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  1. I'm thinking about this for my Tetra Setup, what do you guys think ?
  2. Ayy I recently received my hak5 elite kit with my wifi pineapple tetra, and I've realised that the tetra isn't exactly what I thought I needed. I think I would be much better off with a Nano. So here are a few questions - 1. Is the Nano rechargeable, and if so how long will it last on a fully recharged battery 2. What are the MAJOR differences between the nano and tetra (Can the nano do all the stuff a tetra can) 3. Do you think they will be willing to swap my Tetra for a nano (I know this is a lot to ask but it would be awesome if they can seeing the tetra is worth
  3. Hello I made a simple module that lets the user run commands without having to use ssh. I am pretty new to php/js and web development in general so the codes isn't the greatest, but it works. I made it because there are certain things I cant do from the webpanel, like running mana or the bettercap script, but this module lets me run these scripts directly from the webpanel. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/39096-mana-attack-for-the-pineapple/ https://www.evilsocket.net/2016/09/15/WiFi-Pineapple-NANO-OS-X-and-BetterCap-setup/ The module is simple to use. Just save a comma
  4. So i bought the wifipineapple TETRA, and ive been experimenting with modules and such. Now i have 2 questions which i couldent really figure out my self, thus im asking here. (Im also not sure into which subforum to post this but hey...) - i thought about creating a "fake ap" which, when you connect to it, asks you to login w/ your gmail or facebook account. If someone could suggest me a module that enables me to do this (with a reasonable tutorial), i would be very greatfull. - 2cnd question is probably simple but yet indid not find this option... How do i protect my fake ap
  5. Hi, I anyone else having the issue with the Meterpreter module always coming up in the Available modules even after it is installed? Even after i have installed it appears in the available modules with an install button. I updated the firmware 1.1.2 yeaterday and when i installed my modules it did the same thing.
  6. I'm having some trouble with the Tetra. I am using the 15.05 firmware and am able to view and download modules from the web interface. The problem I am running into is that the dependencies will not install. I click the install button and they hang for a few minutes and go back to showing that the dependencies have not installed. Modules I have tried include : Papers, SSLsplit, and Site Survey I can SSH into the Tetra and ping google so I know it has internet access. I tried running "opkg update" but it reaches out to http://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05/ar71xx/generic/packag
  7. sorry for the tag vomit, i just wanted to get as much meta to make this relevant as i couldn't find much along what was happening with me in the search. I know there is an extremely small staff in the warehouse and any questions go into a zendesk queue. and that's totally fine. i'm cool with that and the wait. i get it. my steps were the following: 1. order the items (2 pineapples and a yagi) 2. make purchase 3. tell my CC custserv that this is a VALID transaction as fraud detect grabbed it immediately 4. check order status (pending) 5. wait 3 days, order is canc
  8. So, as you may have guessed I just received my Tetra and have been eager to try it out. I noticed that open access points are definitely able to be spoofed by PineAP, but it looks like things aren't so easy when trying to fool a client into connecting to what once was a WEP/WPA encrypted AP. I've been testing against my Netgear router's open and encrypted wifi APs, and trying to change the name or deauthing clients and such. The open AP works fine, but the one that requires a login does not. I'm guessing that this is just normal behavior? I'm kinda thinking it is. ;)
  9. Hi, I love the bootstap interface on the pineapple but the very bright default colours give me terrible eyestrain. So I made this and thought I would share. WIFIPineapple-TETRA-NANO-Themes https://github.com/3mrgnc3/WIFIPineapple-TETRA-NANO-Themes?files=1 Hope others enjoy it too. EDIT: I'll post some screenshots tomorrow so people can see it properly before trying it out. I don't have my TETRA powered up right now and its sleepy time here in the UK right now. If anyone else has any themes/skins and wants to, they can send me a link and I'll
  10. Hey. Evening friends. First post in the forms. If your reading this DK, I LOVE THE SHOW! Lol. Both you and Shannon make it easier to understand concepts. Because of you two I bought a ThinkPad for my own Kali rig. Anyway, I received my pineapple tetra in the mail Monday. I've spent about 35 hours trying to get it to work. After discovering the joys of the wp6.sh, I've been trying to test it in my own house. I have the IP addresses right. I know this because half the time wp6.sh gets the thing online (checking the bulletins on the main page) but I have yet to get a client to the other sid
  11. Hi I bought a pineapple tetra a few days ago, and im trying to share the internet connection, im already updated the firmware and all the pineapple initial setup, and then i run the connection sharing script, and it restart the wifi pineapple and cant connect to internet. spineapplenmask= spineapplenet= spineapplelan=enp0s20f0u6 spineapplewan=wlp4s0 spineapplegw= spineapplehostip= spineappleip= As seen above my internet connection interface is the wireless integrated adapter of my laptop. Does anybody
  12. Hi, So I am testing out how to maximize the power and range of the tetra. I bought 4 wireless power boosters from the hakshop and tried them on all 4 antennas , for some reason, epic failure because I did not notice that the tetra antennas inputs are female and so are the power boosters.... :facepalm: so that does not work. I got 9dbi antennas from atheros .... another epic fail, its as if there are no antennas.. soooooooooo my question is, how to maximize the power on this beast.
