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  1. So i just got the Ducky about 2 days ago. I know that i'm compliing everything correctly. The problem is that i have to press the button for it to run the program. once i press the button it works beautifully. I'm not sure why this is. could it be a firmware problem. Is it related to the pulsating blue light? If any anyone has any idea it would be great to hear some possible solutions.
  2. In case of a Twin-Duck the user (target) will get (sooner or later) access to the files. An "inject.bin" looks more fishy than a "readme.txt" - or whatever filename you wanna use. Is there any chance to implement to choose a different name in the firmware? Appreciate any ideas or implementation. thx Bernie p.s. only junkies like injections.
  3. Hi, I've been using this firmware version for a few days now, and it's really good. I was wondering if it was possible for the firmware to 'press' numlock every other second, until it gets feedback. That would mean that you don't have to physically press numlock, so that it could be used with a computer that doesn't have a keyboard plugged in. Regards, TheFloatGoat
  4. Hi to all, I am playing with this fantastic gadget and I very like it ! I ordered more than 10 usb and all works great. I am also working on a custom firmware so I had cloned the svn repository for compile the frmwares. Currently I am working on composite_duck firmware: Composite_Duck.zip. In this firmware I have notice a bug..that elaborate only 77-90 instructions. My operations are: --> open a notepad --> write text here. The maximum lenght that I can write into notepad is only 77 character. The character/instructions are hard-coded into the firmware.. trought the array ui_sequence. Into the wiki I read that this firmware could write more than 2048 characters. Anyone have the same problem ? Coulb be a problem becuase I haven't a "delay" ? Many thanks,
  5. Hey guys, I just got a new Wifi Pineapple MKv and the SD card that came with it has no firmware! I went to wifipineapple.com and it doesn't look like the firmware is there, just the upgrades. What should I do?
  6. Hi, I've just received my WiFi Pineapple and have been running into some issues, of which I've partially fixed by using the manual and this forum. But I have been noticing some odd issues with the wireless interfaces in the web management interface. They either don't enable (start up) or stay up. For instance I have successfully connected to a wireless router on wlan1 (Which is the only interface in the Network tab), but the connection information states I'm not connected. Furthermore the network tab will often show that wlan1 is not enabled (Even though there is an active connection) and upon enabling the interface it will swap wlan0 to enabled. I can still download infusions and get an active internet connection whilst wlan1 states it's not enabled. I find that rather strange. Another thing that should be noted is that before doing the firmware update I had a wireless connection to the web interface for initial setup however this tends to disappear or not be available at boot. Just to list some questions relating to this post: Is this a problem with the newest firmware? Can this be fixed? Why doesn't the wireless access point/connection start at boot? As I don't full understand this part of the unit, do I have to change something to make it active? Thanks, -Skye
  7. Hello, I am just wondering how long it takes to upgrade the firmware on the WIFI Pineapple Mark V? Currently my Upgrade over the Webinterface is loading since 30 minutes... Is this normal? :-) Thanks for helping. Cheers,
  8. I've encountered that after I updated the firmware through the site ( , the site would not loud completely. It only shows the top row of the site and currently only showing the text "00:07:00 up 7 min, load average: 0.12, 0.23, 0.13" and nothing more. I've tried to update the firmware (flashing it manually) with every other update and it's showing the same thing. Help a fellow out :/ ..
  9. Probably a very terrible question but I can't figure it out. Any help would be fantastic, -I looked on the fourom already and I can't find a thing about it
  10. Speed improvements to C_ducky_S002, mass-storage speeds now match that of c_ducky_v2.1, with HID delivery payload triggered by pushing GPIO button. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7uVAbdkMKcXSnlCc1ctdlFheGs/ Thanks to Nairod785 for the request and testing :)
  11. I am wanting to get a USB Rubber Ducky but unfortunately, i cannot afford it at the moment. I was wondering though, would i be able to get a teensy 2.0, put a SD card reader on it, and put a USB male to male adapter to kind of make my own, cheaper Rubber Ducky? I was searching around on the internet and i came across the Community Edition Encoder and Firmware on the ducky website, and i was wondering if i could put this on the Teensy and make it into a rubber ducky? Or am i misunderstanding what the Community Edition encoder and firmware actually is? If one is able to do this, could you explain how you would do it? Do you put it on the SD Card? What do you do? I am just a little lost when it comes to the whole thing, but I am trying to learn and after a lot of googling, i could not find anything so i figured i'd ask here. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I'd like to flash the apple firmware if this is possible. What type of firmware would you write to run multiple OSs, and how would you flash the firmware --via USB? The firmware should remove the restrictions for 'gpt' and other concerns within the protected UEFI. The laptop in question is a MacBook Air (mid-2014). I hope to run OSX, Liberte, and Ubuntu Private Remix. Thanks for any suggestions! PS. If you have suggestions for wiping the UEFI and Firmware of any hacks, please, do share. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I've recently buy a pineapple mk5, and just as he was connected via ethernet i have install visual studio windowsphone sdk for personal purposes... "and then?!" you say. This has caused a restart of the ethernet driver while pineapple are working...when the ethernet is back on, the pineapple has been stuck. I try to resetting system defaults with 10011, but the led stuck on red solid light. Now... i follow this: https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing I have download the stager and up-to-date sd card files, but when i put the switch on 11111 and put sd inside,(i try to format FAT, FAT32 and EXT4) the led sign md5sum mismatch(red solid light) after two second of amber blinking... I'm doing something wrong? thank you. p.s. Sorry for bad english.
