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  1. Hello I have the most updated version of firmware 2.1.1 After a short time of the web interface working, it will freeze up and the webpage will become unresponsive. During this time, I can still SSH into the device however the web interface does not come back online. Manually unplugging the cable and plugging back resolves this for a short time, but is not ideal as I am not always right by my pineapple. It is relatively new, bought 2-3 weeks ago. Any ideas of what I should do?
  2. Hello internet trolls and geniouses. I like to live in commandline and I considder my self ok in linux. Usually i just use airbase ng, make a soft ap and dhcp on the at_interface. No stress no problem. But i resently bought a pineapple to use it as a tiny toolbox when pentesting on wireless systems. So my idea was to ssh to the pineapple, set up a ap and use wireshark's remote sniffing. Works fine, except all the packets on the at_interface comes out as malformed packets. Also when using airbase-ng i can connect to the nettwork but i canntot get dhcp. I have tried to add it to the bridged adapter and i have tried to use udhcpc. I cant get dhcp no matter what, and i cant sniff poackets. i can sniff packets on every other interface, no problem. I cant only get dhcp trough eternet or the default pineapple wifi nettwork. ---So im wondering if i need to configure somthing or if this is a bug in the pineapple, seeing as it works if i use a normal usb-wifi card, insted of ssh-ing to the pineapple. ---Is there a "blank version" where i can just install aircrack, dhcp3 and leave it there? ---it might also be my noobieness with the pineapple.... so If anyone have done this on the pineapple please help me a bit, i would aprechiate it! Sorry for my spelling.
  3. so i was wondering if anyone here could tell me, link me or make a video on how to perform the man in the middle attack with the pineapple mark V. thank you - Stanly
  4. Was wondering if by chance anyone else out there was interested in using a Raspberry Pi in the same way as Pineapple. Raspberry, headless with two radios. One for Client mode to accept incomming connections and the other radio to "Attack" with. I have spent MANY hours tryng to get this config on Raspberry to work without luck.I have many distro's on Raspberry , including Kali (BackTrack) Better yet, would be nice if there was a port over to Raspberry from Pineapple. After hours of searching , actually did find someone trying to do the same thing, but it didn't work.
  5. Hello, so I am working on my bachelors in network security and I have started messing around with electronics as a hobby. I was looking online for anyone that has added a usb port to the Pineapple Juice 1800, and could not find anything so I decided to give it a try myself. The little board with the usb port is from one of those car usb adapters that plugs into the cig lighter. I bought it for 99 cents with free shipping off ebay a while back. It takes 12v from the vehicle and converts it into 5v for usb, so I figured it would work just fine with this battery pack. The first thing I did was take off the led that was on the board since there is already one on the PJ1800. I then soldered (very poorly) the positive and ground wires to the appropriate connectors on the board. I used a multi-meter to figure out which terminals to solder the wires from the usb board to. I crammed everything in the box. There is not a lot of room so the usb port sticks out from the case. It’s not very pretty, but it works.
  6. Hello, I've been using the pineapple's client mode quite happily on my routers in location 1, but am having no luck with any in location 2 - something I must assume is due to encryption types. I had read a few topics here regarding the issue (in particular one from 2013 mentioning a config alteration) but haven't had any luck. If someone could point me to existing topics on the matter or tell me what logs to post here for diagnosis that'd be great. Cheers, HP
  7. So, I like the Idea of roof top deployment. I also like the idea of a solar powered deployment. I am working on a project that will incorporate a solar cell and a pineapple juice battery pack. right now what I have made is a simple solar cell pineapple power supply shown below. I am in the works of prototyping a light sensor to switch over to the power pack when there is not enough sunlight. either that or just a transistor that will kick over to the power pack once the solar cell no longer produces enough juice. more to come! I will keep you guys posted.
