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  1. Hi all, I am having a tetra with 1.1.2 FW installed. Recently both wifi networks are visible ( after I unhide the open AP ) but I cannot access them, The solution I found is to connect my android phone and restart the wifi networks through, Networking => Update Access point Did any of you had the same problem or Would you know the solution to it . PS: If I do a factory reset it works just fine Many thanks
  2. Just got done watching the latest episode of HAK5. Where they were referenced on Mr.Robot. At the end I seen that there is a Wifi Pineapple book that can be purchased. When I went online to purchase the Wifi Pineapple book. I could not find it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. http://hackaday.com/2016/09/03/software-usb-on-the-esp8266/
  4. Hello anyone out there I just recently bought the Hak5 essentials get and couldn't wait to use it, when using the pineapple I ran into a major problem. I'm new to the Pineapple and have only owned it for a day and a half now and only used it twice. On the first night everything was working but I was struggling to get PineAP working, have connected clients (also how do I get connected clients) and getting any modules to work. But now I cant even get my Nano to connect to the internet these are my settings for windows 10 and load bulletins or download modules, also I can browse the different pages but nothing works without internet access. Finally I'd prefer to use windows as it just easier than having to use kali (kali on vmware) https://gyazo.com/5e1fcf750764cbe51055750afb231cb6 https://gyazo.com/466bd366614e0d85494c377fb74ef5fb https://gyazo.com/9dbd2a5105b5e1b6c3caf6f0f5540cc8 Please help as I have read the hak5 forums and cant seem to fix my problem I am probably forgetting something obvious but cant see it. I was really excited to get my hand on a pineapple but now I'm just sad that i cant get it to work. Thanks in advance. Edit: I have tried Kali Windows 10 and different wireless interfaces for both Kali and Windows (using the Alfa usb wifi adapter connected to wifi for pine wifi connection) in trying these different methods I found a pattern for some reason a setup would work the first time I tried but second time I used the same configuration and it would work. So by this I found that both on Kali and Windows 10 for me my first time I used a configuration it works amazing fine but any other time it just doesn't work even with the same setting and configuration. Pls help as I was looking forward to using my first line and it simply doesn't work. Jsync
  5. Hopefully some of you will find this table useful for (legally and ethically) pentesting WiFi routers. Please note that the figures shown in the far right column 'Time' are based on a Palit GTX 970 using oclHashCat. You will need to do your own maths for this, but it gives you a good idea of average crack times for a fairly standard £300 / $500 GPU. For WPA2 with the GTX 970, my benchmarks with hashcat are; 13,774,031,184 password hashes per day 573,917,966 per hour 9,565,299 per minute 159,421 per second Anything marked as 'Never' and red will take more than a year to crack. Anything green is less than 1 week. Anything amber is unknown or will require a word list. For EE/Brightbox wordlist details, see here (appears to have been taken down. Google cache search.) For NETGEAR details, see here. Obviously most of you will find the SSID / Password Format / Length columns the most useful. Good info! SSID Length Password Format Combinations Time 2WIREXXX 10 0-9 10,000,000,000 17 hrs 3MobileWiFi 8 0-9 a-z 2,821,109,907,456 7 mth 3Wireless-Modem-XXXX 8 