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  1. I installed a wifi lan adapter today and it works great as an additional lan. This adapter has an activity LED which flashes in the usual way when there's activity. When I shutdown the pineapple from the GUI, or shell the blue light on the pineapple goes out, but the LED on the USB lan adapter doesn't. This seems to mean that something is still drawing power even when the device is "off". I can't ping, or otherwise access the pineapple so it seems like it's truly shut down. But I'm wondering what is still powered and does it have to be? A few observations. I can disconnect the WLAN adapter and when I plug it in again, the light doesn't go on. Does this mean the light was just powered by some residual capacitance in the system? But when I turn the battery power to the pineapple off, the light on the WLAN adapter goes off, so that seems to indicate that the power is coming from the pineapple's power source. My concern is simply that I don't want to waste battery power when I'm not using the pineapple. So if I shut it down, i'd like it to stop drawing down my battery. Anyone know what's really going on?
  2. stilllondgo

    SD card

    SD card correctly formatted when I install modules on the SD card I am unable to read or use installed modules from the SD card have tried different SD cards, can anyone help?
  3. Hey guys, i was checking the System Log as I saw the following entries: auth.err sshd[2499]: error: Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key auth.err sshd[2499]: error: Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key I recently made a fresh factory reset and update to 1.0.6. SSH into the pineapple is possible, but I wonder why the keys were not generated. Anyone else with this error message?
  4. Last night I booted up the nano fine and did an ap/client scan for 1 minute on continuous. It produced great results. Then after trying to deauth a client on my network to the pineapple. Ap/client scan stopped producing data. Only AP scan works. I had two tabs running. One for recon. Another was to set settings for PineAP. Now I've factory reset. Twice. And still the same problem. Is this something that a manual flashing would fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Is there anyway to log the recon scans or do i have to use pineAP for warwalking?
  6. Hello NANO community, To start off, I'm fairly new to this field of technology (coming from the mobile developer side). However, I find it fascinating and love the small community of supporters. Currently, I'd like to set up a home playground for my NANO to familiarize myself with the device. My end goal is to write some new Modules once I can get an understanding for the NANO. Ideally, I would like to use the device as the main router for the house to test connecting my various gadgets (tablets, smart watches, TVs, Gaming consoles, PC, etc...) and get first-hand experience using the NANO's may Modules. I know pineAP will try to spoof my devices to connect. However, I have full control of the home router and would like to know if theirs and easy way to connect my devices directly to the NANO. (I prefer not to toggle my devices wifi on and off until pineAP connects them as a client.) Furthermore, the end goal of my testing is to have all the devices that naturally connect to my home wifi router, connect to the NANO every time they are looking for an internet connection. Any suggestions on where to get started, topics I should read up on (being new to the community), videos to help increase my learning, interesting links or information that can help me set up my home playground would be amazing. Thanks in advance,
  7. Can you use the SDR dongle you sell at hak5shop with the nano? Or do i need to install module?
  8. I recently purchased a nano, and I'm expecting it in the mail today, but in the meantime I've been working on designing a 3D travel case for anything extra I may want to bring. I was wondering if there is an SVG version of the logo that I can use to imprint on the cover I'm making. Is there something out there that I can use?
  9. Ok so I'm kind of sad right now. I figured the Nano would have been like the original, with the ability to get modules and everything. I had no idea they would have to be rewritten. Anyways, I guess my question is: are modules that were available for MKIV going to be available eventually for the Nano? I've seen Evil Portal so far, but (no offense to the dev) I'm not really looking for that. I would love to see reaver and aircrack-type modules. I was so excited to be able to use reaver. I'm a big fan of pen testing (but i am still new to the area). I love working in Linux (i just started using Kali, but I've been using Mint previously). Another quick question too about my nano being connected on my laptop. I use a Bootable USB drive to run Kali. Not sure if that matters, but i finally got it to where i can have my wifi connected to my computer and my computer connected to my nano, but my computer doesn't seem to want to share my connection to the nano. I've done as much research as i could from these forums and have tried multiple IP combinations. My home connection to my wifi router is the generic And the default for the pineapple I'm assuming is But is that the pineapple IP or it's gateway? There's a couple 172.16.x.x IPs I've seen now and one is .42 and one is .1 so does the nano have a gateway? Or is it my ethernet port that is the gateway? Also, the default in wp6.sh for my computer's IP (Host IP) is a 172.16.x.x....why? I'm running a 192.168.x.x network on my router. Is that just the way pineapple sees me cuz of the gateway? My port for the direct connection usb connection is eth1 i believe. But there's also an eth0, which i have no idea why i have a virtual ethernet port. Probably has to do with me being on a USB-run Kali. But the default when i run wp6.sh is eth1. But when i change it to eth0 it stalls on me and nothing happens. So I've tried a bunch of different combinations between IP addresses and eth ports. At least i know my wireless port is wlan0 lol (Also i just thought about this, i do have a USB hub which connects up to 4 USB 3.0 connections, and i am running both the pineapple and Kali through that hub, which leads to the same usb port on my laptop. ..hmmm maybe that's a problem. ..) Anyways, sorry for the long read, i would just appreciate any help i can get. It works fine when i tether into my phone though. No problems there....just a drag i can't run reaver :'(
  10. Might be of use to those running an iOS device, and hence no tethering; I've picked up an LG Leon for £50 from EE. It's PAYG and EE allow tethering, some network operators block PAYG tethering. Just tested the Pineapple app and tethering, all good. I don't work for EE, just passing the info on. the phone itself is very unremarkable Looking forward to playing around with the Nano on my commute now! *edit: it's an Android device
  11. Firstly amazing change from the MK5 all positive improvements. so much easier to use and loving the new interface, much easier to set up PineAP and get basic set up running. Congrats to the team. Improvements (only 3 I can think of) 1) Possible faulty MicroUSB cable? (or just not supported) I plugged in the cable that came with the Nano and tether option was greyed out with the message that "No USB Connected", if my cable wasn't faulty and was not supported then the whole tethering issue could be a big pain for the team. The thing that led me to believe that the cable might be at fault was that I was sure that I had USB tethered my device which is a OnePlusOne before. So I switched to the cable that came with the phone (Red Flat USB Cable) and voila USB tethering just fine, so my device was not playing nice with the cable that came with the Nano, I write this as advice for people to try other cables, before giving up on tethering. By the way I'm running CyanoGenMod 12.1 I have a couple of OnePlus Ones in the house so my next project will be to install NetHunter over the holidays. 2) Next the part about blue light being static after flashing, mine was static but would give a tiny flash every 10 seconds or so, so I waited about 15-20 minutes just to be sure. my point is that a future improvement would be different colored LED to signify different statuses, or fixing issue in software but actually having the page refresh as the text states (once a successful flash has been detected) 3) And lastly an improvement would be some way to notify the user that the radios have been disabled / enabled when pressing the reset button once. Sure the feedback from the reset button is quite good , however again different led color or flash pattern to let the user know. this way they could tell the device has registered there actions. All small things , but thought they might come in handy for the team as user feedback or users going through set up for the first time.
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