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  1. Hey guys! As the proud owner of a brand-new Mark V, I'd like to poll the community here on ways to avoid trolling myself with it. Are there ways I could blacklist my own computer or prevent my own MAC from getting de-auth'd? I thought this would be a good topic to start and build as a resource for people fairly new to the pineapple and looking for tips to avoid some common time-consuming mistakes. Thanks everyone in advance!
  2. Hi, I just got this rubber ducky. I have watched all the videos and read about a dozen topics and I don't see a single video showing someone dragging and dropping a payload onto the usb and booting it. Not one. But that's exactly what Darren says you can do to get this up and running. I used the generator, put together something- nothing. So, I decided to do a custom script, simple code: DELAY 3000 GUI R DELAY 200 STRING notepad ENTER DELAY 200 STRING Hello World!!! ENTER This should be simple enough? Doesn't require directories or anything. Still nothing. The only thing I haven't done is d
  3. hey guys i've used my wifi pineapple mkV for the better part of 3 months now. I've had no major problems with it. yesterday i tried to update over the air to 1.1 . it downloaded the file correctly, md5 checksum was in order, so it began updating. my browser kept showing the "updating" screen. after 10 min or so i lost the wifi link to the pineapple. i thought this was normal, so i waited some more. after three hours the wifi still hadent come back up. i powercycled the thing and still no wifi. i connected over ethernet, doesent even seem to have a dhcp-server running (at least i got no ip as
  4. Hello everyone. I'm currently having trouble with client mode on the wi-Fi pineapple. My problem is that when I try to enable wlan0 on the network tile it doesn't allow me to. I can see in the URL bar that it tries to do this but instead of initializing/ enabling wlan0 it just refreshes the bar. I will attach a link to an image of this below. I hope that someone here can help me with the problem and thank you for any help you might be able to give. Thanks, Tekk3y.
  5. So, today, with a new problem. Every ducky script leads to the 'CTRL + ALT + DEL' screen. I originally thought it was just someones bad scripting, but it turns out everything does it, either at the beginning or half way through to script. ( Both Win7/8 tried on two Windows 7 comps and one Windows 8 ) One of the Win7 comps and the Win8 comp have NUM Keys. **Example Script** DELAY 3000 GUI r DELAY 750 STRING powershell Start-Process notepad -Verb runAs ENTER DELAY 1500 ALT y DELAY 500 ENTER ALT SPACE DELAY 100 STRING m DELAY 200 DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW D
  6. So, today, with a new problem. EDIT: This is what KKP ( A keylogger ) logged when I hit the button to start the script ** [Ctrl][Alt][AltGr][up][End][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][End][Alt][AltGr]#[Ctrl][AltGr][Alt][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][PageUp][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][AltGr][Alt][AltGr][PageUp][Windows]J[Ctrl][Windows][AltGr][Alt][AltGr][PageDown][Ctrl][Alt][Ctrl][AltGr] [NumLock][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][Alt][AltGr][Alt][Windows][AltGr][MenuClick][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][PageUp][Alt][Ctrl][Ctrl][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][Ctrl][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][AltGr][Alt][
  7. So, I just recently got my ducky, and when I downloaded and ran a few commands I decided to make my own. After trying it, it didn't work, so I went to go and run one I had already ran ( That did work ) and now when I plug my ducky in, all it does it flash green with almost no break in-between. Help! Can someone give me a full explanation on how to use this? And how to fix it.. Thanks
  8. Hey guys. So I'm creating an auto-run USB Drive for the guys in my shop to further help automate the update/re-image process. I'm a little rusty on my VB. Here's my code in it's current state: x=MsgBox("Do not be afraid, vital software update is in progress. Please direct any errors to your System Administrator",0, "Derek's Auto Update") Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.Run "C:\updates\Firefox Setup Stub 25.0.1" d=MsgBox("Is the Firefox installation Complete",4, "I have a question for you.") if d=vbYes then e=MsgBox("Please download the installer from http://mo
  9. [Help] I need a backdoor dropper for the ducky, or help on making one. What it needs to do: Work on windows (victim) Work over the internet Be sort-of fast (like, not typing out stuff forever) Persistent (Across reboots) I can use LINUX, BACKTRACK, WINDOWS, or any other linux distro, like KALI. I can also upload an exe to mediafire for wget and execute (I don't need help with that). I just need help making the file and or ducky script. -Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey guys. I set up my WiFi pineapple MK5 a month ago and as im off uni for the holidays decided to have some fun with it again. Although when I set the pineapple up I get a blue light (it flashes sometimes so im fairly sure it is the light for booting up). I tried leaving it for several hours last night to see if it just needed a while to boot up but still nothing and the light is still there. I have tried connecting to the web interface when it is like this but that doesn't appear to work ever. I was wondering if any of you guys knew why this was and how to fix it or if im just being an idi
  11. Please someone help?? I am a complete n00b to this stuff, but diving in head first, fast~n~hard. I have successfully compiled and used DK's mimkatz\ProcDump payload. My issue lies in the fact that I have to switch the mimkatz.exe between x86 and x64 manually, depending on the OS. Which implies my inspecting said machine first, then pluging in, swaping files, and so on. Or having seperate .bins (SHIFT+payload button or CTRL+payload button, ect.). Is there a way to have one payload using either .exe version from the root dir? If so, could someone please help a n00b out? THaNX iN AdVAnCE *
