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  1. Is there anyway to log the recon scans or do i have to use pineAP for warwalking?
  2. Hey everyone, If you have any PineAP questions, please leave them here in this thread. I'll do my best to answer any questions. Please do not report bugs in this thread, but rather do it here.
  3. Hi all, I have been away for a while with illness, recently updated the pineapple and I feel im back at square one. Without spoon feeding me, I am simply requesting some assistance locating a thread that can assist me with the following I wish to set the pineapple up and just do some recon and log the results. The information I would like as I have seen in the past is that the pineapple and find out the ssid's that the targets have been connected to previously. I thought I had this but It was going really slow for some reason. Also I would like the pineapple to do this by itself to connect at a later date if it is not in the below scenario. I am new to routing, I'll explain as best I can the scenario I am in. In the Lab the Pineapple is connected to a Linux box via Ethernet. That machine is then wifi connected to the Local network. I need the pineapple to do what it does but also configure it so that it can act as a gateway with internet access. I have previously had this working with a wp5 script or something? but again im starting over. I brought a Wifi dongle from the Hakshop at the time for some reason or another, plugging into the usb of the pineapple? cant recall the method to my madness or why any more tho. I think I saw darren explain this on a video? Really appreciate some help, my brain is a little frazzled. P.S. the new tooltips are pretty sweet, the routing part confuses the heck out of me tho.
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