0-9 A-F (The first 4 digits are the same as the 4 digits on the SSID!) 65,536 1 sec Alice_XXXXXXXX 24 0-9 a-z 22,452,257,707,354,557,240,087,211,123,792,674,816 Never AOLBB-XXXXXX 8 0-9 A-Z 2,821,109,907,456 7 mth ATT### 10 0-9 10,000,000,000 17 hrs ATTxxxx 0000 10 0-9 A-Z 3,656,158,440,062,976 Never ATTxxxxxxx 12 a-z + symbols 1,449,225,352,009,601,191,936 Never belkin.xxx 8 2-9 a-f 1,475,789,056 2.5 hrs belkin.xxxx 8 0-9 A-F 4,294,967,296 7.5 hrs Belkin.XXXX 8 0-9 A-F 4,294,967,296 7.5 hrs Belkin_XXXXXX 8 0-9 A-F 4,294,967,296 7.5 hrs BigPondXXXXXX 10 0-9 A-F 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth BOLT!SUPER 4G-XXXX 8 4 numbers + Last 4 of SSID 65,536 1 sec BrightBox-XXXXXX - 3 words, with hyphens in-between. Lengths 3-4-5 or any combination. Need dict. BTHomeHub(1)-XXXX 10 0-9 a-f 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth BTHomeHub2-XXXX 10 2-9 a-f 289,254,654,976 3 wks BTHub3 10 2-9 a-f 289,254,654,976 3 wks BTHub4 10 2-9 a-f 289,254,654,976 3 wks BTHub5 10 2-9 a-f 289,254,654,976 3 wks BTHub6 10, 12 0-9 a-z A-Z 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Never CenturyLinkXXXX 14 0-9 a-f 72,057,594,037,927,936 Never Cisco 26 0-9 a-f 43,608,742,899,428,874,059,776 Never Digicom_XXXX 8 0-9 A-Z 2,821,109,907,456 7 mth DJAWEB_##### 10 0-9 10,000,000,000 17 hrs Domino-XXXX 8 0-9 A-F 4,294,967,296 7.5 hrs E583x-xxxx 8 0-9 10,000,000 1 min E583x-xxxxx 8 0-9 A-F 4,294,967,296 7.5 hrs EasyBox 904 LTE 9 0-9 a-z A-Z 13,537,086,546,263,552 Never EasyBox-###### 9 0-9 A-F 68,719,476,736 5 days EEBrightBox-XXXXXX - 3 words, with hyphens in-between. Lengths 3-4-5 or any combination. Need dict. FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN #### 16 0-9 10,000,000,000,000,000 Never FrontierXXXX 10 0-9 10,000,000,000 17 hrs Hitron 12 0-9 A-Z (sometimes use the device’s serial number as the default key!) 4,738,381,338,321,616,896 Never INFINITUM#### 10 0-9 10,000,000,000 17 hrs iPhone 5 ? Lowercase word plus 4 numbers 172000^65,536 Need dict. Keenetic-XXXX 8 0-9 a-z A-Z 218,340,105,584,896 Never Linkem_XXXXXX 8 0-9 10,000,000 1 min Livebox-XXXX ? ? mifi2 13 0-9 A-Z 170,581,728,179,578,208,256 Never MobileWifi-xxxx 8 0-9 10,000,000 1 min MYWIFI (EE) - MYWIFI + 4 numbers 65,536 1 sec NETGEARXX - Adjective + Noun + 3 numbers Need dict. Netia-XXXXXX 13 0-9 a-f 4,503,599,627,370,496 Never ONOXXXX 10 0-9 10,000,000,000 17 hrs Orange-0a0aa0 8 0-9 a-f 4,294,967,296 7.5 hrs Orange-AA0A00 12 0-9 A-F 281,474,976,710,656 Never Orange-XXXX 8 2345679 ACEF 214,358,881 23 mins PLDT - PLDTWIFI + Last 5 digits of router MAC 1 1 sec Plusnet Broadband UK 64 a-z A-Z 0-9 - Never PlusnetWireless-XXXXXX 10 0-9 A-F 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth PLUSNET-XXXXXX 10 0-9 a-f 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth Sitecom_XXXX 8 0-9 A-F 4,294,967,296 7.5 hrs SKYXXXXX 8 A-Z http://www.ph-mb.com/products/sky-calc 208,827,064,576 2 wks SpeedTouchXXXXXX 10 0-9 a-f 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth TALKTALK-XXXXXX 8 346789 A-Z (bar ILOSZ) 282,429,536,481 3 wks TDC-#### 9 0-9 a-f 68,719,476,736 5 days Tech_XXXXXXXX 8 A-Z 208,827,064,576 15 days Technicolor-Router 10 0-9 A-F 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth Telecom-XXXXXXXX ? ? TelstraXXXXXX 10 0-9 A-F 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth TELUSXXXX 10 0-9 a-f 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth Thomson 10 0-9 A-F 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth ThomsonXXXXXX 10 0-9 a-f 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth TIM_PN51T_XXXX 8 0-9 WPS PIN is 12345670 10,000,000 1 min TNCAP-XXXX 10 0-9 A-F 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth TNCAPXXXXXX 10 0-9 A-F 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth TP-LINK_###### 8 0-9 0-9 A-F 10,000,000 1 min TRENDnet TEW-123ABC 11 First 3 digits in SSID (123 here) + 8 digits https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?26366-TRENDnet-WPA-disclosure-amp-dictionaries 2,821,109,907,456 7 mth TRKASHI-###### 8 2 numbers, 6 digits (10^2)^(26^6) Need dict. UNITE-XXXX 8 0-9 10,000,000 1 min UPCXXXXXXX 8 A-Z 208,827,064,576 15 days Verizon MIFIXXXX XXXX 11 0-9 100,000,000,000 7.5 days virginmediaXXXXXX 8 a-z (bar iol) 78,310,985,281 6 days VirginMobile MiFiXXXX XXX 11 0-9 100,000,000,000 7.5 days VMXXXXXXX 12 0-9 a-z A-Z 3,226,266,762,397,899,821,056 Never VMXXXXXXX-2G 8 a-z (bar iol) 78,310,985,281 6 days VMXXXXXXX-5G 8 a-z (bar iol) 78,310,985,281 6 days Vodaphone_XXXXXXXX 15 0-9 a-z 221,073,919,720,733,357,899,776 Never WLAN1-XXXXXX 11 0-9 A-F 17,592,186,044,416 Never ZyXELXXXXXX 13 10 0-9 A-Z 0-9 A-F 1,099,511,627,776 2.5 mth Please inform me of any inaccuracies or additional data you feel could be added. Enjoy! *edit* My sources are my own personal experiences, plus; http://xiaopan.co/forums/threads/netgearxx-wordlist.6571/ https://scotthelme.co.uk/ee-brightbox-router-hacked/ https://forum.hashkiller.co.uk/topic-view.aspx?t=1660&m=46959#46959 https://forum.hashkiller.co.uk/topic-view.aspx?t=2715&p=2
  6. i just got my pineapple nano in today and i set it up via my pc but im trying to connect to my galaxy s7 edge and it connects in the usb tethering in settings but open the app and it just says waiting on connection
  7. I just got my pineapple yesterday and I managed to update the firmware. It took about two hours because of wifi dropping from laptop.or pineapple. When I connect the wifi to my laptop then connect the tetra pineapple, the wifi disconnects from my laptop. The pineapple is still connected, then I reconnect the wifi and then the pineapple gets disconnected. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch with the pineapple? Thank in advance.
  8. Hi all, So my latest endeavour, in preparation for doing the CEH course in the near future, and because I'm a curious nerd, was to pen test my own Wi-Fi. However, I'm having major issues with how difficult it is to pick my Wi-Fi up from any reasonable distance. Initially, my goal was to drive to a couple of nearby locations and see how easy it was to locate my Wi-Fi from 50m, 100m, 150m, etc. I haven't even got as far as pen testing it, just wanted to test viable locations for doing so and to give myself a good idea of the distance at which someone could connect. I am using an RPi3, an Alfa AWUS036H, and I tried both a Yagi and a 7dBi Alfa Panel Antenna. My issue is with picking up the Wi-Fi from even a small distance. I currently have a couple of Wi-Fi hubs in my home, and I chose to pen test a BT Hub 6, which has very good signal strength itself. One of the best, apparently. However, I was only able to pick up a signal from 50m. 100m and I couldn't even find my Wi-Fi! As a prime example, there is a road lay-by 150m from my home, so I thought this would be a perfect spot to pull over and test the signal strength. I assumed I would defiantly get a signal from 150m away using the above hardware, but I didn't. Not even a sign of it! The path to the house from here is not line-of-sight. It is blocked by around 2 houses and a bunch of shrubbery/small gardens. I understand the implications of this on signal strength, but to be honest, I was not expecting a complete signal loss at only 150m, blocked or not! I'm shocked that this hardware can't manage to pick up a Wi-Fi hub at more than 100m! Any ideas? Thoughts?
