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  1. Hi all, I'm using PSEXEC to map a drive on a user's machine remotely, amongst running various other CMD commands to amend registry files etc. I am running PSTOOLS on my machine under an admin account, because I cannot use PSTOOLS otherwise. On running the following script, as an example of one of the CMD commands I am trying to run, it runs it as me (as in, an admin). However, I don't want it to do this, as this doesn't map the drive for the user. I want the script to run the CMD command as the currently logged on user, not as me. :MapDrive psexec \\%IP% -s -i -c -f -d cmd.exe /s /c "NET USE X: \\GBUS0042\SMSAPPS$ /persistent:yes" IF ERRORLEVEL 0 ECHO Success! Pause endlocal GOTO Start How would I go about this? I have tried calling a batch file instead, but it still runs the batch file as me (admin) on the user's PC, rather than as them. The idea behind these scripts is to stop me having to remote to every user who simply requires a registy amendment or a drive mapping. Thank you in advance, Haze
  2. Hello, I want to test the strength of passwords. Assuming I have the password-cracking skills/tools of an average hacker, I want to turn the passwords into hashes and then try to crack them. This will give me a realistic picture of how strong they are. My question is: How do I turn the passwords into hashes? Does it matter what hashing algorithm I use? Thanks Nicholas
  3. Hi all, I am using the following CMD command; reg add "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" /v Personal /t REG_SZ /d P:\ /f However, this doesn't work. The key already exists, as as 'M:\', but I need it to change to 'P:\'. The CMD prompt states 'The operation completed successfully', but the key does not change. I need to do this via CMD, rather than a .reg or regedit. Thank you.
  4. I don't know if this is even possible, I just opened my turtle that I got at defcon this year. I saw TetherATurtle on https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36460-tut-tether-turtle-to-laptop-like-the-wifi-pineapple/, but I am not trying to tell my computer to share connection with turtle. I want to plug the turtle into a desktop with internet connection, then plug an ethernet between the turtle and my laptop, and my laptop to have an internet connection from the turtle. [desktop with internet] <=> [turtle] <==ethernet==> [laptop] The desktop is windows 7, and it is domained. Not sure if I have access to change the internet settings, or else I know I could easily set up ICS. On Monday I will check if the access to change settings it there, but if this is possible it would be a great turtle module if the feature is not something that can be set right now.
  5. Hello everybody My usb rubber ducky arrives in a few days and i have another bunch of questions: 1. It comes with micro SD card, doesn´t it? How much is it capability? (2, 4, 8 GB?) 2. Does it came with pre-installed firmware? 3. Does java version matter when building payloads? 4. Does exists any noob-proof tutorial? you know Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm trying to schedule a startup application with schtasks on a Windows 7 box. I get Access Denied. schtasks works without administrator privileges if you are setting it for specfic time of day but not with startup tasks. Is there a tricksy way to schedule startup tasks on Windows 7 and later without being admin?
  7. So I just got my Pineapple today and followed the official instructions to the letter. Everything went smooth till I was trying to share my internet connection with the pineapple. SETUP: My Computer (Windows 8.1) is connected to the internet through a wireless connection Pineapple is connected with an ethernet cable When trying to set the static x.x.42.42 IP for my Ethernet interface, I can no longer ping nor access the Pineapple web UI However, when I choose the "bridge connection" option (right clicking on a network adapter) and Windows does it thing, I can access the Web UI BUT it kills my internet connection. Lastly, client mode works fine, the "Show IP" feature under "Network" returns the IP, however I am unable to check for updates, but I believe this to be a separate issue. How do I proceed from here?
  8. I just become my Pineapple. I've installed it, connected it via LAN to Notebook. The Notebook was connected over WLAN to Internet. I'm using Windows. Sharing of WLAN Adapter is enabled. LAN Connection (to Pineapple) configured:, Subnet:, Default Gateway: none, DNS Connection form Notebook to Pineapple works fine. Connection from Smartphone to Pineapple works fine. But no DNS was resolved. Ping (via Putty) to www.google.com was not working. Ping to (IP of google.com) was working. With Smartphone: when I go to www.google.com -> Site was not resolved. When I type in browser: google.com was showing. Route: Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface default UG 0 0 0 br-lan * U 0 0 0 br-lan What do I making wrong?
  9. Hi there, i'm new to this forum and I have a question... I tried to write a script for my Rubber Ducky, which should run PasswordFox and Chromepass on the victim's machine, but if I try to run run PasswordFox with PasswordFox.exe /stext passwords.txt but ever when I do this, PasswordFox only opens the GUI and creates no .txt?!?! Could anyone help me? Greetings, Crococksmiltsch
  10. What's up guys? Apparently I didn't think this completely through: I have Ubuntu installed on a 32GB SDHC card that I have installed on my Asus G75VW (currently rocking 8.1) and my idea was to use the SD card as the *third HDD on the system (I have both HDD bays used for Win 8.1..probably a mistake but I'll deal with that after the fact..working to SSD) SO when I go to hit ESC to try and boot to the SD card, I can only select between Windows, DVD drive, or only USB (when one is present). When I went to install Ubuntu on the card , I swore I installed GRUB, but it's not even recognizing the drive as a whole. Am I missing something, or does my logic here not work?
