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  1. Hello Everyone first post for me and i have a problem with Wifi.what the problem is the in-gated community my aunt is in has a contract with AT&T but they screwed up and didn't run enough lines to all the homes and they said estimated time of repair is within the next 2 years on top of that the contract states no other company can come in and place there lines so she is stuck without internet. but she live on the back wall side and about a football field away there is a time warner hotspot. i can get an account to use that wifi hotspot but i need a device to reach that and connect to it.log into the hotspot and receive the internet and shell it out to multiple PC's or a router in the home threw its RJ45 jack. when i emailed Ubiquiti i was told the PowerBeam M2 and M5 can do just that. so i spent 100 bucks and bought the PowerBeam M2. i have it on top of the roof aimed at the hotspot about 650-700 fetish now the problem is when i connect to the hotspot it says im around 70-90 -dBm around 70 noise. it stays connected for about 4seconds then drops and reconnects right away.i called time warner and the tech says the login auth was working but was getting what is called "Challenge TimeOut" i have the PowerBeam M2 wireless set to " Station " mode with WPA2_AES auth and under the networking part i have had it in "Bridge" mode with DHCP enabled. I Attached 3 images of the PowerBeam M2 GUI settings "Main, Wireless and Networking Tabs ". any help would be great and thank you ahead of time p.s.s sorry ahead of time to grammer and spelling nazi's :-p
  2. I am wainting to know that since belkin took over making linksys routers if they are any good or are they lik all of the other belkin prouducts now. I am loking at geting a new router and am waiting to know if they are still a good name to look at. Also any recmonadtions on a good router to look at.
  3. I currently need information as how to spoof my DHCP Name I am already spoofing my MAC address but the name appears as my computer name and the admin (parents) reset it. If I continue with it I will have multiple duplicates of my computers name. Which will end in extreme suspicion. I only need to make the name be "Network Device" for we already have 3 of those and won't look suspicious at all. I am full admin of my computer I do have it password protected so no one but me will access it. I only need the spoof for random occurrences. Simply for the fact if I used it too often I would get caught. Thanks for any help.
  4. so hear is my problem i am tired of having to buy wireless routers every 2-3 years. I am think of building my own router but unsure on what i should get. Hear is what i am thinking getting a mini itx with 4 lan ports. hear is the reason for 4, one coming from the cable modem, one going to a switch for internal wired networking, one going to a wireless build maybe have not figured out if i should have one for router and one for wireless routing, and the last one connecting to a home server. i hope someone can shed some light on this for me. so i know if that is two much or if i should just get a dual and then run everything from a switch.
  5. Hey everyone. This will be my first post here on Hak5 forums, and first I'd like to say I love all the tech talk. I have an old Alfa AP51 device, and am trying to do something, but it was given to me by a friend who either put Pineapple on it or bought it with Pineapple. I'm having a problem of one logging into the device. When I link to it, and enter it just says "Nothing to see here" I was hoping I could flash it with the default firmware. I have tried looking up all I could but was surprised to know that I couldn't find very much on the topics. Another thing I need to know is, is it possible with the default firmware to wirelessly bridge the AP51 to a NETGEAR router and pull the signal over to it, and then to the computer through bridging the connections from wireless to wired(ethernet)? So basically I need to know how I can go about flashing it (on Windows 8) and if the bridging thing will work. I previously had an Alfa AWUS036H but it broke so basically I'm trying to substitute. Thanks everyone for feedback, and I would like to say I greatly appreciate it. :)
  6. Hi, I'm new and I'm just really experimenting with the whole pineapple thing. I don't really want to use a 3g/4g dongle and would prefer to shutoff the router function of of the wired lan port. I've replaced the firmware of an old router with ddwrt and setup a vpn. Currently this router is setup to access the guest network of my wireless router and maybe in the future I'll set it up to access any free access point that it finds in the wild. I want full access to both radios to experiment with more complex attacks, hence all this work. I just really want to take an ethernet cable from the pineapple and plug it into my router. So in a nutshell I just want the pineapple to shutup and take the whatever ip address the router gives it. I'm sure the commands to do this are pretty simple but I'm not that familiar with how this thing works.
  7. Hak5, I love watch your webisodes and I was wondering if you could possibly help me with openvpn and dd-wrt... I am new to networking and have learned a lot. I was hoping I could possible get a tutorial on generating the keys to setup openvpn on my ddwrt. Next what I would like to do is tunnel 2 routers with open VPN. Also have another question: I am using a dd-wrt router as a switch and I wanted to know if I could still use the PPTP Vpn inside ddwrt to connect to network.
