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  1. I either SSH or rdp into my boxes as they run as headless units. I have dual monitor so i just use my 22"when I am in another machine. Plus my servers are set up with multiple desktops (Check out sysinternals for server 03 if you aren't aware).

    Synergy is a great app but I game on my main rig so don't need to swap inbetween machine for that purpose.

  2. I have the Legit (proof i am a real fan lol) dvd box sets of every season of the show and of the movie.(animated and the newer one)

    I still have a couple of G1 original toys aswell.

    I would have thought it easy enough to find. Your local comic store will be able to get them for sure.

  3. Found it by accident when googling and downloaded the latest ep which was 1x03. Immediately went back and grabbed the first too, so I've been watching a while. I lurked on the forums for ages but didnt join because my forum joining addiction was way out of hand. Joined and then was away for a while, forgot my user name and passwod so created another account.

    Watching hak5 evolve has been interesting, and I nearly walked away forever after season 3. Thankfully Season 4 started to turn around a bit and season 5 is better. Sadly, I think the first season will always remain the best, but will keep downloading the eps and putting them on my home server. I really miss some of the ex show members, but i dont hold that against the current crew. The past is the past and whilst sploitcast has gone by the wayside, unpersons is an awesome podcast, and I reccomend everyone goive it a listen. Also grabbed an ep of securabit to listen to today at work.

    Hak5 has done alot for iptv and that cannot be ignored. the forums fluctuate between good and at times really crap but hey, so does the rest of the world.

    Hack the planet.

  4. The Dell tech who replaced my wifes hard drive in her laptop told her her old drive could not be formatted because you cant format vista hard drives.

    (Before you ask, she wanted them to do it due to warranty integrity and i was at work.)

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