  12. Hello internet, I'm an XX year-old trying to get started with pentesting. A few years ago I discovered HAK5 and Hackthisite.uk and loved it. I met with friends who taught me how to use Cain & Able. After "cough" acquiring a facebook user and pass, posting a note(O HAI), I almost got my laptop smashed by both the random user and my dad. So I stopped for a while to let things cool down. In that time I was unable to practice with websites or live networks. That was 2 years ago. A few weeks ago while at the library I stumbled upon and exploited a few bugs in their system. I could login in wit
  13. Hi everyone, I just had a couple questions regarding Jasager/Karma and the way it works. Sorry if this is a really stupid question or whatever, I actually did try to find the answers of these questions online, but to no avail. I was able to get everything working on my box, but I'm kind of confused on how Jasager works. I decided to test the Karma function of my WP4. I had already connected to the wifi network of the pineapple directly with my Macbook's wifi and it was working just fine. So to test out the Karma and to see if it really connected me right away to the pineapple, I connected ba
  14. Hey all, I got the 9 dBi pole antenna from the hak shop and my question is whether i need to do anything other than substitute the new antenna on a device. Specifically do i need to set power options to optimize signal etc? The reason I ask is that i dont notice a significant increase in the area that I can observe traffic say with an external wireless card in monitor mode or something. Thanks, -SM
  15. I'm looking for someone to give me a hour class on how to run the infusions on my pineapple IV though a video chat, and i'm willing to pay by the hour. you give me your rate. i need help getting my phishing files to work, and i need help getting the keylogger to capture data. i can do paypal, wu, or etc. please contact me a wrussprince@yahoo.com if you can help me out. fyi- i'm running a macbook pro os x version 10.7.5, i do have a pc which i can use as well-windows 7.
  16. The main problem is that the pineapple address won't load ( Pineapple Hardware Version: Mark IV Pineapple Software Version: I beleive 2.8.0 (I remember attempting to update) OS used to connect to the pineapple: Macintosh (MacBook Pro) and Linux (Kali Linux [ran through Virtual Box]) Network layout of how your setup is connected (including IP information): In Mac's network settings IP Address: Subnet Mask: Router: Nothing DNS Server: Search Domains: Nothing All the tools/options that are running on the pineapple when the issue happened: It wa
  17. Well i just recently got back into using tor and it had been working fairly well for me (with the usual bothersome slowness). Now whenever i try to connect to a specific website (apparently not down) and login it tells me that it timed out, howevver this seems to be the only webiste that it does it for. Any suggestions or ideas would be muchly appreciated! Or if anyone has had a similar experience! (yes I've done all the usual crud to try and fix it including reinstalling, restarting my computer, restarting the router, using a different wifi etc.)
  18. Hello, I've been using the rubber ducky now and I did the all the steps following Darren's quack guide, but I get stuck at the end: java -jar encoder.jar -i input.txt -o D:\inject.bin See photo here: http://tinypic.com/r/dgnymc/6 Loading DuckScript .... [ OK ] Spawning Ducklings .... [ OK ] Generating Keyboard Settings ..... [ OK ] Localising Keyboard Settings ..... [ OK ] Preprocessing Script ..... [ OK ] Encoding Script .... And THERE! At "Encoding Script ....." It just stays like that. I've left it on for over an hour and it still stays like this. I've tried this multiple tim
  19. Hey All, For a project i'm working on I need to send pretty much every control character at once. I just assumed the rubber ducky could do this when i bought it, since it's a pretty straight forward construct, however now that i actually start to play with it i can't get this to work. Is it possible with the default firmware to send a string of control characters like: Control + Alt + Windows Key + Shift + x Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  20. Hello, I recently just got my ducky and I have absolutely no idea on how to use it. I've look at some of the tutorials on the forums, but none of them work :L Could someone people help me on instructing me (or video) of how to use to rubber ducky right after opening it? Thanks, all help appreciated.
  21. Ive configured the 4 gb USB from the hakshop and the pineapple fstab as per Darrens Specifications in the Forum guide (http://forums.hak5.o...swap-partition/) . The USB is partitioned 80-20 split both are Ext4. When i plug the USB into the pineapple the USB light turns on and its visible via lsusb command. But when i SSH in and issue the mkswap /dev/sda2 command it returns root@Pineapple:~# mkswap /dev/sda2 /dev/sda2: No such file or directory be my knight in shining armor, -SM
  22. Hello, I recently placed a purchase for one of the Wifi Pineapple's and was promptly notified via email that my order had been automatically canceled, the email stated the following: Being rather confused by this, I emailed customer service requesting further information as to why my order had been canceled, the response I was provided with was: Totally understandable, and prior to receiving this email from support, I had placed a second order on the Hak5.org store assuming that I had perhaps keyed in the shipping information incorrectly. The first order reflects being canceled, my ban
  23. Hello I just got the MKIV last night and I am very green as far as the pineapple. My issue seems to be every thumb drive I install causes the system to hang almost like a boot loop. I tried the ext4 for mating, is my device botched? or am i just an idiot.I have always used windows but wanted to free my mind and am trying linux. Am i doing some thing wrong?
  24. I Know this is a stupid question but i have no option i successfully copied the helloword in my sd card then i inserted the sd in my rubber ducky and i inserted the ducky in my usb port and i got the desired out put, but now i am unable to remove the sd card , the ducky seems to be very delicate so i don't want to risk anything, can some one instruct me the correct way on how to remove the sd card from the ducky
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