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  1. Hey Ladies and Gents, Obligatory first sentence to explain that I'm a long time Hak5 follower and a lover of my pineapple mark 5. I'm currently in my final year of University here in the UK, this can be verified by looking at the wrinkles around my eyes, and I'm finishing off my dissertation. This dissertation is a 15000 word study on whether public WiFi networks are safe for use by the general public. I've gone about completing this in a number of ways: 1. Questionnaires to the public asking about their habits regarding public wifi use 2. Interviews with two network admins who run large public networks for shopper in city centres 3. Physical tests with my own equipment, the Pineapple has genuinely made my life so easy on this point. What I'm doing now is beefing up a part of the work called the 'Literature Review', and yes it's as boring as it sounds...I promise. This is were I hit a sticking point, I'm having a real crappy time with finding some academic/government sources that can be pulled into this research. So if anybody can link to a great article or can throw a book title my way I'd really appreciate it. Cheers guys and gals.
  2. hey guys So i was using the wifi pineapple great and there's no problem work fine with everything i turned it off and back to it after like 6 or 5 hours and i couldn't start the wlan1 once i start it and it's marked i refresh and it's not marked i really don't know where is the problem from ? is it from the antenna or the port it's self and when i click refresh and btw.. i'm using this AC power did i burn up the pineapple :(? http://i.imgur.com/ThuKK4u.jpg and i did Factory Reset Pineapple nothing happen and i will try to upload the factory.bin (recovery web interface) but not sure that will help this is the full interface http://i.imgur.com/tDKLLDn.jpg and thank you
  3. Hi All, I'm living in a self-contained flat in a retirement home, and I would like to be able to extend the community WiFi, so that I can use an Airport express and other devices as if connected to the net directly. In normal use, when I access the free community WiFi, I need to click a check box (have I read the conditions etc.), then click a button that says 'Continue'. Then I am connected and the web is OK. Is there a way to extend this network so that I can use it as if I had my own personal broadband/DSL connection that is always on, without having to go through the web page? Many thanks, John O
  4. Connect Version 1.1 Features Connects to networks with the strongest signal Save preferred networks with -W option (Open and password protected) Add commands to be run by the pineapple after the script completes. Upon successful connection, failed connection or both run specified commands Macchanger support Upon connection, start karma (PineAP not yet supported) Prevent connection to certain access points with blacklists Check Internet connection status with -s Monitor internet connection status with -m and specify how many failed attempts to retry. 0 = infinite Auto retry tries to connect to an access point if the connection fails. Use -a and specify the retry amount Internet connection monitoring pings a few times every 30 seconds. After 5 successful ping attempts, connection testing occurs every 5 minutes. After 3 more successful ping attempts, connection testing occurs every 10 minutes. If pings fail the access point is disconnected, temporarily blacklisted and a new access point is located. After 3 failed attempts to connect to a new access point, the temporary blacklist is removed and the pineapple reconnects to the original access point. Note: Only open access points and whitelisted access points work with internet connection monitoring. Commands can now be added therough the infusion. Use -C to add commands. Script variables can also be passed to commands to be run. Possible variables that can be passed: "$ESSID" "$PASSWORD" "$PWD" "$WIFI_BSSID" "$WIFI_CHANNEL" "$WIFI_INT" To add an access point to the whitelist after a successful connection use: pineapple infusion connect -w "$ESSID" -p "$PASSWORD" Usage pineapple infusion connect [-BRWckrs] [-i Interface] [-e ESSID] [-p Password] [-t Interface] [-b SSID] [-w SSID]... OPTIONS: -B Backup /etc/config/wireless -C Add commands to be run upon successful, failed or all connections -R Restore /etc/config/wireless from backup -W Checks for and connects to networks specified in the whitelist -c Run commands specified in commands.txt upon successful connection -k Start Karma -r Random MAC -s Check internet connection status. -a num Auto retry. Specify how many failed attempts to try to connect -e essid ESSID of target wifi -i iface Interface. Default wlan1 -m num Monitor connection and reconnect. Specify how many failed attempts to retry. 0=infinite -p pass Wifi Password -t iface To interface for ICS. From interface is specified with -i -b essid Blacklists AP by SSID. Scans with first available interface if no interface is specified -w essid Whitelists AP by SSID. Prompts for password when required. Password can also be set with -p Future plans Disconnect from access point Bug fixes and general optimizations Connection monitoring with -e If you encounter any errors please report them here. Also feature requests or improvement suggestions are always welcome! If you would like to use parts of this script for a script or infusion of your own, contact me by a PM. -SymPak
  5. Hello, I am looking for an infusion which helps me receive the signal strength of the clients attached with their own access points. Like it should display which clients (MAC addresses) are connected to which access points which i was able to find. But i was not able to find the signal strength of those clients with respect to their access points connected. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. im looking to scan a wifi hotspot that has Client side isolation i've tried nmap --Pn (i think that the correct command from memory ) but nothing i can only see the firewall and the server. Thanks, Macy