  14. Trying to get a grip on the different firmwares and read all about them here: http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/wiki/Which_Firmware but still trying to understand which one would allow a user to insert ducky, run HID program PLUS download a stored program residing on the ducky onto the target? Does such a duck exist? Thank you!
  15. Hello All! Need to know: 1) how to determine my duckie's firmware, and; 2) how to determine if I have latest duckencode. 3) What is maximum size of mini sdcard I can use on the duckie? Does it matter? This because I am having problems with compilation and figure the best thing is to at least rule out firmware and encoder. Thank you!
  16. Hi, I've downloaded the source for the c_duck firmware, and I changed a few of the properties so the duck has a different name - at least most of it anyway, but when I compile it and then flash it; the duck registers as a Mass Storage Device, but the duck won't emulate the keyboard, and the USB Mass Storage has the name "ATMEL Ducky Storage USB Device". I've changed all the strings in the "config_usb.h" so the name is different but it still doesn't work. All I've changed is: Still no luck. Also, when I compile the program, I get errors related to "input", the errors I get are: "input is not relaxable" and "no return statement in function returning non-void". I want to edit the "Composite_Duck_4cap" firmware but I can't find the source, so I'm using the "Composite Duck" firmware to see if I can successfully modify the code. Is it possible for you to upload a custom version of the "Composite Duck" firmware so that the Duck doesn't register as a Duck? Such as what I was trying to acomplish in the Quote above... Thanks. And thank you for all your work so far! You really do take care of the Ducky project :)
  17. I got an alfa ap51 from a friend and for some dumb reason i hit the reset button on the bottom when i couldn't get in and now the web ui will not load. The LEDs for power and ethernet come on but not wifi (even though it is broadcasting the pineapple ssid) I can SSH to it over ethernet and wifi but can't get much further then that. I've followed Mr.Protocol's guide on how to flash the fw a few times to re-load the firmware with AP51 Flash GUI versions 1.0-42 & 1.0-42111 it get's to the point where the tool says my ip is (even though it's and the tool just sits there, I let it run over night for ~ 8 hours twice, one time each on 2 different computers. I downloaded the MK3 fw from Mr-Protocol dropbox link and from Sebkinne's forum post for 2.1.2. I tried to load an earlier version to see if that worked, no dice. Any advice is appreciated thx
  18. For downgrade firmware 3.0 to 2.81 Download the firmware from this website. Call it something like upgrade-2.8.1.bin Copy the downloaded upgrade-2.8.1.bin file to your pineapple's /tmp/ directory with winscp for example Run the md5sum command in ssh with putty on the uploaded like "md5sum upgrade-2.8.1.bin" file and make sure it matches the one from the downloads page. If the MD5 sum matches, execute sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade-2.8.1.bin Wait for the reboot and you are done. That s work 100% but please wait don t try to do anything before reboot.
