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  1. Is there any way to use ducky script without the rubber ducky on hand?
  2. What is the normal shipping time for the rubber ducky?
  3. My Tetra works perfectly when connected on the 12v plug of the Tetra but does not work when powered by USB, whether on my Linux Laptop or from an external battery like the pineapple juice 15000 sold by hak5. For your information, I connect on the plug eth1 of the Tetra with the Y USB cable. Any idea? Thank you.
  4. When I am trying to program my Rubber Ducky I get this message. "There was an error flashing, make sure your Ducky is in DFU mode. Can someone make a video of this? Also a video on setting up a Rubber Ducky. When I tried to plug in my USB to my computer I do not see anything, but a sign saying "Hello World" in .txt. By the way this is my first time in this forum. Thank You, To whomever can help me
  5. so i got my usb rubberducky in the mail, and upon watching the instructionals on youtube i have to say im at a complete loss of wtf to do. im new to all this. ive tried downloading the duckencoder but the .jar file cant be opened. i also downloaded DuckyScript UDL, Duck Firmware.hex, and notepad ++. still im stumped. please help!
  6. Hi, I´m looking for a second hand USB Rubber Ducky. I´m from Spain. If you have an unused spare ducky, let me know how much you want for it. Thanks, Tamasco
  7. Saw a talk online at DefCon where someone had created a proxy server setup inject a hook into the js files a bit like Beef in kali combined with SSL stripping and MITM to grab passwords etc and thought this may be able to be used with the ducky by plugging into a computer and it automatically setting up a connection to your proxy server! For example, in Windows 10 you could use Win-Key + I to open setting and start typing proxy and hit enter to open up the right page then using tab to scroll down, then use up key to turn proxy on and keep doing the and enter the correct setup for your server and then save it! This is just an idea not sure if it's been done or if it can be done quicker using command-line or PowerShell haven't really looked at it! May not be practical please comment any suggestions!! Thanks !
  8. Is there a reason why hid attacks dont use copy and past? Like open cmd /open notepad /open txt from usb/ copy/ past to cmd/ ? is there a possibility that AV would detect the malicious code in the clipboard? Thanks -- lost my old account -thedeadhand
  9. How to make a USB hacking tool? how to hack into systems with a usb just by inserting and creating a backdoor of it?
  10. Hello guys, I've got a question considering antivirusses blocking rubber ducky payloads. I see all these .exe payloads like chromepass.exe and wirelesskeyview.exe being used in rubber duckies. Doesn't the antivirus of the attacked PC block the .exe programs when they start running from cmd? Or will it just work normally? If that is the case, this script can disable Windows Defender easily. Most PCs dont have windows defender as the only protection tho, so it is needed to disable other antivirusses, right? Most antivirusses can be shut off with the taskkill command, i tried killing my MalwareBytes and it worked: (remove " ") taskkill /f /im "Insert antivirusprogram name here.exe" Can someone help me out with this? I want to know if im just being dumb here, since all of this might not be needed. Thanks in advance
  11. So. I bought a USB Ducky with the hope that it would allow me to enable USB Debugging and set file transfer to MTP mode on my wife's broken Samsung Galaxy S6 with a broken screen, in order to get two years of family photos that she wasn't backing up off the now totally inaccessible phone. I have almost no coding experience (as in, I made a Geocities site in the 90s and learned some basic HTML, and that's it). So when I discovered that the code written by folks a few years back to do this hack to phones on Android 4 wouldn't work at all on Android 6, I gave up hope. For a minute. Then I decided I'd try it myself. I discovered, through trial and error, that this version of android doesn't accept rapid-fire input from a keyboard. A default delay of 300 was needed to prevent the phone from missing commands. If I had to guess, I'd say the Google people got wise and built this in to try to prevent this kind of attack. Still, the code below does work. It does three things: It enables developer mode, enables USB Debugging, and changes the USB behavior from Charging to MTP. If your USB behavior is already MTP, it'll change it to PTP, so edit that if you need to. Anyway, thought I'd share. It did work. Best of luck, especially to others are having similar problems and hoping for an aquatic foul based answer. DEFAULT_DELAY 300 REM Enable Developer options and usb debugging on Android REM Author: SamR REM Tested on Galaxy S6 REM Android Version 6.0.1 REM To start at the home screen ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ALT ESCAPE DELAY 500 REM To enter settings DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER ENTER DELAY 500 STRING s STRING e STRING t STRING t STRING i STRING n STRING g STRING s DELAY 500 DOWN ENTER DELAY 500 REM To Access About Device RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER REM To Enable Developer Options DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER DELAY 500 REM To Enable USB Debugging ESCAPE UP ENTER DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER DELAY 500 TAB ENTER REM Set To MTP DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER DOWN ENTER REM Return To Home ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE
  12. I installed a wifi lan adapter today and it works great as an additional lan. This adapter has an activity LED which flashes in the usual way when there's activity. When I shutdown the pineapple from the GUI, or shell the blue light on the pineapple goes out, but the LED on the USB lan adapter doesn't. This seems to mean that something is still drawing power even when the device is "off". I can't ping, or otherwise access the pineapple so it seems like it's truly shut down. But I'm wondering what is still powered and does it have to be? A few observations. I can disconnect the WLAN adapter and when I plug it in again, the light doesn't go on. Does this mean the light was just powered by some residual capacitance in the system? But when I turn the battery power to the pineapple off, the light on the WLAN adapter goes off, so that seems to indicate that the power is coming from the pineapple's power source. My concern is simply that I don't want to waste battery power when I'm not using the pineapple. So if I shut it down, i'd like it to stop drawing down my battery. Anyone know what's really going on?