  9. Hey guys, I have a bit of a strange issue with my Nano When broadcasting with pine, I noticed that a'lot of the times Wlan1 quits when scanning with recon, showing no aps available and with using the site survey module the interface disappears. This has even happend when I have dead-dropped the Pineapple at a client target location, iv come back days latter to find wlan1 turned off and all the captured ssids to stop broadcasting. This requires a hard reboot (unplug from power and replug) What should I do about this? It is extremely annoying when using in the field at a client location as it ends up throwing a wrench in our attack vector. Haaaaaalp! :)
  10. Hi guys! It's been now a month that I'm using my Nano and I'm really happy about it! But today I wanted to test the Nano with my phone. I plugged my portable Battery, plugged my phone and everything seems to work. But now I have a question. Since my phone have a USB-C port and I have a USB-C OTG Cable. Why the Nano can't be powered only by using this cable? Did I really need to get my battery every time I want to use my Nano with my phone? Or have you another setup, more simple? Thanks for your attention, have a nice day! (PS: Sorry for bad english)
  11. Sun Oct 23 23:28:04 2016 daemon.notice netifd: Network device 'wlan2' link is up Sun Oct 23 23:28:04 2016 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'wan' has link connectivity Sun Oct 23 23:28:04 2016 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'wan' is setting up now Sun Oct 23 23:28:04 2016 kern.info kernel: [ 119.320000] wlan2: associated Sun Oct 23 23:28:04 2016 daemon.notice netifd: wan (2512): udhcpc (v1.23.2) started Sun Oct 23 23:28:05 2016 daemon.notice netifd: wan (2512): Sending discover... Sun Oct 23 23:28:08 2016 daemon.notice netifd: wan (2512): Sending discover... Sun Oct 23 23:28:11 2016 daemon.notice netifd: wan (2512): Sending discover... Sun Oct 23 23:28:12 2016 daemon.notice netifd: Network device 'wlan2' link is down Sun Oct 23 23:28:12 2016 kern.info kernel: [ 127.380000] wlan2: deauthenticated from 00:26:68:be:5b:20 (Reason: 15=4WAY_HANDSHAKE_TIMEOUT) Sun Oct 23 23:28:12 2016 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'wan' has link connectivity loss Sun Oct 23 23:28:13 2016 daemon.notice netifd: wan (2512): Received SIGTERM WHAT IS THAT????
  12. All the clients that are connected to the nano have extremely slow internet o not internet at all. How do i fix that?
  13. Hi, I have written a blog post on using mubix's discovery to grab AD creds using an Evil twin AP and Responder. https://zone13.io/post/Snagging-credentials-over-WiFi-Part1/ pros: • no physical access required • no driver installations.. I can see that Tetra/Nano has Responder modules but not much info on using it. I don't have a Pineapple handy at the moment to try it out. Anyone care to give this a go on tetra/nano? Happy to answer any queries on working. cheers.
  14. Hey there, I'm quite new to using the rubber ducky and just wanted to ask a general question relating to a command that detects the connected wifi on a windows machine. For example, the code below: REM Windows Wifi Grabber DELAY 2000 GUI r DELAY 200 STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 200 STRING netsh wlan show profile name=RANDOMESSID key=clear ENTER Simply opens up cmd and types that command in. My question is if there is a cmd command that can replace "RANDOMESSID" with a command that automatically replaces that section with the connected wifi ESSID on the machine. Thanks!
  15. Hi guys i'm looking for a fast way to redirect all http traffic to my website, i tried with the "landing page" option where you can write your own php script. I wrote a simple php script that redirects automatically to my website but when i connect then to a spoofed wifi network i get a server error whenever i try to visit some http website. The error says something like this "too many redirects" and so i can't be able to see my website. Can you guys help me to fix this little thing? :) Thanks!