  8. Hey guys, Thought I'd share my latest blog about hacking the router provided to me by my new ISP. To say the security is shocking would be a bit of an understatement. Feedback greatly welcome! https://scotthelme.co.uk/ee-brightbox-router-hacked/ Regards, Scott.
  9. Yo Hak5 Comm! Hope everyone is well. So I have a confession to make: I forgot my router login credentials. That having been said , I have a plan of attack: Backtrack 5r3 in VM ware on my iMac (that is hardlined ) to my Century Link all in one (I know I know ) Is there any reason Hydra can't bruit force a Century Link router? I think it's still an https protocol so I personally don't see why not. BUT I wanna make sure from those who have more experience than I. Also Hydra can accept .txt lists right? Or does it really need something like a .lst format? Thanks as always!! B)
  10. Hey! I'm trying to use 2 pineapples to provide wifi for two storeys of the same building (office with roundabout 10-15 persons each). I got them configured, they have access to the internet but they don't relay it to their clients (be it eth or wifi). Any clients connected to a pineapple can ping the pineapple only. traceroutes fail right after the pineapple (tried this for Macs and Win7/8-machines - also for an android phone - except for the traceroute-part of course). - I tried to correct the config files (/etc/config/ network, dhcp, wireless, firewall) - I tried to leave wide open the firewall (which isn't installed on a pineapple, if I understand correctly) - I flushed the iptables (iptables -F) - I tried setting the route: route add default gw to no avail, even with a couple of restarts (barring the iptables which would be reestablished if I understood correctly). I tried a search, but except for this Post of computerchris I couldn't find anything. As I don't have any linux-machines at hand I couldn't start the wp4.sh-file from anywhere and the first of the iptables commands in the quote would give me the error that I may not use the -s parameter twice. The pineapples are connected to a switch (netgear) via ethernet, which in turn leads to the router ( - which also functions as a dsl-modem (Germany - Fritz Box 7390) and a wifi-router (I wanted to install the pineapples to give the network a cleaner layout and have the dsl-modem not do everything - well and also to play around with the pineapples whenever there is a chance ^_^). They can ping to anywhere in the internet, as well as to the dsl-modem. Also they can be reached from any station connected to the dsl-modem (being the wifi-router as well) or connected to the pineapple itself. Because I want to use the pineapples with only the ethernet-cable, I switched the devices in the network-config-file so that wan would lie on the poe-enabled port. The pineapples are supposed to connect to the dsl-router via dhcp and distribute via wifi and the former wan port; (SVR6) and (SVR5). I just received the devices and I tried all day to get them running. I am quite desperate. They run on 3.0 (SVR5) and 2.8.1 (SVR6 - I had to flash one of them as it almost bricked and then would not react to any changes in the config files). Both have the exact same problem. Albeit flashing the iptables and setting the routes I only tried on one of them (SVR5). I will post the config files at the end of the post for one of them (SVR5) and also attach the zip-files with the config-folders of both: SVR5.zip SVR6.zip Here a little map: Internet | DSL-Modem | Switch | \ SVR5 SVR6 | \ clients clients I would like to configure them correctly - in order to have the clients get throught to the internet - to have a deeper understanding of the inner workings of openwrt and the pineapples I don't get anywhere on my own anymore. Please help and inform me about my mistakes. I am eager to learn =D contents of /etc/config/ network wireless dhcp firewall
  11. Hi, I have been a few times attacked by DDoS attacks just because I sponsor some guilds and clans with a TeamSpeak server. My current router has "Denial-of-service (DoS) attack prevention". Well this is good on paper but when a DNS DDoS attack comes as it has done, my router gets a little slow. The attacks won't kill my connection, but it more or less gets unusable. The router has a 680 MHz processor with 16 MB flash and 128 MB RAM. (Netgear WNDR3800 - N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router—Premium edition) Would a homemade router stand better against these kinds of attacks or is there a way to make the current one better against it? If a homemade router would be better, what OS / firewall should be used? I know Smoothwall has gotten a lot of good things said about it, and I know Darren has used this in one segment (back in 2010 i think). Would that still be one of the better free versions that is easy to handle or has there come up something new? Sincerely, Sleepwalker/Uyurgezer
  12. Hi Guys, One of the many things I've learned from the hak5 community is that Fon's are pretty awesome, as is dd-wrt. It's time for me to get a new router because my ancient refurbished TimeCapsule doesn't do a router level VPN and I'm retiring my last Macbook which means I won't have a computer that's compatible with the Airport Utility (it doesn't play well with Linux and I reject Windows). Btw if anyone really wants my TimeCapsule and has something to trade then you can PM me. I'm not as savvy with this type of stuff as a lot of you guys are tho, so I wanted to check that I won't be disappointed if I go with the $79.99 Fonera 2.0. I would get the NetGear R6300 based on speed, but the price is too high. This $80 is the most I can spend and if the router isn't a Fon then let's say my max price is $50 (b/c the Fon can earn $ for you). Would someone kindly tell me if I'd be correct to think that the Fon 2.0n will be the most 1337 in my price range and will cover me on the following criteria (?): dd-wrt compatible --> I know the older version is... http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/LaFonera_%28en%29#Flashing_of_a_LaFonera and would i be able to use it without losing the Fon's capability of selling your WiFi? can be used for a router-level VPN is something I can show to other hackers/nerds/IT/CS-folks with pride is fast as possible in my price rangeit's 300mbs for 802.1 n i know that 802.1 ac has started coming out, but i think those are all $164+ used on eBay and $219+ new Thank you very much!