  13. Using Recon or any module, is there a way to get the AP's internet IP?
  14. Hi all, I am having a tetra with 1.1.2 FW installed. Recently both wifi networks are visible ( after I unhide the open AP ) but I cannot access them, The solution I found is to connect my android phone and restart the wifi networks through, Networking => Update Access point Did any of you had the same problem or Would you know the solution to it . PS: If I do a factory reset it works just fine Many thanks
  15. Ok, so I've seen Darren flash the "WiFi Pineapple" book at least twice on the Hak5 web cast. Looks pretty comprehensive. When are we going to see some love? Jones'n' here bro.....
  16. Hello, I have been playing around with my Pineapple Tetra for the last few days and have a question. I've combed the forums but cannot seem to find a post that really answers my question fully. I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I'm a bit new to the platform so bare with me! So under the client mode I have connected the TETRA to an open SSID I created on my router for testing purposes. I have also generated the custom AP SSID on the Pineapple which then connects via client mode through the open SSID I created so when I jump on the Pineapple's generated SSID I can browse
  17. So I have the wifi pineapple tetra and the tutorials that I try to follow are just a bit too confusing for me. Can someone help? I'm completely lost
  18. Hi everyone, New user here so please forgive me for any 'no brainer' questions/issues I'm about to voice: I would like to connect the Pineapple directly (via ethernet cable) to my home router. Please, I know this has been discussed before here in the forums. I've read everything relevant I can find on it but the closest I could get was this post: Where Sebkinne kindly suggested the poster review the info at: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/network I have been to that link but am still unable to work this out. Seems to me I need to stop the LAN port on the pineapple bein
  19. Recon + startScan runs with success {\"module\": \"Recon\", \"action\": \"startScan\", \"scanType\": \"apOnly\", \"scanDuration\": \"15\", \"apiToken\": \"" + token + "\"} response {\"success\":true,\"scanID\":53717986} Now trying to get the scan status gives no proper response for {\"module\": \"Recon\", \"action\": \"scanStatus\", \"scan\":{\"scanID\": \"921564248\", \"scanType\": \"apOnly\"}, \"apiToken\": \"" + token + "\"} response {\"completed\":false} what is wrong here?
  20. Hi, I am a mark V owner thinking of purchasing a TETRA. If I were to use it as a normal router with an OpenVPN tunnel (i.e. TETRA is the client) what kind of speeds can I expect to get? It seems most routers max out at ~ 20Mb/s. Am I correct in assuming TETRA will not be able to handle a 100Mb/s connection ?
  21. Hi how can I use my pineapple Tetra to capture a WPA handshake
  22. I was going to purchase a Tetra but its been out for close to a year now and I dont want to buy it is there is a newer better model in the works. Suggestions?
  23. Hi I just received my Wifi Pineapple Tetra today and was excited to start playing with it.. but I can't get past the initial setup! When prompted to press the reset button nothing happens!. I can see the wifi AP are running but they do not turn off... and I never get to upload firmware... I can ping and connect on the UART port. If I'm connected to the UART port I can see that the Tetra is running. and if I remove the ETH1 usb my ping dies and in my SSH I can see that the device reboots over and over again until I connect the ETH1 USB cable. I’m able to st
  24. Hi guys, I am considering purchasing a Pineapple Tetra. I searched out the forums for most of my answers but I do have a question about the range. How strong of a signal does the Tetra give off as far as distance (when in AP mode)? How great is the tetra at AP (SSID) discovery? Can it's AP signal and (SSID) discovery range compete with an Alfa wireless card such as these two (A) (B)? Thanks.
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