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  1. I'm flashing my alfa with this tutorial and in PuTTY (after pressing 1) I have to enter "password" and "ALFA login". What is psw and login for Alfa AP121U?
  2. Hi guys, i wonder if its possible to change the IP of pineapple, this is the reason: I want to put the pineapple router in the same range as my access point, so i can use ettercap to capture smtp passwords from Microsoft outlook. Ettercap its a great tool for capture passwords but the devices must be in the same network range, and pineapple router device dont appear on host list of ettercap even if its connected to the network. I bought the pineapple thinking that i could capture some outlook smtp passwords, but in the pineapple page i cant see any options for passwords capture. Im starting on this and learning each day, so i appreciate any help on this. Thanks and big hug for all
  3. I am getting the following error from the Pineapple in the logs whenever I plug in the Sandisk Cruzer Fit 4 GB from the Hak Shop in the device. I formatted the drive and setup the partitions correctly as per the manual, and I am getting the following error from the Pineapple logs when I plug the drive in. I am running Firmware 2.7.0 00:16:24 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 984.190000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -145 00:16:09 Pineapple kern.info kernel: [ 969.070000] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 6 using ehci-platform 00:15:57 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 957.960000] hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 1 00:15:57 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 957.850000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/8, error -145 00:15:52 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 952.720000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/8, error -145 00:15:47 Pineapple kern.info kernel: [ 947.690000] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 5 using ehci-platform 00:15:47 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 947.460000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/8, error -145 00:15:42 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 942.330000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/8, error -145 00:15:37 Pineapple kern.info kernel: [ 937.300000] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 4 using ehci-platform 00:15:37 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 937.070000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -145 00:15:21 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 921.840000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -145 00:15:06 Pineapple kern.info kernel: [ 906.720000] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 3 using ehci-platform 00:15:06 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 906.490000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -145
  4. Hello all, I stumbled across the hak5 store today, and after reading about the Wifi Pineapple I think I'm going to order one soon. My current computer is a Macbook Pro running OSX 10.7.4. I also have an Ubuntu 12.04 VM (VirtualBox). Will I be able to configure and work with the Wifi Pineapple easily enough? From what I've read, trying to use OSX can be difficult and Linux is preferred, but I'm wondering if trying to configure the Wifi Pineapple with a VM brings about any extra complications. I also have a laptop running Windows 7, if that would be the easiest option. However it's a work computer, so I'd rather not, if possible. Hopefully this question's not too vague, if there's other information I should be providing, please let me know! Thanks.
  5. I tried making a new ssid/network separate from the pineapple ssid. For guests only(to be used for nodogsplash). I can connect to it and get a dhcp address but no internet access. Normal setup ICS with laptop. Here's my network/dhcp/wireless files. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. I used this how to guide here.
  6. Why not implement into the config page of the web interface some kind of "quick layout selector"? The css editor is very useful, we know, but in my opinion would be more useful to have, in addiction, the ability to select different preconfigured css layouts, ready to apply. A quick layout trigger would result in a killer feature that will help to better hide in a social-context and, in the same time, will help you to better satisfy your eyes in different mood or light conditions :P!!! UNDERLINED:: I'm not talking about a pretty-fashion-hello-girly way to use our Pinz.. but a USEFUL way.. Eg.: a non-nerdish screen while @work, maybe an hi-contrast theme or a jamaican one, a fb-ish or transparent one.. WHOULD HELP !!! (((i can't remember where i read similar recomendations too.. but was pineapple-related! ;))) DISCLAIMER:: I'm not complaining about the actual web interface!!! i love it, ever loved, it has a great charm to me <3 ..but.. i've ever made some little adjustment to fit my personal needs or to avoid some "micro-bug" (eg.: when using a three lines menu, right and left panels overlay it.. and so on (micro-on!! ;) .. and we know that the css editor doesn't affect infusions... :P So.. what do you think about that, it wouldn't be awesome??? !respect