  13. Hi everyone, I'm the happy owner of a MKV which I use (when I take it out with me) with an Anker Astro E7 USB battery. When I connect the MKV to my home power supply, I'm perfectly able to use my Galaxy S6 as a 4G modem ( using the USB port on the MKV and enabling USB tethering ), but when I'm not home and I try to use the same exact configuration with the battery, the phone simply doesn't detect the USB connection thus doesn't allow me to enable tethering ( basically it's just like the phone's connected to absolutely nothing ). I guess this is due to some power requirements of the phone? Any chance to fix this? I vaguely remember I used tethering with my old phone ( a LG Nexus 5 ) and it worked, so the Galaxy S6 is probably draining more power than the battery is actually able to give? Thanks.
  14. Hi, This is probably a silly question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. What is the item, on this image, second from the left? (this is the kit that comes with the USB Rubber Ducky Deluxe)
  15. Hi, I recently got a USB rubber ducky, but I'm stuck as to how to use it. I tried a hello world script but nothing showed up on the screen. I have an Asus c200 Chromebook,and tested it on that, and a windows 8 laptop. Both with now results. I just received this yesterday, and haven't had too much time to play with it (like 30 mins.) As I see it, the led blinks like its supposed to, but no result.
  16. I try typing in the ip address with the port, like and clicking enter until the cows come home and it never shows up anymore... At least, almost never. It hasn't shown up in the browser or wifi in several hours. I can't ping the device, even with the ethernet chord connected. I am wondering if a USB-Male-A to USB-A-Male would solve the problem or if I need to fix it over wifi. Ethernet light is on on the pineapple itself.
  17. Got my nano last night, super pumped! When I got to Networking I only see the option to select wlan1 as my interface, but it looks like this interferes with PineAP. Is there a way I can select eth0 as the interface and have it use my wifi on my mac to connect to the internet? Or is there an option to free up the second radio that I'm missing so I can use PineAP and be connected to the internet at the same time? I tried selecting Disable Management AP under the Access Points menu and I'm still only given the option to choose wlan1 as my interface in client mode. On a side note, when I plug in an additional alfa usb adapter to the nano, it recognizes wlan2 automagically. Are there any other options for client mode?
  18. Just a quick one, Is it possible for Xen server to share USB ports with a hub amongst hosts. What I'm thinking is say an Ubuntu 14.04 with a RTL dongle one port of a hub (e.g a 60 Watt Plugable hub) and say a Windows host with USB thumb drive on another port of the same hub - you get the idea ? Also possibly USB 3, if the hub was USB 3 of course, don't think mixed 2 & 3 would work though on the same hub ;)... Dave.
  19. Hi all, I have successfully run Kali from a persistent USB and SD card on a Chromebook in the past, however I unfortunately didn't take down how I did it. Silly me! I have enabled Developer Mode and run; crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1 dev_boot_signed_only=0 sudo chromeos-firmwareupdate --mode=todev All completed without error. However, on loading my Chromebook and pressing CTRL+U, it fails to boot from USB or SD. I just get a low-frequency beep. On pressing CTRL+L, it also fails to read any SD or USB and I get 2 high-frequency beeps. I'm at a loose end, as searching around the net only yields the above. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers.
  20. I got a smoking deal on this LG VK700 Tablet. I'm pretty happy with the device but I'd like to have a root terminal. It's a Linux device and Linux without root feels kinda wierd. Any of you guys rooted one of these things? The carrier is Verizon if that makes a difference. I've looked up instructions on rooting an Android device. But there are a lot of warnings about bricking the device. I'm not totally sure how the whole thing works. I have a micro SD and SD reader along with a Linux machine with MTP installed. Is this going to work or do I need additional hardware?
  21. yea as the title says...my kid brother unpackaged my pineapple before i got home from work and the little punk that he usually is threw the freaking piece of paper away that had the SD attached to it so now idk what to do....i formatted a thumbdrive to EXT4 and that is pretty much where i am right now....idk how i'm suppose to go about flashing the firmware and i also read in the little owners manual that it can not be run without an SD so does that mean that installing the firmware on the USB would be moot? ANY help would be greatly appreciated...I'm on a macbook pro runninng 10.10.5
  22. Newbie so didn't know but someone said not to and that you cant use a battery pack connected to the usb on the pineapple. I have a powergen powerbank used for charging phones etc, the output has 5v/2a I've plugged in the usb in the battery to the usb of the pineapple and it powered it no problem. Will this damage the pineapple then.
  23. Hello again everybody. So, I am happy and proud of own an Usb Rubber Ducky, but I have a problem; The Usb to Micro Usb (You know, the android usb small port) adapter that cames with Usb Rubber Ducky does not works. Does it happens usually? Any way of fixing it? If not, could I ask for a partial refund? Thanks in advance. My best regards.
  24. Hello guys! I'm pretty new to pentesting, and I thought that purchasing a usb rubber ducky would be a great place to start. However, when I plugged it in to my windows computer, I found that it cannot run GUI and a few other commands in duckyscript. I'm so lost, and was wondering if I could get some help from some of the vets in this group. Thanks!
  25. Help, I made this keylogger software in which I want to make a Rubber Ducky Keylogger automatic. Is there anyway for me to make the duck run the keylogger or just simplycan anyone give a keylogger payload P.S. I don't want the script to download some files and stuff just plain run
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