  16. I just recently bought the ALFA AWUS036NEH from the hak5 shop. And i am having trouble making it work with programs like airodump-ng, wash and reaver. It starts the monitor mode on wlan0mon but when i run airodump -ng for example it comes up with nothing even tough i know there are alot of APs close by. (I did the whole airmon -ng check and kill processes beforehand so no issue there) Il have to admit i bought this card without much knowledge about the card, i just assumed since they sold it at the hak5 shop it would be able to do packet injection and monitor mode etc. Is this not the case, did i just waste 20 dollars on a "normal" wireless card? Or do i have some other issue that causes my wireless card to not work? If there is any additional information i can provide just let me know, im sort of a linux noob so im not sure what info to give in a case like this. Any help what so ever is greatly appriciated i really dont wanna bin this card but at this point that is were it is heading.
  17. I'm looking to do some site scanning on both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz range. I thought the Tetra would be ideal for this using one radio for 2.4Ghz and the other for 5Ghz. I've seen a number of guides for using Kismet with the NANO and MarkV but nothing specifically for the Tetra. I've installed kismet-server and kismet-client using opkg, a release from 2013 it appears. I have a few issues The interface doesn't show any networks, but it does show statistics on the channels and data packets captured. Kismet doesn't honour the channellist or channels I set for each interface in the config file, it always uses the autodetected list from the chipset. I have to go into the kistmet-client interface and manually set the channels. The autodetected list is also wrong and tries to set the card to channels it can't support based on iwlist. Despite it showing nothing the pcap it outputs contains all the information expected, I can see and filter between 2Ghz and 5Ghz networks etc. Unfortunately this isn't very useful for onsite scanning where live feedback on networks is crucial. Any help or insight greatly appreciated. The reason airodump-ng and the recon module aren't fit for this purpose is because I parse the pcap and need the PPI header information to extract the band and signal strength. Airodump-ng on the pineapple doesn't export PPI headers or even basic radiotap headers. I've also tried running them in parallel to use the output of airodump, but it doesn't seem to deal with 5Ghz networks very well.
  18. So you can send lots of deauths to make client reconnect, and then some. Commercial cable/ADSL modems all have WiFi built in, for easy access point to share internet connection. But NONE of them have the ability to protect or monitor itself agains hacking attempts. One can freely deauth with fury and the modem does nothing, or says anything to the owner, about what is happening. The situation is allmost the same like with GSM, I have no idea what mobile station my GSM/HSDPA cellphone is connected or what is happenin in the air. Are there any scripts/programs (for pineapple) made for monitoring your own WiFi access point to detect hacking attempts? The simplest hack detector I guess would be the deauth monitoring of my own AP? What about monitoring other weird WiFi activity, what can be done?
  19. What are the most possible things i can do with my Alfa AWUS036H? Other than wifi password hacking and flooding mode?
  20. What is the best method to access wireless networks that are several hundred meters away? My impression is that it's no good accessing the router from far away if that router does not have the technical ability to reply to you (since it's just a normal home router)? Is that correct? I ask because the "Tom's Hardware Forum" posters suggest that not only should you be able to connect to the router but that it should have the technical capability to respond to you (when you are hundreds of meters away). I have read about Yagi antennas but do they work when you are trying to connect to a conventional 802.11 home router? If, for example, there was an unencrypted network 500 meters away would it be possible to play with the network e.g. via SSLStrip assuming that one could connect to the network? Thanks!