  7. So after coming to grips with the fact that the 400mhz on-board isn't near enough horsepower to utilize the full potential of this little device I've decided to get a 2nd Pineapple.....or a Raspberry Pi.....or a BeagleBone Black. I'm having trouble deciding which would be the best option to get the most out of my Pineapple. I was hoping that other's that've gone down this road could help me decide. I would love to be able to run SSLStrip, URLSnarf, TCPDump, Reaver, MDK3, Aircrack, Deauth, Ettercap, WAN or 3G Connection, (Obviously Karma), and any other modules/infusions without having to pick and choose at times which features i can use without crashing my setup. I'm not even sure if any one device paired with the Pineapple would be enough to allow me to go crazy with it. I know there's a chance that the only way for me to realize this would be Pineapple + Pineapple + Raspi/BBone but I'm positive that some of the more experienced members of this forum will have a much better grasp of this than me. I know that for some of those features to run concurrent I'd at least need a 2nd external Alfa (or 6th) which I'm open to. I'm just wondering what would be the most cost/space effecient way for the Pineapple to never be left wanting for more horsepower/radios. Either way I'm pretty sure that this specific topic hasn't been covered and I think a pro's and con's list would be helpful to alot of people now and down the road. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance...
  8. Hello all I've been playing with my pineapple and my newly created raspberry pi running karma (all hail digininja!). Normally I test my karma'ing with my trusty "victim" laptop, but this time I decided to use my ipad instead. I couldn't help but notice that when I have sslstrip running, few apps are able to load, and when they do, there is usually some erratic behavior in the app. Either they sit and spin (loading animation) or just straight up fail (...Please check your network connection) or other bizarre behavior (facebook app on iphone says I have no friends when I goto my News Feed). This to me is quite the red flag raised to the vast majority of real world victims, who unless you're targeting a specific persons laptop with white/black lists, will no doubt be using a smartphone/tablet. With the proliferation of "post-pc" mobile devices, the lack of internet-connected-app support does not bode well for those of us who enjoy the benefits of sslstrip. Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? It must be something in my sslstrip preparations/command that I can change right? Here is my usual "dump 'n strip" script that I run via wps button press. #!/bin/sh tcpdump -i eth0 -w /usb/cap.pcap -n net &amp; iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 10000 iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 443 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 10000 sslstrip -w /usb/sslstrip.log &amp; I know, the port 80 to 10000 is weird, but thats what was in the how-to sslstrip forum post and I've been using this script for 6 months and it works fabulous otherwise. Any help is much appreciated fellas, as always! telot
  9. Educational purposes only! So i was wondering what are actually the best ways of not getting caught using the pineapple or hacking into someone? Metaphorically. Like what VPN do you use etc?
  10. Hi all, Bought my first Pineapple about 1 year ago and it has been the love of my life. I’ve had so much epic times playing with the device. Just so much fun to see how far the abilities would stretch and impress everybody around me. The all loved the Pineapple. But lately I’ve seen some changes in the functions of the Pineapple. In the old days I would plant the Pineapple and see the magic happen. Wireless networks popping up everywhere and people were stunned by the abilities. Nowadays I have to hope that the Pineapple is functioning well when I demo it at a client. The story that the Pineapple is responding the every probe and that the network are being spoofed based on these probes is kind of gone. The behaviour of the Pineapple/Karma isn’t what it used to be and it only spoofs networks that are entered in the device manually and not how it supposed to create networks where devices connected to in the past. And lately people aren’t entering their networks by hand, the just associate to networks and the settings are being saved on the device. I’ve tested this behaviour on WinXP, Win7, Android and iPhone but they are all experiencing the same problems. Now my real question, are there changes made to the way these devices send out probes ? Is it possible that Karma isn’t responding well to these changes ? Are there any other options why the behaviour has changed ? I hope that some of the developers of Pineapple could give some insights on these problems. Thanks for your time :) // ZeteMKaa