  11. What's up gang! OK, I call upon the wizards. I offer bandwidth to sacrifice! (Corny joke..) OK so here is the skinny: I have a computer at work. It's been a problem child since the opening (few years at least). Windows 7 32bit, Enterprise, on our server. It's been stuck on an update that I have officially ran out of options except a "Windows Repair". ** Security Update for WIndows 7 (KB2864202) ** - I've tried using Windows Update Troubleshooter. Nothing. - I've done SFC. Nothing. - I've tried installing VIA the stand-alone installer and downloading the update itself and installing. Nothing. - I've renamed the SoftwareDistribution folder to softwaredistribution.old. Nothing - I've ran chkdsk /f /r - Apparently the /f & the /r tags are DOA in windows 7..? at the time of writing this, I'm running a Defraggler scan , I read somewhere that sholves the issue. I've also seen a lot of articles referencing this update with Windows Vista (which is unsetling) Any thoughts?
  12. Hi guys, Today I finaly got my Alfa AWUS036NHA, but I have a problem with it. When I connect it to any computer or any OS the LED starts blinking and it keeps connecting and disconnecting from the host computer. I tried using other USB cables, so this won't be the problem. Any kind of help will be nice. Vinnii
  13. Hello, I recently relieved my Wifi Pineapple mark V and connected it it worked and started to install and boot up. my power went out while doing so and now I cant access my pineapple at all on the browser even though I was able to before. I reset it with the dip switches and now it show that its ready to install the updates on the pineapple but I cant access it through the browser. I have a mark V and a 2012 macbook pro (running mavricks)/ pc windows 8.1 Please help! Thank you
  14. Hey guys and gals. So at work, I'm noticing a lot of little programs that I find running all the time. But with the way the corporate image is, I can't deploy the duck easily for this (Bummer!!) so I've decided to go basic and creat a .bat menu screen for the user that can be accessed via the intranet. The main program calls smaller programs into the same window. I'm a little rusty with my .DOS, what I'm trying to do are a few different things: - I have a .ps1 powershell script I want to execute via the menu screen , but I'm not sure where I'm going wrong because it just dies immediately. I'm calling the following: :selection4 Cls Start powershell GetComputerISE.PS1 H:\batmenu.bat (Running all from my jump drive , h:\, until it's ready for full deployment) - is there a way I can minimize the file handling (say with C you can just make a method of these other programs and call the method) , or can I even upload these smaller programs to Dropbox and call it through the URL?
  15. This payload will create a batch file with looks like a matrix and then will execute it. DELAY 3000 GUI R DELAY 500 STRING notepad ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING @ echo off ENTER STRING color 0a ENTER STRING :start ENTER STRING echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random% ENTER STRING goto start ENTER CTRL-S DELAY 500 STRING matrix.bat ENTER ALT-F4 DELAY 500 GUI R DELAY 500 STRING matrix.bat ENTER
  16. Another payload for pranking! This payload will create a folder on the victims desktop called "Porn". Then it will dowload a trollface photo called yougottrolled.png and put it in the folder and then copies it many times. Then the console closes and you can unplug the rubber ducky. The only thing you have to edit it is on the 13th line, edit the user at the end. Please reply, doesn't matter what you say. I just want to see if I am wasting my time about something that no one cares about. DELAY 3000 GUI R DELAY 500 STRING cmd DELAY 500 ENTER DELAY 2000 STRING cd desktop ENTER DELAY 250 STRING mkdir Porn DELAY 250 bitsadmin /transfer NETFX /download /priority normal http://images.gutefrage.net/media/fragen-antworten/bilder/25980263/0_big.jpg c:\Users\%username%\Desktop\Porn\yougottrolled.png DELAY 5000 ALT-F4 DELAY 500 GUI R STRING Porn ENTER DELAY 1000 ENTER DELAY 500 CTRL-A CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 250 CTRL-V DELAY 450 ALT-F4
  17. Hi ! I know that you can already find a small number of payloads on Github, but there are many more that have been created by the community. For example, we found none for Android on GitHub. And, I have experienced the difficulty to find exactly what I need ;) That's why I think it would be a good initiative to gather as much as possible payloads on this topic. If you have created an effective and fun on, or if you use regularly one made by another member, why not post it below to share it ? (select those who are not already on GitHub for the moment please) If you are interested, try to complete a short form of this type and post it below. Title : Author : Target : Description : Obviously, if it does not seem to be a good idea, let me know -_-
  18. Hi Guys I just want to know what tools and technics are you guys using as windows admin to tackel everyday works loads iin your enviroment and what recommendation that you have for me a person who is new at windows administration work. Tools for local and admin (Troubleshooting locally on PC) Tools for remote admin Tools for monitoring user activity on PC Tools for Network monitory and others And yes can you guys provide some cool tools for helping making life easy with AD(Active Direcotry). my understanding of AD is very low as i have just started to work in an enterprise enviroment i am introduced to this windows NOS. If anyone is so kind to help with a few more information on AD and some tools to help make my life easy that will be so great. cant wait for the feedback
  19. Ran my Ducky on a test windows 7 (64 bit) today. First run was fine everything executed fine,was using composite 4 caps lock build, pulled usb, reinserted into differnt machine (win 7 64bit) same model laptop and it hung on "installing windows update" and di nothing. I let it sit for 10-15 minutes. pulled USB, went back to origional machine it worked on, same thing hung on windows install. Re-flashed with composite 4, same issue, went back to origional ducky load, same thing hung on windows installer. Any thoughts?