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm new to the penetration testing / 'hacker' scene, but I'm eager to learn more. I have purchased a wifi pineapple and love it. It is a great way of learning loads of new things and understanding how wifi works and the inherent trust all of our much loved devices have with wifi networks. This brings me onto my main point of this thread. I recently came across this tool, http://hack-tools.blackploit.com/2015/01/linset-wpawpa2-hack-without-brute-force.html?m=1, after reading about it, it seems like it could be a really useful tool in gaining access to WPA and WPA2 wifi networks, which I understand to be the most commonly used wifi security protocols. My questions are: 1. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this tool, is it any good, does it work? 2. It seems to me that if this tool does work it would be a great addition to the wifi pineapple, especially if it could make use of PIneAP and Karma. So would anybody be able to make an infusion for the pineapple to replicate the way this tool works? Thanks for reading
  8. hi im working on a rig to use on my security demonstrations without having to drag my laptop to every customer... my thaugths are: Internett -> pineapple wlan1 pineapple wlan0 -> phone pineapple eth0 T V Raspberry pi eth0 So i want to ssh from my phone to the raspberry running linux... This is possible because eth0 and wlan0 by deafult is bridged.. So hurray!... Problem is from there... If i set up a honeypot i cant get internet from wlan1... It only provides internet to wlan0... I could connect the rasoberry trough my wirelescard and in on the wlan0 but its awfully inconvineent, and does only solve the problems of using updates, metaploit, nmap and so on.... What i need is a way to get the wlan1 to share its connectin to eth0 and at the same time be able to ssh to the rasberry pi... Anyone have a sugestion, ore have done this in the past?...
  9. Hi, I'm living in europe and have recently purchased a WiFi Pineapple Mark V and flashed with the new 2.1.1 firmware. I also have watched some videos of the Hak5 shows where Darren talks about Wifi Reguation Domains and how to change them: Hak5 1515 ā€“ Legally build a 60 Watt WiFi Link ā€“ 2.4 GHz and EIRP Hak5 1122 ā€“ WiFi Hacking Workshop Living in country where channel 12 and 13 are legal to use, I would like to change the config on my pineapple to an european domain. Moreover I could being me overlook AP's and other stuff on those channels. I also find out that iw reg set XX would only work until reboot (not persist). I'm aware that I can do this with the dip-switch configs. But I would like to know if I can do a config change somewhere to have it as default. I suspect it is possible because of the dmesg output that first set a 'no country config and later set the 'US' one. Can someone help out? Thx
  10. Hi, I have a Wifi Pineapple V that came with the Pineapple Juice 7800 and I'd like to get another batter of the same or comparable features that would work with the Wifi Pineapple V. I couldn't find any batteries sold in the store. Also, I'd like to know what I can get in order to charge these batteries using a vehicle's cigarette adapter.
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to the hacking scene, been doing small tests like using metasploit, imbedding meterpreter sessions and ssh'ing into machines for fun. But I've recently focused on Wi-Fi hacking, and been having alot of fun with it. But however, I've come across this one hash that does not want to go down. No matter how many wordlists I throw at it, not matter how many different combination rules I throw at it, this hash REFUSES to bite the bullet and just give in. So, like any responsible penetration tester, I've decided to turn to the group's forum that got me interested in hacking in the first place. If anyone wants to try their hand at cracking it, I can send it via Skype, just ask for my contact info. Thanks!
  12. Hi ! I'm intensively working on a project to locate people based on theirs mobile wifi detections (as an exemple: a purpose could be to calculate the average time spent in a waiting queue) All setup, algorithms, probabilistic considerations, software, hardware and stuff are working fine but I've got a major problem: not enough detections (I only get the probes requests send by users phones). But then i remembered my heroes from Hack 5 and theirs great pineapple product that could help me having more detections (by establishing real connections with mobile devices). So i've ordered one to test my theory, but in the meanwhile i've got some questions (questions that i'll be able to answer once i'll receive mine, but this project is pretty urgent and what i still have to do is depending on those answers !) So, I'll be very, very, very thankful to anyone who can help me !! 1) Does the wifi-pineapple is able to maintain active connections with several devices (connected with different SSID) simultaneously? Is there a limit ? 2) Will I be able to choose the channel for those AP ? And putting all of them on the same channel ? (It's because I'm currently running in an issue on my setup that limit me the possibility of hopping through channels. So an unique, fixed channel to listen to, would be great !) 3) Do you have an idea of the legality of my project ? (No internet connection is provided, so no sensitive data will transit, nothing will be saved; even the mac addresses won't be kept --just an hashed version-- ) Thanks a lot !
  13. I use the OOKLA Speed Test, but I just found another app for my Kindle Fire that looks to be helpful, pre-deployment. It also shows you what Karma and to some extent (I think) PineAP are doing. It's called WiFi Overview 360 Pro. Cost me 3 bucks USD from Amazon. First, it can give you info on which channels are more open, prior to deployment.
  14. PentesterAcademy are running a free series of videos for building your own wifi hacking gadget - the Widy! http://www.pentesteracademy.com/course?id=15 If you want to understand the basics of building a device and understanding how it works, this could be one for you.