  8. hi all, finally got my PAmarkV yesterday.. started to play and looking for the right and simple way for my tests. how can I inject a javascript code /html to a current page requested by a mac address for specific web page. for example I want that only my android device will be infected by JavaScript code when it request a specific web page. for example is mac address XXX requested cnn.com than pineapple will return it the cnn.com webpage plus the evil java script code. the only seem to be related infusion is the split-n-inject but could not see how can I achieve that with it. I want all the other ppl that using this wifi connection will not get infected and only my personal device will get the malicious cnn.com webpage. thanks for you help!
  9. Hi, I'm new in this, someone could help me with the steps to make a usb (Twin duck)?? I would appreciate it very much.
  10. I'm trying to connect my Pineapple at my university, but in order to use the wireless, we need to enter our username and password into the wireless log in settings. In the Web UI, there is only a field for entering in the password, how do you enter the username? Is there a way to get around this?
  11. Hey all! Ok so I've come up with a crazy contraption concept that I'm getting ready to try and solder together. Wanted to colaboate with you all. I'm not sure if this exists: But I'm wanting to make a tiny little circuit the size of ones Thumb that basically enables constant circuit from a USB Pineapple Juice, then when you get home and notice your Pineapple Juice is almost dead, plug in the Mark V wall adapter and flip a switch to switch from USB Battery to the Wall AC outlet. Basically a constant flow from ether a DC or AC power source to have your Pineapple. I know it's intense voltage regulation, but I wanted to post this into the wild and see if anyone experienced can chime in on if this is completely doable or I'm just a dope and shouldn't bother.
  12. Hey all. My pineapple has not worked for a little while now and i have been ill and focusing on my exams so i didn't have time to focus on tech ( its past the 90 day exchange and i cant afford to purchase another one so i need it to work :/ ) but basically when i plug it in via a socket, usb or pineapple juice battery pack it doesn't do anything but it gets extremely hot extremely quick :/ can anybody help me with this problem all help welcome. thank you all :)
  13. I don't know if this is a stupid easy question but I was wondering, is it possable to add a non-root user on the Pineapple Mark V. The reason why I want to be able to do this is to add another secure messure for when I have my SSH Tunnel set up to my server. For example, someone discovers my wifi pineapple and if they get my password from my Pineapple and SSH into it and then they would be able to SSH into my server without a password, that's what I am worried about since when they do, they have root privileges. Unless I am setting it up wrong... Any ideas?
  14. Hey, About a month ago, I bought the following package: * SALE! WiFi Pineapple Mark V Tactical Bundle 6800 mAh - WiFi Pineapple Mark V Tactical Bundle 6800 The shipping was cross-Atlantic and sent to Europe. Unfortunately, I had not anticipated an import fee and accidentally refused the package on request, after which the tracking page quickly showed a "Exception: Package denied upon request" status. I would like to once again receive my package. I called UPS first and was told my package is not eligible to be received again. According to UPS, the package's fate is under sole discretion of the sender (Hak5) and not the receiver. I was told I should contact Hak5 to attempt to obtain my package again. Then, I sent two emails to (shop@hak5.org) addressing the situation. These were both received (I received a notification) but either ignored or forgotten. Neither of the emails I sent were replied to. Thus, I am now resorting to my last method of communication: the forums. Is there any way I could receive my package again? I'll provide the tracking number on request through a PM. Thanks Bux
  15. Hi guys ! I wanted to share my current module project for the pineapple: a "man-in-the-middle" module :) Features: - based on mitmdump and extendable through python scripts - log history - helpers to install javascript - editor to edit scripts Scripts Sample: - Simple_Alert.py -> Will trigger an alert to the user. - BeEF.py -> This would actually replace the BeEF Helper module ^_^ - Upsidedown.py -> Will reverse all web page, nice for April fool day - Snow_storm.py -> Will insert snow on all web page.
