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  1. For sure. Chris have a good one!
  2. Tt's win7 beta and i just changed it to the clear colour and the black it the background coming through. It let me change it to any colour though.
  3. Steve Jobs cancer is caused by Karma
  4. 3. Firefox and two folders. One for games, the other for apps .
  5. 1. Grid 2. CS:S 3. Dawn of War 4. Cod2 5. Crysis 6. Starcraft 7. Zero Hour 8. Attack on Pearl Harbour
  6. God damn lol. I may have to look into creating my own solution then. I don't have that much lying around :(
  7. SHould be pleny in the torrents and i think hak5 have some sets too. I got mine around my pc somewhere but they are close to 300 gig
  8. a 4gb table isn't gonna crack a real lot of decent passwords.
  9. Darknet is more a less a term to describe this type of network. Setup your vpn on you own port imo but good for the new guys.
  10. Ypu could sell them easily, how much?
  11. Swathe

    COD 4 vs. COD 5

    Something tells me COD5 is not going to help you with your history class.
  12. Shift point adjustments can have a good effect on fuel economy or performance, if you know what you are doing.
  13. Swathe

    I want to know

    August I think the beta runs out.
  14. Swathe

    I want to know

    I am using windows 7 full time on my gaming PC and it runs perfectly fine. Skip vista.
  15. I built houses for a living and those minescule rods aren't worth jack shit.
  16. I am an auusie and I want some of those backtrack stickers!!!! SEND ME SOME!!!!
  17. I have read your thread with interest!
  18. Guess that mean I am no longer cool....like z3r0 c00l!
  19. More research before modding is needed methinks.
  20. There is no way they are going to be setting up a lightning rod on a pedestrian footpath. Have you ever seen how tall one of those rods are?
  21. I have a cable and diagnostic software for my ute. It's pretty damn good except my cars computer isn't bi-directional so I can't change settings with flashing the memcal.
  22. Revolution OS is an amazing film imo. I watch it once a week.
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