  11. The main problem is that the pineapple address won't load ( Pineapple Hardware Version: Mark IV Pineapple Software Version: I beleive 2.8.0 (I remember attempting to update) OS used to connect to the pineapple: Macintosh (MacBook Pro) and Linux (Kali Linux [ran through Virtual Box]) Network layout of how your setup is connected (including IP information): In Mac's network settings IP Address: Subnet Mask: Router: Nothing DNS Server: Search Domains: Nothing All the tools/options that are running on the pineapple when the issue happened: It was the default, but if I did have anything it was either DNS Spoof or the Ping results from computer to pineapple: ping ( 56 data bytes Request timeout for icmp_seq 0 Request timeout for icmp_seq 1 Request timeout for icmp_seq 2 Request timeout for icmp_seq 3 Request timeout for icmp_seq 4 Request timeout for icmp_seq 5 Request timeout for icmp_seq 6 Request timeout for icmp_seq 7 Request timeout for icmp_seq 8 Request timeout for icmp_seq 9 Request timeout for icmp_seq 10 Request timeout for icmp_seq 11 Request timeout for icmp_seq 12 Request timeout for icmp_seq 13 Request timeout for icmp_seq 14 Request timeout for icmp_seq 15 ^C --- ping statistics --- 17 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss Is the problem repeatable: No (it works for a while but not it does not) Steps taken which created the problem: Just changed network preferences and I always plug the power in then the ethernet (PoE) (if that matters) Error Messages: Just the ping (covered above) Log file information: Nothing Anything else that was attempted to 'fix' the problem: Well everytime I plug it in the only lights are the solid PWR light and the WPS light flashes, after like 30 seconds the WPS light goes solid and the WLAN light comes on P.S. Even when I have this problem the WiFi pineapple hotspot is viewable (pineapple ac:58)
  12. Would this be possible? I can see how it would be, but i just wanted to see if one of the DEV's could confirm the complexity of it. It seems simple enough, i think... Find and run the commands that the HTML/JS ui calls, wait till it executes correctly and exits, then execute the next module fetch/get command, wait till completion, so on so forth. For my purposes, a simple static script would work fine. But it would be nice if it could somehow parse a list of availible modules, their install scripts/commands, etc and then prompt the user to choose which modules they want, and then the user waits, presto. If someone could just point me in the right direction and/or get me started, i could in theory have it done fairly quickly ThunderMoose
  13. Hey everyone! Shadowblade72 and I are proud to present a project we've been working on for months; Hax0rBl0x! This framework is designed to have a central menu that allows you to pick and choose which attacks you want to use in a pentest. These tools are also being designed to function on Backtrack 5 R3 for use with a computer, or for use on a (Pi)neapple attack platform. We also want the ability to add new tools as we produce them. We will be updating this thread from time to time to announce new updates and new capabilities. If you guys have any suggestions, requests, bugs, or anything else, please let us know. List of tools: -Hax0rBl0x.sh: This is the main menu framwork that allows us to add more tools by simply dragging and dropping files. -Passive OS Fingerprinting: This is a passive scanner that will read information from passing packets to find OS, Browsers, Apps, Open Ports, uptime, Host type, and manufacturer of each host on the network (or on your pineapple) -Cred Harvester (Now with Arpspoofing built in!): This is a tool similar to Easy-Creds or YAMAS, but extremely polished to harvest creds, cookies, social security numbers, or credit card numbers from selected targets. The info is then displayed on an easy to read summary on screen and dumped into an easy to read report for further perusing. The programs launched are Ettercap, SSLStrip, Dsniff, Hamster & Ferret, NGREP, and URLSnarf. The link to our code can be found at: http://code.google.com/p/hax0rbl0x/ NOTE: We are still working on getting the install code working properly as we just switched to Google Projects, so stay tuned!\\ EDIT 2/21/2013: A couple of things. We've gotten Google Code working nicely and are working on getting a streamlined install working properly. also, this tool set has been tested on both BackTrack 5 R3 and the Pi. We make no promises that it will function at all on the pineapple itself.
