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  1. Hi, you got a message from me. Unfortunately I've some problems to start Nimblex from my DVD device. I need your support for this. Greetz
  2. Hi, I found your Thread, but the Link was removed... Could you be so kind and give me an information where I could get this ? Thanx Greetz
  3. Hi, Windows XP. Grab Button ? --> whole Pandora.JAR as for the international block would be nice... Without the TOR Proxi I can open "http://localhost:8085/" --> but unfortunately than Pandora.com blocks me. With activated TOR Proxi I get a time out while trying to connect to local host --> BUT Pandora.com works for me --> the Jar won't work... I did my try with Pandora 8.1 ... Hoping for help. Greetinx from Germany ! CB
  4. Hi, with "TOR" Pandora runs without any probs. But with TOR I get an error message while using Pandoras Jar when opening "http://localhost:8085/". So I can't use Pandoras Jar anymore... Any suggestions or links to that topic for me ? Greetz
  5. Hi, cool... 7.3.2. what did you change ? it grabs again .... Two notes to this... - the version number is missing - the *.bat file is missing greetinx
  6. Yeah Baby ! Yeah... o.k. 7.3.1 is for some people good for others not ? I can't believe ... maybe its possible that 2 versions of 7.3.1 are existing ??? nothing is impossible ... ohterwise a discrepance in saving wrong filenames can't be explained ... what does Barley!!! say to this ?? May be try alternatives ... PANDOMAX :D 7.3.1 ???? Sorry ... CB
  7. Hi, look at page 54 barley!!! wrote everything you need to know about version 7.3.1 & probs with wrong filenames. I've stopped recording since 1 month and was amazed that barley!!! was right to say that 7.3 was not o.k. ..... Everything works know right... you can skip songs, change the channels... everything what fucked up with 7.3...... I've deleted really everthing from version 7.3 ... look on the pandora.jar player which version does it show ???? I think I've tried to install 7.3.1 more than one time and the player shows all the time 7.3. ???? So I've killed everything what belongs to pandora (old jars) and started completly from beginning.... absolute beginner with 7.3.1 but.... greetinx
  8. Hi, I also stopped recording with 7.3 but I've tested 7.3.1 for wrong file names .. (very intensive ) .... after installing 7.3.1 the player shows again: 7.3 ??? soooooo I've deleted everything what belongs to Pandoras Jar 7.3.... After installing 7.3.1 really ... NO MORE PROBS with wrong file names. :P I think "barley" wrote that there was a buggy 7.3 version (with file name probs) and maybe some parts of this version are still activ on your pc ??? Delete old versions .... use 7.3.1 it works.... greetinx
  9. Dear all, is it possible to write a python script for the xbox (xbmc) to use the pandora's jar ? I've seen many threads in the xbox-scene who are actually asking for something like that. But up to now I haven't seen any xbmc python scripts for the xbox. any informations to this ?
  10. Hi, I've stopped recording with Pandora's Jar caused of the wrong file names. :cry: There is no use for me, cause often I buy new stuff from Amazon or Ebay. But if the names are currently wrong ? Up to now I didn't test the 7.3.1 Version. May 7.4 Omega Excellent version (hope to the future) could solve such probs ?
  11. Actually that would explain a lot. What if it deleted the files once it moved them? I mean really if it can't move them while they are playing then it won't remove anything being played, right? Hi, Carmen describes exactly my problem with the wrong MP3 file names. Thanx for checking the sources.... (I can't do this...) But that can also happens after 6 files ... That mean it bugs up in 30 minutes.... I've tested it and stopped recording after that..... Any program fix for that ? Pandora 7.4 Omega ? Without that fix I can't use the jar... :cry: Folks .. Proof your recorded files !!! Often you'll find e.g. an Audioslave Track and in real it's Stereophonics or so.... Not so funny :cry: Just have a look at the recorded files & listen to them..... You'll find the differences !!!
