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  1. There is no way they would want true equality because it would mean no more free money thats handed out to them that the rest of us miss out, even though we put in the work and pay the taxes. Don't get m e wrong, I hate deadshit white people as well. I live in a town called Rockhampton ATM, and you can freely see the impact of free money and it taking the incentive away to work.

  2. So luckily that scale of history allows the aboriginal people to take no responsibility for the race they wiped out when they crossed the land bridge to this continent. My whole point is that rather than accept the fact the today things are changing and they are going to get as much help as possible, they prefer to use the past as a weapon against the people trying to help. They ought to be thankful the dutch didn't colonize here first. I am not of English descent and I never apologize for things I didn't do, and I have 3 kids that get to see the aboriginals put up on a pedastool for making half the effort they do. Racism isn't dead, it's just gone 180 degrees.

  3. What was different about my upbringing?

    Very little. Poor, no father, bad neighbourhood etc.

    Why I rose above?

    Because I'm not going to let shit keep me down. It's called having a bit of get up and go. I could have wallowed and made excuses. Not my style.

  4. and australia still treats the native population like shit.

    That's a ludicrous statement. Yes, once they were treated poorly. Now, they are given every advantage and the oppurtunity to succeed is there for the taking. Blaming english settlers is getting a little ridiculous now. If they want to be regarded as equal than they should stand as a proud people and start taking advantage of the benefits they receive. I grew up poorer and in worse circumstances than 90% of them that carry on today about inequality.

    I am responsible for the actions i take in life, not the people that hurt me. It's just making excuses for their own short comings and lack of motivation.

  5. I will never give money away when I can use it to help my own family. And as for helping only white people, I grew up dirt poor, and lived in housing commission area where we were the only white family for 3 blocks. Dont tell me how poor off they are and how they just want to fit in. The millions of dollars that get thrown away cold be better spent on public health or education.

  6. The BNP will never pose a real political threat whilst mebers of Blood and Honour, Combat 18 and the like are within their ranks. If they smarten themselves up and lose the association with hard right extremists ans skinheads, they could grow quite populour. They will always have the workers ear.

  7. Mitnick and ESR is like apples and oranges. ESR is the hacker of old and in my opinion still the true definition of a hacker. Mitnick certainly was good, but by his own admission not the best, because he got caught. There are many guys out there who are on and above his level.

    The wo can't be compared and although Mitnick is considered the cooler of the two, I definitley have a mountain of respect for ESR and his conributions. Read The Cathederal and the Bazaar ( I think all geeks/nerd should read it at least once.)

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