs and shall not be held responsible for any thing that may go wrong (if anything does) i have used these tools on many occasions and have never had any issues , remember these tools are for Rooted devices only, and are for only testing against your own network for learning purposes. one thing that is missed out in here though is a MAC Changer , which i would highly recommend , because as we all know if your going to pentest your own network , we need to wear a mask to recreate the scene of an intruder. :) (why else would we need a mask. :) ) anyway , heres what i have found 1 .android-netspoof ( Packed full of wifi goodness , well and truly one of my favorites) 2. Bcmon ( who needs InSSIDer when you can have good ol fashioned CLI :) ) 3. Droid sheep (ARP fun and more ) 4. Dsploit ( plentyfull of tools ) 5. Fing Network tools ( know thy network) 6. Droid SQLi SQL injector) 7. Piik (View live stream of network images ) 8. SSL Strip - 9. WifiKIll (prettymuch i assume to be a network de-authentication tool ) 10. Wiggle wifi wardriving (incase you wish too pinpoint all your access points around your 3mile house to wiggle) as I said before , try these at your own risk , as I did , but more than anything , have fun , and TYTL :)
  10. Hey everybody! I thought I would share the little project of mine. I have been working on an android app that lets you control your pineapple! It's not really that fancy yet, but it certainly gets the job done. It makes managing the core of the pineapple from an android phone or tablet so much easier and a whole lot less clunky than using a web browser. It comes in two pieces: the android app and a pineapple infusion. The infusion is what the app uses to talk to the pineapple. I wanted to find out what some people thought about my little project, so I've added the links for some screenshots of the app. http://nickfrosty.me/app_screenshots/Screenshot_2013-08-25-17-26-48.png http://nickfrosty.me/app_screenshots/Screenshot_2013-08-25-17-27-27.png http://nickfrosty.me/app_screenshots/Screenshot_2013-08-25-17-27-14.png http://nickfrosty.me/app_screenshots/Screenshot_2013-08-25-17-28-53.png http://nickfrosty.me/app_screenshots/Screenshot_2013-08-25-17-28-12.png http://nickfrosty.me/app_screenshots/Screenshot_2013-08-25-17-28-39.png It still has some bugs to be worked out, but if anyone is interested in getting it then I am more than happy to share when it's ready!
  11. Looking to internet connection share from my android strait to the pineapple... Looked at the Pineapple manual, but had no clear answers. :( Anyone have experience with this and can confirm working strait from android to Pineapple in regards to sharing internet? Thanks in advance :D
  12. Hi all, I am having issues connecting to a karma AP from my android phone. (saved an open wifi in my phone, karma reacted to the probe and showed it as available, connect to it, failed). I can connect to the karma AP from Windows 7 laptop, or other android tablet (version 4.0.4), but not the mobile phone. (Android versions where karma doesn't work: 4.2.2. and 4.3) Karma log entry: (this was repeated at least 100 times) KARMA: Successful association of 10:68:3f:xx:xx:xxKARMA: Checking SSID for start of association, pass through freewifi Syslog: (repeated as well) 10:46:15 Pineapple daemon.info hostapd: wlan0: STA 10:68:3f:xx:xx:xx IEEE 802.11: disassociated 10:46:15 Pineapple daemon.info hostapd: wlan0: STA 10:68:3f:xx:xx:xx IEEE 802.11: authenticated 10:46:15 Pineapple daemon.info hostapd: wlan0: STA 10:68:3f:xx:xx:xx IEEE 802.11: associated (aid 3) (MAC censored) Did anyone experience anything similar? Or does anyone have any clues what to look for? Thanks.
  13. Hello everyone, I've been working on a very small project related to Android Operating System and one of the available exploits on metasploit called android_htmlfileprovider. With this simple tool, mixed with just a bit of social engineering, you apparently are able to obtain any files from the victim's android device (only if you already know the file's absolute path on the device). The thing is, even though I'm able to retrieve regular txt files (containing nothing but plain text) I am not able to gather files with extension .db which actually contain sensitive information like browser's passwords, contacts data, etc. I believe this has something to do with special characters included on these .db files. I mean, when opening them with a regular text editor, a lot of special characters can be seen: I'm not completely sure about this, though. I'm also using a rooted AVD (Nexus One) with an old Android Version (2.2) as this exploit will only work with this version (or an older one). I would really apreciate if someone could help me out on this one. Thank you.
  14. Hi everyone Here's the skinny: I have a Motorola Devour given as a gift from a buddy. I tried rooting it and apparently was successful. Can't remember if I backed up or not. But here is the problem: My wifi is totally disabled. whenever I try to start wifi, it kicks an error. I know there's a method through the dialer. Except that's useless to me because whenever I try to open the dialer app, it kicks back "it's not installed" If it stays rooted or not is the least of my worries. I just want to get wifi back. Anyone have any thoughts? Tried going through adb, but that is a headache all in its own.