  19. Produced due to demand: a merge of the multi-duck (former Naked Duck, now know as Detour Duck), and the Twin-Duck firmwares. Duck will initially mount as Mass Storage Device. Numlock - triggers payload 1 (inject.bin) Capslock - triggers payload 2 (inject2.bin) Due to memory restrictions, as both payloads are loaded into Ducky memory - you are limited to 2048-Bytes of instructions! Also only one payload can be triggered, so you have a choice payload A or payload B. NOT BOTH!!! Download: http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/downloads/detail?name=cm_duck.hex&can=2&q= ~~Snake
  20. I'm going to assume the wireless on my board is bad as I've tried the gambit of other fixes listed within these forums. (new cables, antennas, software modifications, etc) With that, is the custom OpenWRT that is used on these devices available to download? Or can I just install OpenWRT and then be able to install the firmware from wifipineapple.com? Or do I only need the firmware from wifipineapple.com? I see I can get a new motherboard from the OEM for $25, but it would be blank on arrival and require that I connect via a serial cable and upload the OS via TFTP, which I could likely handle. Or can I simply ship mine back to Hak5 and $25 for a replacement as I'm past the 60 days I could exchange / return the device? Edit - fixed spelling
  21. ducky-flasher I was finding the process of flashing the ducky kind of a pain (and I wanted it faster XD), so I wrote a small program in python to do the work for me. I thought I share it :) https://code.google.com/p/ducky-flasher/ It can flash the following firmware: duck.hex v2 (Duck(Original)) usb.hex v2 (FAT Duck) m_duck.hex v2 (Detour Duck(formerly Naked Duck)) c_duck.hex v2 (Twin Duck) (Special 1) (Special 2) Installation 1. Install dfu-programmer (apt-get install dfu-programmer) 2. Download ducky-flasher 2. unzip ducky-flasher1.0 3. cd ducky-flasher1.0 4. sudo python setup.py 5. sudo ducky-flasher Usage To start simply type ducky-flasher in a terminal emulator Insert your ducky while holding down the GPIO pin to put it in DFU mode Uninstalling 1. sudo python uninstall.py https://code.google.com/p/ducky-flasher/
  22. Hi guys, I am experiencing strange behaviors in my pineapple. Its all started when my RP-SMA to U.FL cable broke (already noticed the forum that I am not the first one). So as i have knowledge of electronics, i opened my pineapple and did a little repair in the cable, the signal was not 100% but was 81%. And i was waiting to buy a new connector tomorrow. The problem is that when I tested the pineapple to see if everything was okay, it began to reset itself. I did some reboots on my computer and pineapple stabilized. But now I cant provide internet through the pineapple, I also access the interface on the GUI page and start all services except starturlsnarf, if i start urlsnarf pineapples reboots again. I dont have internet on GUI also, I tried to do a fresh install of the firmware to see if i get this fixed but always appears this message: I have internet on my pc, I can access other pages but the pineapple keep saying that i dont have internet connection ... damn lucky. This is my configuration: My questions: 1 - how do I install a new firmware to fix this sittuation without internet on GUI? 2 - Do you think the firmware update will fix this issues? (already have 2.8.0 version) 3 - Do you think the problem is in RP-SMA to U.FL cable? (i dont think so, as i have 81% signal) I apreciate some help, thanks
  23. Made the mistake of upgrading to Atmel Studio 6.1, which wanted to upgrade all the firmware-code and base libraries. Downside: it corrupted all my code :( Upside: I had a backup :) Downside --: It still seems to have messed up a few libraries, compiling the USB and Twin-Duck v2.1 with speed enhancements either refuse to compile, or when they do eventually compile are slower. Oddly the write speed is faster than read speed (137/100KB w/r compared to previous 160/200KB w/r (w/r=write/read))???? After a day wrestling with the clock - no improvement - which suggests its something todo with the base libraries / particular version of the framework (and i cant remember the previous one I was on? 3.1.xxxx?) Now to decide whether to continue with 6.0 Framework, or rewrite everything in 6.1. So if there are any people out there compiling from source/learning to program the Ducky I suggest you stick with the Atmel Studio version 6.0!!! ~~Snake
  24. The Naked Duck has been upgraded to version 2 firmware. This means: VID & PID Controlled through vidpid.bin (on sdcard root).Upgrades: Multi-payloads now trigger on Keypress (added interrupt B) ) No longer have to press the GPIO button Meaning the Ducky can put on his Black Dinner Suit like a real spy (or the USB case in reality); Probably means he needs a new codename. Warning: the use of CAPS_LOCK/NUM_LOCK/SCROLL_LOCK in Ducky scripts may cause scripts to collide! And if you didn't spot it: Inject.bin = default payload on boot Inject2.bin = Num_Lock Inject3.bin = Caps_Lock Inject4.bin = Scroll_Lock <- New Trigger Key Usually procedure, provide feedback here. My laptop doesn't haves scroll_lock so its untested - the other keys work fine. Download in usual place: http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/downloads/list ~~Snake PS. Kind breaks rule 6 of Duck Club, for those unfamiliar with Duck Club see post http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28323-happy-ducky-xmasnew-year/
  25. I think its time we started to support mouse-mode with the Ducky. I'm trying to think/find a clever name for the firmware. Googling half-mouse, half-duck I came across this:
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