  14. So a few days ago the connector in my Pineapple got loose and broke, I had to replace it and seeing as I don't think anybody else has done a detailed guide I decided to post one up for those who may not be as familiar with breaking open hardware and tinkering. Anyway, enjoy. http://internet.wonderhowto.com/how-to/remove-and-replace-broken-alfa-ap121u-pineapple-aerial-0146439/ If it isn't allowed to link to third party sites (I didn't see this in the rules anywhere) please let me know. I've done this to save myself the hassle of writing it out twice.
  15. im having this problem with wlan1 on pineapple and im trying to make it work but i keep getting this error and so far no has had this problem?... if anyone knows how to solve this please reply.
  16. G'day guys and gals, I'm new to this forum and I think HAK5 is the best source of IT security related info on YouTube because there's endless information and I've learnt a lot! It's probably been discussed many times on this forum, but here I go anyway because I think it's the right time to ask my question: Is there any way to connect to my ZTE MF91 personal 4G WiFi hosptspot (802.11n/g/b) with the Pineapple Mark IV wirelessly? Basically I want to somehow relay my 4G hotspot through the Pineapple so the internet becoms available without the need for cables and extraneous devices. This would reduce the need for my laptop using ICS. If there is a way to do it, I'm going to buy the Elite Pineapple Mark IV kit sometime over the next few weeks, so excited :) I just think it's great that there's a device out there with a CFW that does all these things. I could certainly add the Mark IV to my pentesting equipment.
  17. Hi Guys, Once again I have a real world application question. I'm currious if anyone has done this or has the answer for it. Since a repeater is similar to a client, can the pineapple deauth a wifi repeater and trick it to connecting to the pineapple? The environment I have in mind is a campus where the wifi is an open network, but somehow in this massive building you always have a good signal (I'm thinking they have placed a lot of repeaters around the place) I'm currious because I have heard of some techs will daisy chain repeaters to stretch the coverage and if you could hook one, you could hook a large area, meaning a very large pool of potential amusement. I look forward to your thoughts. - SF
  18. New user to the pineapple and wifi pen testing in general however have worked with php and servers for a couple years now. info. OS: currently Windows 7 but bootable into blackbuntu (just prefer winscp for moving files) Pineapple IV version: 2.8.0 originally came with 2.7.0 however updated using the .bin file download. Pineapple is also pointed directly to / in the ipv4 settings under local area connection porperties. The problem. Pineapple has been working fine ran the "hello world" nancat script, however the "List available Infusions (aka modules)" link comes up with the error... "Error connecting! Please make sure you have an internet connection." as with the update over the net link. The pineapple is turned on connected to ethernet using the PoE port on the rear and the PC is connected to the net via wireless 802.11n with working internet access. However just can't seem to find out why the pineapple gui is failing to use it. Forgive me if this is a novice mistake but have read through both the quickstart guide/50 page guide and the wiki, very possible it might be something I just missed. -Cypto
  19. Hi, my question is how do we setup the metasplio(armitage) to work with the pineapple, ive seen some images of the cobalt strike with pineapple but it doesnt say how to set it up, can some one help me please, i have the newest pineapple mark IV
  20. I just got my pineapple a day ago, first thing I did right after testing its awesomeness was to replace the old dd-wrt linksys router from my WiFi Kit. Here's the result; The Kit consist of the following parts; - WiFi Pineapple MK4 - Ralink 300mW USB WiFi radio - 3G Modem, Router, AP - 4 port USB2.0 Hub - WiSpy 2.4 spectrum analyzer - WiSpy device finder (directional antenna) - High gain patch directional antenna - USB Bluetooth 2.0 dongle - 32Gb USB Key device (USB SwissKnife 2.0 pictured) - 12v 6000mAh LiPo battery - 2000mW WiFi Booster (inside the accessory bag) - 5v 3A UBEC (Voltage regulator) - Accessory bag with different antenna, patch, cable and gender changer) I get about 8h with everything on with the huge battery. It also has enough Amps to jump start a car (can always be useful if wardriving) ... The 2 directional antenna really work, I could leave it a few block away, for longer range there is a 2W booster in the accessory pouch but the battery would drain twice faster, plus the fact that transmitting at 2W require a HAM licence. I’m planning to replace the Ralink radio for an Alpha. While the pineapple fully recognize the Ralink, it can’t perform Deauth and other function that the Alpha can do. Still, I can use it to connect to the Pineapple which can perform the more advanced function. I’ll also replace the WiSpy with a Ubertooth because the WiSpy is not supported on the Pineapples. The Ubertooth will also replace the cheap USB Bluetooth dongle currently used. The Wispy and everything connected to the USB Hub can be connected to a laptop instead of the Pineapple so its not completely useless. There is also the HakRF project that look very interesting considering I work a lot with RF, not just WiFi. The Kit can easily communicate with my Omega Kit trough the UART interface of the Pineapples but I don’t see many scenario where that would be needed.
