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  1. Hi guys, I'm struggling to get infusions installed to USB despite everything looking like it checks out just fine. Bear with me: USB is formatted for ext4 and shows up just fine under lsusb. I can SSH in and write to /usb without issue so all looks fine on that front. When I install infusions, there's only an option to install to internal storage. I'm not seeing USB anywhere and I'm not sure if it's because I'm missing something or if I'm just not supposed to and I'm simply doing it wrong. Ideas?
  2. Hey Folks, I have been pottering around trying to get the USB to work as external storage. I managed to get there in the end but in the process I have some installed modules that will not uninstall when clicking on the 'Remove' button. I have rebooted the Pineapple and inserted each of the 3 USB devices I was testing with but nothing I do remove the installs. I also noticed that when trying to install some of the modules the Pineapple would hang for ages doing nothing (powered with 3rd party battery pack). I'm wondering I there is a way to manually delete the module files or reset the Pineapple somehow. Appreciate any help you can offer.
  3. With some of the larger Infusions (e.g. RandomRoll) it takes quite a while to download, especially on slow networks. It'd be great if we could have a progress bar for the download. Should be pretty easy to do - just have an Ajax call to a page that returns the size of the file in /tmp/modules/ or /usb/tmp/modules/, then use that value to update a progress bar. I guess I could hack this together at some point if you're busy with bigger functionality - just let me know.
  4. What about a extra navbar beneath the existing one, for pinned modules? :) Maybe with a delicious yellow infusion bg color :P Pins on the existing navbar looks a bit cluttered when having a lot of them.
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