  15. I recently received a Yagi antenna that I had purchased from the Hak Shop. Now I'm trying to figure out what I need to connect it to my alfa awus036h. I've attached a couple photos showing the yagi and alfa connectors. From the information I could gather from wikipedia, these have SMA Male (Yagi) and RP-SMA Female (Alfa). So to link these together I'd need a SMA Female to RP-SMA Male, correct? Is it common for the AWUS036H to have a RP-SMA Female connector? Just curious, since the connector between the alfa and yagi seems uncommon. Thanks.
  16. I have an idea for a tv-b-gone type device but I know nothing on circuits so I could use some help. I want to make a infrared repeater (Code name: The Black Mime). What I want the device to do is have a infrared sensor and save the infrared code onto a attiny85. If the switch for the sensor is off and a button is pressed then I want the infrared transmitter to send the last saved code. If the sensor is turned on after another code is saved then the attiny will reset itself and have no data on it then save the code received. That's basically what I want for this project. If this one gets built and posted then I will keep thinking of projects. Thanks, hypersonic5000
  17. Haz3

    Sensepost MANNA

    Looks like I missed a great Defcon this year, including a presentation from Senseposts Dominic White and Ian de Villiers on their new Wireless attack toolkit - MANNA https://github.com/sensepost/mana It includes amongst other things: hostapd-manna - modified hostapd that implements new karma attacks and looks a lot like PineAP crackapd - a tool for offloading the cracking of EAP creds to an external tool and re-adding them to the hostapd EAP config (auto crack 'n add) sslstrip-hsts - Modified sslstrip Firelamb - captures and writes cookies to a firefox profile for easy use. I've only had a quick play with it, but there's some great ideas and I love the way the different attacks are rolled into a toolkit. Maybe some ideas here for future Pineapple development?
  18. Hey guys, would this be beneficial for the pineapple ? http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2-4G-AP-router-extender-5w_1874220838.html I don't really understand the science behind antenna gain etc so I am sceptical if this product would improve performance ?
  19. Hi, I'm new in this, someone could help me with the steps to make a usb (Twin duck)?? I would appreciate it very much.
  20. First major issue is connection, when or if the pineapple reboots for what ever reason it doesn't always see the AP i was connected to i know its there as my phone can see it, this isnt the fist time eithet it happen's more often than it should https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33239-mk5-refusing-ap-connections-after-period-of-time/ The only fix for this i have found is a re-flash (pain every 3 weeks) My interface seems to have messed up a little tiles aint opening aand i have the same 4 open all the time, you can see from screen's when they are maximized (re-flash again) Not sure i am getting the no dog splash notification saying its started even though its set to off.(This is an ifusion issue, thanks daniboy92 ) My pineapple is fully updated, these issue's happen weather im using supplied power adaptor and/or batt pack. These are the same probelms time and time again now. More re-flash's whcih aint good if your not if you aint in the siuation to re-flash it i am wondering if there is a way of backing up the pineapple so it could be restored to a working state. Many thanks
  21. I have 2 additional wireless adaptors connected to my MK5 and I need to connect wlan3 to a WPA/WPA2 wireless network. What command do I run to connect to a WPA/WPA2 wireless network? Interface Chipset Driver wlan0 Atheros ath9k - [phy0] wlan1 RTL8187 rtl8187 - [phy1] wlan2 RTL8187 rtl8187 - [phy2] wlan3 Atheros ath9k - [phy3]
  22. Hey all! Ok so I've come up with a crazy contraption concept that I'm getting ready to try and solder together. Wanted to colaboate with you all. I'm not sure if this exists: But I'm wanting to make a tiny little circuit the size of ones Thumb that basically enables constant circuit from a USB Pineapple Juice, then when you get home and notice your Pineapple Juice is almost dead, plug in the Mark V wall adapter and flip a switch to switch from USB Battery to the Wall AC outlet. Basically a constant flow from ether a DC or AC power source to have your Pineapple. I know it's intense voltage regulation, but I wanted to post this into the wild and see if anyone experienced can chime in on if this is completely doable or I'm just a dope and shouldn't bother.
  23. Hey all. My pineapple has not worked for a little while now and i have been ill and focusing on my exams so i didn't have time to focus on tech ( its past the 90 day exchange and i cant afford to purchase another one so i need it to work :/ ) but basically when i plug it in via a socket, usb or pineapple juice battery pack it doesn't do anything but it gets extremely hot extremely quick :/ can anybody help me with this problem all help welcome. thank you all :)
  24. Title says it all, looking to get a internal wifi card with support for packet injection in Back|Track or Arch linux. Can yall help me out?
  25. I need some help! My MK5 was working fine and i was able to access the Web Interface over wifi, however since upgrading to firmware 2.0.2 accessing the web interface over wifi has been a bit on and off. Now i have upgraded to 2.0.3 access over wifi is impossible. To access the web interface i have to connect my pineapple to my computer using ethernet. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just a problem on my end. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, starting to lose my hair! Thanks
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