  20. After a factory reset with the DIP switches the SD card is now blank. What is the best way to re-flash it through Windows?
  21. Hey guys. So I'm creating an auto-run USB Drive for the guys in my shop to further help automate the update/re-image process. I'm a little rusty on my VB. Here's my code in it's current state: x=MsgBox("Do not be afraid, vital software update is in progress. Please direct any errors to your System Administrator",0, "Derek's Auto Update") Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.Run "C:\updates\Firefox Setup Stub 25.0.1" d=MsgBox("Is the Firefox installation Complete",4, "I have a question for you.") if d=vbYes then e=MsgBox("Please download the installer from http://mozilla.org",,"I'm sorry...") else f=MsgBox("Excellent. Please click OK for the next installer.",, "Success!") End If PAUSE Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.Run "C:\updates\lenovographics.exe" PAUSE a=MsgBox("Was there any errors during this update?",4, "I have a question for you.") if a=vbYes then b=MsgBox("Please send a detailed message to admin@work.com of any errors that occured",, "I'm sorry...") else c=MsgBox("Excellent. Thank you for your participation and cooperation.",, "Success!") End If My ultimate goal is this: I'm not sure of the syntax to do this, but I'd like to keep the installer files on the USB drive rather than having to copy them over to the C:\ drive then run the installer. I'm wanting to have this all fully automated. Once the user completes an installation (for example: Firefox), have a MsgBox pop up "did it complete?" If yes = open method z = next installer. The idea to have it all a nested IF/THEN. Any advice is always appreciated. Thanks gang!
  22. Hi, I'm working on the payload "ULTIMATE DATA THEIF!" and the program I developed "Wind.bat" doesn't work on all versions of Windows (I get a VB reg read error) so I've decided to write the program in Visual Basic. However, I cant get the program to print out the Windows product key - It just shows the start dialogue and exits. Current work: Thanks. Wind.zip
  23. Ok, so there's a lot of cool Ducky scripts out there, my personal favourite is the script that steals Windows passwords - AWSOME!!! But do any scripts aim to get more than just a Windows password? Do any of them "Backup" Google Chrome Login Data, WiFi keys, Windows Product Keys or Replace the Administrator password or even hide the account so you can have "stealthy" remote access via Windows Shares (Known as SMB)? I THINK PAYLOADS SHOULD DO MORE! So... I introduce the ULTIMATE DATA THEIF!!! Payload: Unfortunately, the forum only allows a maximum of 500kb of upload space and the extra data is just over 1MB so I put the file on my Dropbox account instead. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ad8jegywipd3l76/jo2KqlU3CB READ ME!!.txt contents: SCRIPT/PAYLOAD BY LAVANOID VOLCANIC THE DIRECTORIES ABOVE OR BELOW (DEPENDING ON YOUR CONFIGURATION) SHOULD BE COPIED TO THE ROOT DIRECTORY OF THE DUCKY DRIVE. YOU SHOULD EDIT THE SP.BAT FILE AND THE INJECT.TXT FILE TO SUIT YOUR REQUIREMENTS. FILE LOCATIONS: SP.bat -- Data\SP.bat inject.txt -- Scripts\Projects\Steal_Data\inject.txt Compiler.bat -- Scripts\Compiler.bat COMPILER.bat description: The compiler batch file basically takes away the hassle of entering all those annoying time draining commands. If the Compiler.bat file is stored on the Duck, the compiler will ask if you want to install it on the Duck. WHAT I HOPE: I hope that my project will be featured in one of the Hak5 videos since I do like some attention. THIS WORLD IS LONELY YOU KNOW!! Thank you for choosing to spend a bit of your time by poking your nose into my work.
  24. Hey guys, I am new to the forum (I apologize if this isn't the right location for this) and new to the rubber ducky, but I was wondering if there might be a payload for windows that would either bypass windows login, or edit the sam hives that the password is stored in. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  25. Can you take a Mark 5 pineapple out of the box and plug and play with a Windows 7 box or do you need to run a virtual machine on the Windows box first. I ask as VM machine scares the hell out of me. Full cred to those very kind souls who help answer and fix this and other problems. I don't know if they go by a handle. They check in on the new stuff posted page at the Hak5 Forum each day where they find the new stuff...easy stuff,(like mine and hard stuff like, What is the answer............... forty ummm?)sniff over your problem and we the end user expect the world and they expect nothing for just helping. A rant, sorry to all. Ps. One smart trick to problem solving is give as much info as you can ( no book writing). And check the forum first to see if some problem like yours has already been fixed. Enough said, and I'll be the first to be told that my request is in the Forum :-/ all good fun. many thanks for taking the time to read this :-D
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