  13. I was watching the router episode and was wondering about doing the same thing with a raspberry pi. I figured i could install a usb nic and a usb wifi dongle. possibly also hooking up a powered usb hub and adding a hard drive I also didn't understand what the issue was that Darren had with making his router an access point. I am over all just wondering what the thoughts and concerns for doing this. would the 512 ram and 700 mhz processor be good enough for the performance they were trying to create in the episode?
  14. Greetings! Just curious, but does anybody know if it's possible to determine a changed router's local IP address? Meaning the default IP address, of say 192.XXX.XXX, was changed to a completely different value; And, attempting to enter the router's default IP will no longer be possible. Already tried ipconfig /all on cmd, it simply yielded the router's default IP. Sadfrog. Any ideas would be great. Thanks! ;)​
  15. I just got my pineapple a day ago, first thing I did right after testing its awesomeness was to replace the old dd-wrt linksys router from my WiFi Kit. Here's the result; The Kit consist of the following parts; - WiFi Pineapple MK4 - Ralink 300mW USB WiFi radio - 3G Modem, Router, AP - 4 port USB2.0 Hub - WiSpy 2.4 spectrum analyzer - WiSpy device finder (directional antenna) - High gain patch directional antenna - USB Bluetooth 2.0 dongle - 32Gb USB Key device (USB SwissKnife 2.0 pictured) - 12v 6000mAh LiPo battery - 2000mW WiFi Booster (inside the accessory bag) - 5v 3A UBEC (Voltage regulator) - Accessory bag with different antenna, patch, cable and gender changer) I get about 8h with everything on with the huge battery. It also has enough Amps to jump start a car (can always be useful if wardriving) ... The 2 directional antenna really work, I could leave it a few block away, for longer range there is a 2W booster in the accessory pouch but the battery would drain twice faster, plus the fact that transmitting at 2W require a HAM licence. I’m planning to replace the Ralink radio for an Alpha. While the pineapple fully recognize the Ralink, it can’t perform Deauth and other function that the Alpha can do. Still, I can use it to connect to the Pineapple which can perform the more advanced function. I’ll also replace the WiSpy with a Ubertooth because the WiSpy is not supported on the Pineapples. The Ubertooth will also replace the cheap USB Bluetooth dongle currently used. The Wispy and everything connected to the USB Hub can be connected to a laptop instead of the Pineapple so its not completely useless. There is also the HakRF project that look very interesting considering I work a lot with RF, not just WiFi. The Kit can easily communicate with my Omega Kit trough the UART interface of the Pineapples but I don’t see many scenario where that would be needed.
  16. I'm in lookout to find Portable Wireless Router for Pineapple firmware, cheaper, powerfull, better than Alfa AP121 ($53). Device must have 2.0 USB.
  17. I've just found a hidden menu on my Linksys/Cisco E4200 router and made a search on google to find out if there are any other. So far I found the followings. Now I am trying to find others if exists any. The question is how? I have some skills but I am not a hacker. What I will try is to implement basic code to try all possibilities (kind of brute force). However, I wonder if there is any other easy way to do it? Do you guys have any idea?
  18. Hey all, Is there a reliable way to recover the credentials you would need to access a router? I don't mean the network key, but instead the credentials you would use to log in to the router itself. (On my Linksys Router the address is by default) As I understand it, there are exploits or brute forcing .. but I was hoping for something a bit more elegant. Thank you!
  19. joechat

    Asus N56U

    Hypothetically speaking... If I were going to move to Japan and bring my Asus N56u router.... How would I get the Japanese firmware to enable other channels? Would I need a new router? I've searched their site and I found something that was a "source" file but I can't open it. Thanks for any help in advance.
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