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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and is not sure if this question has already been asked or not but What is the weight (in grams) of the Wifi Pineapple Nano with and without the default antennas? Thanks!
  2. I've been trying to run PineAP via CLI on my nano for the last two days but just cant get it to work.Can somebody tell me the exact command?
  3. Is there a way to get open vpn on the pineapple but without a vps there have been 2 videos that show this How to Build An OpenVPN Access Point - Hak5 2017 and pt 2 but both show using a vps can this be done without one my other option is to pay $5 for a digital ocean server but i want to try and refrain from buying one. is there any free alternatives or is that the only way it can be done
  4. Okay okay I know, hold on. Before you mark this question as a repeat question and yell at me to search the forums a little bit harder, hear me out. So I recently became the (very) proud owner of a Wi-Fi Pineapple Tetra. I'm fairly well-versed in terms of the Linux system layout, but there is one thing that confuses me... For those of you who are unaware, (and this is the part where I need guidance, as I may be wrong) a Wi-Fi Pineapple Tetra is equipped with 2 radios, each radio having 2 antennas to meet a total of 4 antennas. That fact alone was pretty difficult for me to find, because looking at it from the operating system, I was under the impression that there were 3 radios, which is what has been confusing. All the schematics and descriptions I've seen describe the Tetra as having 2 radios... but then, how can there be three wireless interfaces? An even better question, how can they operate independently (I.E. one be in monitor, one be in managed, and one be in master mode)? Here is my hypothesis: there are 2 radios, wlan0 and wlan1. Wlan0-1 is somehow a hybrid of the two, utilizing some weird feature that allows us to make a pseudo-interface that isn't actually linked to a specific piece of hardware, but instead shares the workload between the two radios... but that violates the fact stated in the statement above: they can all act independently of one another. Then, another article I read described wlan0 as the first radio and wlan0-1 as the second radio, but then, where did wlan1 come from? I thought it only had 2 radios? I understand that wlan0 is the open/hidden AP from the Networking module and that wlan0-1 is the managed AP, that much I gathered from /etc/config/wireless. So I guess my final question is simple: Can someone please please please please help me understand where these radios are on the actually hardware device?? I'm looking into building some upgraded antennas for parts of the Pineapple, and I'd like to know exactly how they will affect what. I do know that wlan0 is hooked up to the two antennas closest to the ethernet port, and that wlan1 is the two antennas closest to the reset button, but that still leaves the vital question: where is wlan0-1? Plus, I'm curious and confused. Those two aspects of me like to combine into either hours of research, or a forum post. I've tried hours of research with no results, and so here I am. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  5. Hello! I own a Pineapple Nano, and have it setup. Let me run down the list. I am using an Alfa USB to connect to a WiFi connection to forward all traffic to the internet. I have my Management AP, and Public AP (Rogue AP) setup. I am able to connect with a device and my traffic is forwarded. I have the microSD card plugged into the NANO. It has been formatted to EXT4. I rebooted the device, and according to the GUI it is mounted and ready. I load the modules page. Then I click "Get Modules" and the list populates. I then proceed to "Install" any of the modules, let's go with "nmap". It finished the install and succeeds. Then I view the bottom of the page for "Install Modules" and nothing. I then refresh the page and it will not load, I get the forever loading pineapple. And this is where I am at. I am unable to access any other modules. I have reformatted the SD card through the GUI, and through terminal by SSH. And restarted the NANO multiple times. Does anyone have any thoughts on what roadblock I am facing? Is it maybe that the SD card is too large? The SD card is a 32 GB Class 10 card. I am willing to provide additional information, just let me know what you require. I have tried to look around the web and see if anyone else faced the same issue. I couldn't seem to find it, either its buried somewhere in the great wide web, or no one else has had this issue. Thanks, Janosik
  6. Hello, I just received my WifiPineapple Elite edition in the mail today and i am having issues setting it up. I run my Kali 2.0 through virtualbox and it is setup with a bridged connection. I've added the WP to the list of USB devices in the VM settings. I run the wp6 and do the guided setup, confirm my default address as, confirm eth0 is my internet connection, then confirm that eth1 is the pineapple. I look at my network connection and it shows both eth0 and eth1 are connected. My ip to eth0 is given as and eth1 is When i select "connect using saved settings" in the wp6 script, it says it is "detecting wifi pineapple" and just hangs there, throwing periods for dayzzz! I cant ping either. Anybody know whats going on? Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone! I searched across the internet for a theme dedicated to the Pineapple interface, in vain... I only found the "NSA Theme" on this post. So I was wondering if anyone here wanted to share his custom Pineapple Theme :D (I suck at css) Thanks!