  15. I have a Coby Kyros MID7035 with Android Ice Cream Sandwich on it. I am unable to use Google Play. I have rooted this device. Does anyone know how to install Android Jelly Bean on it, or maybe Ubuntu Linux on it?
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7McMB_Gbj8 I'v tried it on my Galaxy Nexus and it worked 1# Boot the phone in booloader mode 2# Flash the recovery partition with fastboot and the ClockWorkMod Recovery image fastboot flash recovery recovery.img 3# Boot in recovery mode 4# Mount the /system and /data partitions 5# In the terminal start ADB Shell > adb shell > cd /data/system > rm *.key > touch gesture.key > touch password.key 6# Reboot the phone and you can now unlock the phone without any password or with any pattern. > reboot
  17. Hey guys, I was wondering, is there a good way to use an android phone as a gps device for kismet in Kali? I can get Kali and the phone connected via bluetooth, but am having problems with rfcomm. Any ideas?
  18. I'm going to have a lot of downtime this week and next week at work due to all of our clients being at a national meeting so I decided it was time for me to clean up my phone so I put the stock rom back on it and rerooted it. As I was reinstalling my 'must have' apps. Those apps that are always the first ones you get when you try out a new ROM or whatever your reason was for wiping your device. I'm not trying to just limit it to those first few apps that you install, if you have anything you think is worth a mention feel free to post it These are always the first apps I install Google Voice Airdroid Solid Explorer Spotify Camera 360 Bacon Reader QuickPic Chrome Here are a few that I use fairly often LinkedIn SoundHound Mint Tweedle Fing XBox Smart Glass - To keep my Girlfriend from sitting in bed watching Netflix all day while I'm at work
  19. As I get myself familiair to hacking topics (just for the sake of knowledge), I was wondering what is the preffered way to login to any pc. I have read articles about the usb rubber ducky, which can act as a keyboard to bypass security if USB ports are not blocked. A cool topic and possibility by the way. But I could not find this in the Netherlands, where I live. I also read up about normal usb, but since autorun is not always enabled, any script on it is not foolproof. Now I installed USB Cleaver just to test it and it let me bypass the windows 7 login because I just have to control it from the android phone, which is cool. I started to read about Backtrack from usb as well. Some cool things you can do form there. But is all of the things explained not possible from the command prompt in windows? Also I would like to get some info why the USB rubber ducky, or for that reason, any other program or device is more usefull and better. Love to hear your responses.
  20. I am planning on creating an android app that watches for available WIFI access points and changing the phones audio level depending on what WIFI is available nearby(i.e. silent when at college), I have no experience with any language other than VB.net (useless i know) and don’t know where to start or if it is even possible. I was hoping someone here would be able to point me in the right way or let me know if it has been done before, any assistance would be greatly appreciated ,thanks
  21. So I just got a MK808 Android TV stick. And I have seen on the freaktab site that they are working on a linux kernel to run Ubuntu off it. It got me thinking since you can run a USB hub on these things with Ethernet, Would it be possible for someone to "port" Smoothwall to one of these sticks and use it as a firewall/router? Im using Smoothwall at the home now running out of an old power hungry P4 extreme system. I thought that it would be great if I could run Smoothwall from this tiny stick and all I would need it 2x usb to Ethernet adapters. Using only 5v 2 Amp would be amazing. And I figured with the power these little things pack that Smoothwall could work on them. Is this at all possible? I know there is a big difference between ARM and x86 CPUs and that could stop it dead there. Im not to savy with Linux, but I can use it. Just a thought. Its a neat idea.
  22. ok, so i was looking at the the new rubber duckie hid and i was thinking how can I make one or somthing like it. after seeing the video on p2p otg i was thinking that maybe there might be a way to make a app for android to use it as a hid/ruberduckie. if you have any ideas please post. :)
  23. Does anyone else have problems logging into the hak5 when using the nexus 7? I'm unable to paste my password into the floating login screen. I've had to use an iOS device, feel like I've cheated on open source goodness :-(
  24. I am making a android game and at the moment i am working on a simple menu, this menu has 2 buttons one that generates a random map and lets you play it and one that takes you to a list of pre made levels. The problem is that if i press the random map button and run the game activity if i press the back button to return to the menu activity and try to play a random game again it crashes The following is the function that gets called when you press the random map button public void playRandom( View view ) { Intent intent = new Intent(this, CUBEGameActivity.class); intent.putExtra(EXTRA_MESSAGE, "RANDOM"); startActivity(intent); } [/CODE] how can i stop this, any help would be great Cheers Daniel
  25. Hello all. So i just read an article today about a new gaming console in development, its called the OUYA and it will be the first fully open source gaming console. It will be running off of a Tegra3 quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM. The operating system it will run off will be android 4.0. One of the best things i read about it, is that the console will be only $99 and the developers are encouraging people to open it up and hak it. Rooting the console to change the firmware will not void the warranty.. The link to the company's kickstarter page will be posted below. I would like to know what everyone else's views on this console are. Thank you http://www.kickstart...eo-game-console
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