  16. Hi all-- My wifi pineapple mkv worked for a while, then I didn't use it for a few months. Upon restarting, it boots, all the lights flash and then it ends up on only green. There's no Wifi signal visible and no activity on the ethernet port. I've successfully flashed via ethernet with the unbrick procedure but it fails to boot again when the switches are placed back all up. The SD card is blank even after the unbricking (verified correct md5), I formatted and unbricked again but; no luck. I'm not certain I'm performing the unbrick correctly as the instructions in the following post point to "stager.bin" but it isn't available for download. There's also no zip file as referenced in the post. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31637-micro-sd-unbrick-issue/ I did try putting the .bin on the sd card as well as the md5 sum in a file called md5.txt -- nada. I've ordered a new sd card but, in another computer the sd card seems to work so not confident it will help. Any help or a working link to stager.bin and the sd card zip would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JM.
  17. Hey Guys, i have using the Mark 5 a few month but a few weeks ago I took the wrong accu (both were black) and now if I put the power supply in it: Nothing, not a single light. So I know this isn't much information but I only want to ask if there's a tutorial to repair it. I can't send it back because i am in europe and the shipping costs are high. SO can anyone help me?
  18. I have searched through the forums and cannot find the answer, so I'm hoping that someone can help me solve this problem (or tell me it is how the system work) The pieces I am using: Pineapple - (Wlan0) in Access Point Mode Alfa awus036neh - (Wlan2) To connect in client mode to my home WiFi network iPad air - Connect to Pineapple AP to get to management GUI The Issue: I have been connecting without problems to the Pineapple management page through my iPad air. I cannot see the pineapple when I am connected to my home WiFi network. When I connect to the pineapple via the pineapples AP, I am able to access the GUI. I try to add the MAC address of the iPad to the Karma blacklist (in order to not spoof my iPad) but after I add it , I cannot access the GUI any longer. When using Karma it seems like (Wlan1) is down, so I can't use that. Is there a way to maintain control of the pineapple over WiFi while Karma is running (without hardwired tether)? Thanks for any help!
  19. Hi, I have a more or less new travel set for the Mark IV with battery etc etc On the east coast but feel free to PM me if you are interested and we can figure things out. Love the little fruity wonder but moving on to the Mark V. Thanks, Mr G
  20. Hi guys you all have done a great job with the pineapple mark 5 and previous and your customer service is phenomennal. I had a quick request is a couple quick steps on how to flash firmware first time out of box but to do it in a virtual machine. How can I make the ethernet connection from the pineapple show up in kali linux virtual machine because it goes to the host but not the virtual machine? Thanks in advance for yall who answer this question helps me out a lot.
  21. Hello to everyone, I am trying to setup the following network with two pineapples. The aim is to stream a webcam flow from Laptop 1 to Laptop 2. http://hpics.li/45bb2a4 But I am getting some troubles to connect the pineapple together. Each pineapple is physicaly connected to a computer with ethernet cable. The network is /24 on this link. So my question is : What is the network between the two pineapples ? Thanks for your help Sup'air
  22. Hello, I just received my wifi pineapple mark v, I put sslstrip running, but I only worked on hotmail.com, if I try to go to facebook or youtube the security HTTPS still on, can someone help me on this?. thank you
  23. So I was wondering if anyone knew when the wifi pineapple mark vi would be coming out like do they make a new pineapple once every year or every two years or 5 i just dont know so......
  24. I am having problems connecting any device to my pineapple. I have Wlan0 and Wlan1 enabled, the pineapple connected to my home network (for internet access), karma off (with the 's MAC address blacklisted, AutoSSH off, Cron enabled, DNSSpoof disabled, and I am running the 1.0.4 firmware. Any suggestions? If I don;t have my settings correct, please let me know. Also, if more information is needed, post what I need to add in the reply box. Thanks. :D
  25. Hello, I recently relieved my Wifi Pineapple mark V and connected it it worked and started to install and boot up. my power went out while doing so and now I cant access my pineapple at all on the browser even though I was able to before. I reset it with the dip switches and now it show that its ready to install the updates on the pineapple but I cant access it through the browser. I have a mark V and a 2012 macbook pro (running mavricks)/ pc windows 8.1 Please help! Thank you
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