  12. wrong filenames: does anybody else have the problems (my last post) with the incorrect filenames ? I've tested it and it also happens if the plugtemp folder is complete empty ! Last time it happens after 6 recorded mp3 files ? the last one was the same as no. 5 ? What else could it be if no one have similar probs .... ???
  13. wrong recorderd MP3 file names... I'll check it, cause the result from my last recording night was terrible... 5-6 Folders with the same time-stamp and the same input but different names. It seems to be that after hours recording this effect also happens ? too much plugtmp* files ??? May it's usefull to upgrade the *.jar for a automatically deleting function for old plugtmp* files ? Also I've detected a little bug. If the grabber engine is active and you create a new station there will be 2 exact clones of mp3 files but with different names. Edit: I've checked it out.... complete terror on my HDD. Nothing have the correct name. But one criminal thing I've done. While the grabber engine was active I 've skipped one track in the beginning which I'didn't like. I think all further tracks were shiftet by 1 or 2 songs. May thats also an additional problem ? Edit2: The plugtemp* folder is empty. I didn't skip any track or so. After already 6 songs the jar created a wrong named mp3 file. I would say this could be a problem of 7.3 ???
  14. Hi, the thread is already 47 sides long... hard to remember all effects from anybody. But I think that I've read that some recorded files have the wrong name. I've just decteded 2 filed which are really the same. Both have the same time stamp. But both have different names. So I'am a little disturbed if the recorded song is really the song I like or not..... sucks ... Was the the solution to this problem to clear the temporary internet files before starting to record ? I'am actually using 7.3 beta/alpha/gamma version.....
  15. Hi, me too... I can't access to your website.... 7.1 does not run anymore.... 2-3 weeks old ?
  16. hi, just try the "foxytunes" plug in for firefox .... it allows you to controll the pandora player .... even if you browse a picture or so ... a icon line always shows you the actual song which is played on pandora or several other different players (like xbmc !!! XBMC rules !!! Yeahh )... uppps, forget it... I've just tried it out again ... it only works with "original" pandora player....
  17. Hi, I was just affected by a curious thing. After 1 hour listening Pandora reload automatically and started again from the beginning. That means most songs were already played..... Does it circle for 1 hour ? :?: CB
  18. Hi, using 6A & latest pandora.jar. Everything is working right.... Is there any way to change the folder structure ? I'd like to have only 1 storage folder with *.mp3 nothing else (no station info etc.) ? CB
  19. Hi Folks, using: alpha6... the properities file look like this... mp3.archive.path=C:/pandora/mp3/ Everything works but I couldn't found the mp3 files... The log: again this message ... INFO Thread-2 util.Mp3Processor - access file not found trying again after 1 sec
  20. hi, your right ... that works... but where goes the mp3 ? I'am not able to localize them.... sorry... the logs says.... the folders after desktop ... I couldn't find.... ripped file to: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDesktopdownloadsMusicmp3MrDave RadioBlue Man GroupBlue Man Group-Sing Along (feat Dave Matthews).mp3 yea baby!!!
  21. Hi, nothing works at all anymore ... Pandora changed the player ??? at first) I've tried to work with the alpha6 but it didn't stream anything. By the way in beta4 the mp3's could be found in the folder "mp3". Where do I've to look for the recoreded mp3´s ???? second) while trying to work with alpha6 Pandora stopped with the message, your Player is no more actual. I've stopped this and tried again... The pandora player did not start again anymore.... I think it belongs to this little fact.... now there are ready.... a totally confused baby....
  22. Hi, very fine... I've got this message... up to your link... Forbidden You don't have permission to access /pandora.alpha.6.zip on this server. Apache/1.3.33 Server at wildandbad.com Port 80 CB
  23. Hi, I' ve got some probs... Version 4 won't work anymore... so I'll tried to get Beta5.... but the download has expired... so I took the one from "cooper".... Actual the record of mp3 does not work. message: INFO [Thread 2] (MP3Processor.java:39) - access file not found trying again after 1 sec Any help for me ?
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