  21. I just got a pineapple IV and I am trying to start very slow and simple before I try the other interesting but more complex uses. So I am trying to use it as a simple AP. So I have the WAN port connected to my home network. My home network assigned the address to the pineapple WAN port. My home network gateway is Then on my ubuntu laptop I connect to the pineapple wireless. My laptop gets the address and its gateway is From the laptop I can access the pineapple web interface at and it shows that my laptop is indeed connected via the br-lan interface. It also shows that that my WAN port is indeed via the eth1 interface. Under the Advanced menu, the routing table shows that the pineapple's default gateway is indeed From this web interface I can ping my home network gateway successfully. From the laptop I can ping my pineapple gateway and the route -n command shows that is indeed the gateway. From the laptop I can also ping the WAN interface of the pineapple at But I cannot ping my home network's gateway from the laptop so I cannot reach the internet from my laptop using the pineapple as an AP. I know this is a newbe question and is basic routing stuff but I am confused. Do I have to explicitly configure the pineapple to route to my home gateway? Thanks, -Andres Edit: sorry guys, I just noticed that this pineapple question should be posted on a different forum. This is my 1st time here so I will do appropriately next time. I am assuming that I should not repost this on that forum so I will just leave it here.
  22. Hi I am trying to get into the advanced menu via SSH - I see its possible because I saw a picture of it - here http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7069/6844777850_41bf8bc954.jpg I am using BT5r2GnomeX86 with a Mk IV Pineapple Can someone please assist? TIA //moebius
  23. Dont know if its the wrong forum place. But there's a incorrect url on the cloud.wifipineapple.com page. The "Bug Submission" url is incorrect :p
  24. I just wanted to share some video tutorials that I have found very helpful in setting up and administering the WiFi pineapple: Security4Plus I'm not sure if the creator is active on the forums, but I have not seen any links to these tutorials. This resource was indispensable to me for setting up remote administration through a VPS.
  25. Hi all, Having what seems like a problem with the Pineapple and wondering if anyone else has seen this or can offer support... It seems like the radio in my Pineapple isn't functioning properly. After boot up, I can see my Pineapple's SSID but can no longer connect to it. I receive a general connection time-out from BT5, Win7, and Mac OS X. When I enable Karma, I have at least 5 devices in my house that Karma should see including BT5 on an HP Laptop, Windows 7 machine, Linux Machine, an iPhone (I've even got apple's success.html on the pineapple to enable this) and a few others, but it seems that it doesn't detect any clients. These all have a few unsecured and remembered networks. Lastly, I've stopped my wireless, opened the site survey module, enable wlan0 (and then mon0) and tried to scan for APs but none appear (I usually see about 12 with a regular laptop internal wlan). Oh yeah, I also SSHed into it and loaded airodump-ng and that comes up blank too. I've reset cache, factory reset, rebooted, and re-flashed to 2.7.0 (which was my first firmware on the unit.) Thoughts?
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