  21. Hi, i have error wnrb configure root@zion:/opt# ./wp6.sh _ ___ _______ ____ _ __ | | / (_) ____(_) / __ \(_)___ ___ ____ _____ ____ / /__ | | /| / / / /_ / / / /_/ / / __ \/ _ \/ __ '/ __ \/ __ \/ / _ \ | |/ |/ / / __/ / / / ____/ / / / / __/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / __/ |__/|__/_/_/ /_/ /_/ /_/_/ /_/\___/\__,_/ .___/ .___/_/\___/ /_/ /_/ v6.4 Saved Settings: Share Internet connection from to WiFi Pineapple at eth1 through default gateway [C]onnect using saved settings [G]uided setup (recommended) [M]anual setup [A]dvanced IP settings [Q]uit WiFi Pineapple detected. Please disconnect the WiFi Pineapple from this computer and press any key to continue with guided setup. Step 1 of 3: Select Default Gateway Default gateway reported as Use the above reported default gateway? [Y/n]? Step 2 of 3: Select Internet Interface Internet interface reported as Use the above reported Internet interface? [Y/n]? Step 3 of 3: Select WiFi Pineapple Interface Please connect the WiFi Pineapple to this computer. ....[Checking] Detected WiFi Pineapple on interface eth1 Use the above detected WiFi Pineapple interface? [Y/n]? Settings saved. Saved Settings: Share Internet connection from to WiFi Pineapple at eth1 through default gateway [C]onnect using saved settings [G]uided setup (recommended) [M]anual setup [A]dvanced IP settings [Q]uit Detecting WiFi Pineapple............found. _ . ___ \||/ ( _ )_ <--> [___] <--> ,<><>, (_ _(_ ,) \___\ '<><>' Bad argument `eth1' Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information. SIOCDELRT: No such process Usage: inet_route [-vF] del {-host|-net} Target[/prefix] [gw Gw] [metric M] [[dev] If] inet_route [-vF] add {-host|-net} Target[/prefix] [gw Gw] [metric M] [netmask N] [mss Mss] [window W] [irtt I] [mod] [dyn] [reinstate] [[dev] If] inet_route [-vF] add {-host|-net} Target[/prefix] [metric M] reject inet_route [-FC] flush NOT supported Browse to and after install, when start - don't have internet connections. PS how i can do hard reset? Maybe it will help.
  22. What is the best way to accurately pinpoint the location of wireless networks in a crowded urban area? For example, in a road full of small houses which are in close proximity to one another. Some houses may be semi-detached (two houses share a wall) or terraced (multiple houses share both walls). In such a scenario, which tool(s) would best identify the specific wireless networks that derive from specific houses? I've used GISKismet and a GPS device to map networks but I never was able to accurately pinpoint each network to each house in an urban area. Do you have any suggestions? Is it even possible?
  23. Hi all, As the title suggests, I was wondering why WPA should be easier to crack than WPA2, and yet the process to crack them appears to be the same? The hash mode in Hashcat is exactly the same for WPA and WPA2, so surely they would take the exact same amount of time to break? Is there a quicker way to break WPA? I found http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=tkiptun-ng, but this appears to only be for WPA-TKIP, and doesn't look like a finished product. At the moment, are we doomed to cracking WPA using the same methods as WPA2? Thanks.
  24. hello Hak5 forums users, I'm currently using dual TP-link USB wireless cards for airbase-ng rouge karma AP / airodump-ng / MDK3 with BRCTL and dhclient to enable internet access for network auditing. I've been looking into a wifi pineapple as an upgrade to this eclectic setup. As I understand from defcon talks / wiki, the Nano enables an access point after setup for administration over wifi. If I am exclusively using the Nano using the USB ethernet connection to my laptop, can the administration AP be disabled? What interface of the two onboard radios does that AP run on? Does the Nano feature / offer USB 3.0 for operation? Thanks , dr_deconstruct
  25. I need a 12 character AZ 09 wordlist. When I try to make one with Crunch on Kali the size is astronomical. It would be nice to be able to have crunch create a list for me that automatically prunes itself to keep a constant size consistent with the passwords per-second. http://lastbit.com/pswcalc.asp is suggesting to try every AZ09 12 digit password would probably take well longer than my lifetime. Regardless if anyone knows how to make a self deleting wordlist I would be interested to learn even if it will not be utilized where I imagined it being used. Thanks everyone.
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