  8. Hi guys! I recently wanted to get interrested in deploying a MITM attack in my home network. I firstly used SSLSplit and ettercap from the Pineapple Web Interface (which is a little bit buggy sometimes). From there, the attack worked 1/3 of the time. Then I tried to do this from the CLI. ettercap seems to work pretty well (ettercap -Tqi wlan1 -M arp:remote // //) but I didn't managed to get SSLStrip working... And if I try to run SSLStrip from the GUI, the certs are signed by "SSLStrip", which cause security warnings. Is there a way to generate customs certs and pass them to the SSLStrip GUI? Thanks! PS: I observed that when the attack is going on, it's really slow to browse the internet... Is it normal? Sorry for my bad english
  9. Just got done watching the latest episode of HAK5. Where they were referenced on Mr.Robot. At the end I seen that there is a Wifi Pineapple book that can be purchased. When I went online to purchase the Wifi Pineapple book. I could not find it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  10. NtgO

    Mark IV / V

    Hello, can someone sell me a working WiFi Pineapple Mark V or Mark IV (Better mark5) ? I will be very grateful. PM or email me at 0ntgo0@protonmail.com
  11. i just got my pineapple nano in today and i set it up via my pc but im trying to connect to my galaxy s7 edge and it connects in the usb tethering in settings but open the app and it just says waiting on connection
  12. Are there any cases or bags sold that can hold various Hak5 equipment like the pineapple, yagi, their cables and antennas and future equipment? Thanks
  13. When using SSLSplit, we know that the browsers give an unsecure connection error because the certificates are not valid, but I have read that if one were to buy a valid certifricate and use that, they can avoid the browser warning. If I were to buy a SSL certificate, how would I about doing this with the WiFi Pineapple SSLSplit module?
  14. We have literally gone through every piece of information on this site and we are still unable to login to our pineapple after collecting data for 3 days. How can I exchange this defective pineapple for one that works. This was its first use!
  15. Hey guys, I have a bit of a strange issue with my Nano When broadcasting with pine, I noticed that a'lot of the times Wlan1 quits when scanning with recon, showing no aps available and with using the site survey module the interface disappears. This has even happend when I have dead-dropped the Pineapple at a client target location, iv come back days latter to find wlan1 turned off and all the captured ssids to stop broadcasting. This requires a hard reboot (unplug from power and replug) What should I do about this? It is extremely annoying when using in the field at a client location as it ends up throwing a wrench in our attack vector. Haaaaaalp! :)
  16. Hi guys! It's been now a month that I'm using my Nano and I'm really happy about it! But today I wanted to test the Nano with my phone. I plugged my portable Battery, plugged my phone and everything seems to work. But now I have a question. Since my phone have a USB-C port and I have a USB-C OTG Cable. Why the Nano can't be powered only by using this cable? Did I really need to get my battery every time I want to use my Nano with my phone? Or have you another setup, more simple? Thanks for your attention, have a nice day! (PS: Sorry for bad english)
  17. Hi now that the pineapple is in it's sixth generation, watching it since mark iv (yeah, i'm a pineapple stalker), i thought about the previous versions, which i have never seen. ok, google gives me some pictures of the jasager-warrior-pineapple, but what i really miss on hak5 is a history page, which shows some pics and hardware specs of the predecessors of the current generation, starting of course at mark I. it even does not have to be a separate page, it could be in the forum. so, am i gettin old/nostalgic or is this a good idea? gon
  18. I'm looking to sell my MKIV and MKV to move to a Nano, please keep in mind I don't know if I still have all of the original cables but I'll do my best to look for them. Both devices work just like the day I bought them, they'll be flashed with the latest firmware before being sent. Either reply back here or PM me for more information and pictures, this is from the UK so shipping is limited to Europe (for now at least).
  19. Hello im working on a small project and was wondering how I can replicate the wifi pineapples ability to pretend to be a known network basically I want I raspberry pi to pretend to be the victims home network then open a captive portal. any ideas
  20. Hi All I'm selling my WiFi Pineapple Tetra Basic Edition. It's in fantastic condition, as it has only been started twice and since then sits in my drawer. I'm currently just lacking time to spend it with the Tetra. On top of this I also own the WiFi Pineapple Nano which currently fits my needs better due to it's portability. Asking price is €195 incl. shipping in Germany. Local pickup in the Düsseldorf and Frankfurt area is possible. I can also send it around within the European Union, would have to check the shipping costs in this case though. The Tetra Basic comes in original packaging incl. everything else that comes with it.
  21. Looking at the online options to purchase a Pineapple WiFi router at http://hakshop.myshopify.com/ it seems Tetra is pretty nice for my needs; however, I found some online Mark V tutorials. What's current? Is it safe to say Tetra is the way to go for now, based on what's available at the shop?
  22. Just picked up my nano from you guys at defcon (great to see you all there!) and was curious which antenna is tied to which radio interface? Looking to do something similar to your point to point to multipoint and figured I'd ask before going the trial and error method. Also thanks for this awesome piece of hardware!
  23. Hi, This is a module that allows you to control your WiFi Pineapple over IRC. It uses a custom configuration file that you can edit in the Web Interface. The configuration file contains four sections, "Network", "Security", "Commands" and "Other". Firstly, "Network" contains the network information such as the server, port, nickname and channel to join. The new "Security" block contains the name of the Master and the trigger. "Commands" contains your commands in the format of "phrase: command to execute". Finally the "Other" block is for other options such as debugging. For more information on the config file format, see here. Heres some screenshots: Thanks! -Foxtrot
  24. How many clients can connect to the wifi pineapple nano and browse at once? Trying to wrap my head around this...
  25. Had an interesting assignment yesterday. Together with the Chairman of Danish Council for Digital Security, and a fabulous TV crew from Warner Brothers / Dplay / Kanal 5 we demonstrated how easy it is to intercept WIFI traffic, and committing social engineering attacks in a crowded café in the middle of Copenhagen, with great success I might add. The whole session will be broadcasted this fall on the danish TV channel Kanal 5. It might be so that the Pineapple Nano and Rubber Ducky was two of the tools we used, so you may see a boost in incoming orders from Denmark in a couple of months ;)
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